I discovered a new Brand: RENEFX !!!

i have just discovered a brand new refreshing beverage, not just refreshing but also reinforcing. after learning about this product, i immediately changed brand. why? there are many reasons behind it. but first, the new power drink is called RENEFX, pronounced as "ren-fx" derived from "reinforcing effects".

first reason why i changed brand:
"healthy drink"
nowadays, everyone is already health conscious and the drinks available in the market are just leading us to improper nutrition. for example: coca cola, yes it is refreshing and is thirst quenching yet it is the main cause of diabetes today which is a killing-me-softly kind of disease. i was a fan of coca cola and its other products before but after knowing RENEFX and coca cola's negative effects, without any doubt, i stopped consuming it.

"mall of all beverage"

i am not saying that it is like Henry Sy's SM but what i am referring that RENEFX is like all the drinks in one. if you drink a glass of RENEFX, you are like drinking: 
Orange Juice
Iced Tea
Chocolate Drink
Growth Formula
Slimming Formula

This is because the main ingredients of the world's power drink are:
Sodium Ascorbate
Vit. B Complex
Green Tea

"no preservatives"

yes...you read it right, RENEFX has no preservatives on it which is why if you had mixed one with water, you need to consume it before the day ends because the taste will change and it won't be consumed anymore. as we all know, drinks in bottled form have preservatives on it which would usually last for a year or two. renefx in the other hand is totally preservative free. it is on a powder form because it is the best way of preserving the natural ingredients.

"sweet yet sugarless"

of course the drink is sweet but don't be mistaken, it has zero sugar in it. the sweet content is caused by Sucralose, it is a substance which is 600 times sweeter than sugar. actually, our drink is good for all ages, even the diabetic people can drink it because it has no sugar. in fact, Mr. Noel Velasquez, the formulator of the product, created or shall i say formulated RENEFX mainly for his parents who both has been diagnosed to have diabetes. Up until now, his parents are still continuously drinking it.

last but certainly not the least:
"RENEFX is an income generating drink"

Aside from the good fact that i am drinking the world's first alkaline beverage, i am as well earning extra income for myself and my family. i am now  a distributor of the product and so far so good. from the date that i have entered the said business, alot has been changed in my life and my daily routine. when before i would spend my extra time watching movies or oversleeping, now, i am making my time productive. Before James and i would talk about foolish things, now every time we meet, we would talk about business and our dreams. i could say that RENEFX and the company behind it has been a great blessing in my life and in the future, i won't regret changing brand and changing my lifestyle. in the future, i will certainly see the fruit of the hard work. by that time, i can definitely say the end justifies the means.

If you want to know more about the product, just send me a message or comment out.  You can visit my RENEFX tab as well.

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2 Comments to “I discovered a new Brand: RENEFX !!!”

  • You're absolutely right with your article. I am also been using this product everyday. Instead of drinking soft drinks or juices, I used this instead. It's not only REFRESHING, it's HEALTHY! So I also recommend this to all of you. Take it from me, it's really great!!

  • @semaj: thanks for dropping by! Indeed Renefx is the best beverage around the globe. Refreshing na...healthy pa!!!

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