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I was thinking for two days already on what would be my first post all about. Today is the third day and I am still thinking on it, just then, a light bulb just popped out above my thinking head...I might just post something about myself. Weeeh.

Yeah I know, I have this page right here on this side----> that is all about me but I guess that is just a bit of me. I love to let you guys know more about myself. As if you would love to but, who knows, somebody might be interested to read this part here. Yay... here I go.

I am the only daughter of Architect Narciso Olaer Beltran Sr. and Rebecca Butihen, and that made me Jean Beltran y Butihen. Today, I am 22 years old, I was born in January 31, 1988 at Guindulman, Bohol. You might wanna know the history of my name, well...I was actually named Jane from the month of  january, but due to the midwife's carelessness or I don't know, she named me Jean, so be it. You must learn to pronounce it as a hard jeeen. So much about that, I have three brothers, Steven, who is in Dubai right now, Jonas, he is working at Tagbilaran City and Jay-r, our youngest who is still studying. My father is a district architect in
DPWH District 2 in Bohol and he also has sideline projects there. My mom has a small sari sari store. 

I love to design, I just can't resist scrap booking, painting was my hobby before and when reached college, I started liking webpage designing, though I was not able to pursue because there is no more time. I used to write letters to my friends over the country when I was younger. I have this collection at home, I had reached hundreds of them, all has stamps on it, I proudly say. Every time I would go home, I would never miss reading and scanning some of them. Those were part of my past and each of them were pieces of my heart.

About my educational background, I was actually a good pupil/student eversince gradeschool. I spent my elementary days at Guindulman Central Elementary Schol. During my first grade, I placed 5th in the class, second grade, I was 3rd up until grade five. I also garnered the First Honorable Mention place when I finished gradeschool. Wayback in high school at Guinacot National High School , I was also popular, I would always get the third spot on the honor roll. Up until fourth year when I had gained the salutatorian spot, which I never expected and I would not want to accept it, but I have no choice but accept to. I joined so many extra curricular during my secondary years, since fresh year, I joined the Press Conference, unfortunately, I never won.hehe,  well it's not a joke, our school would send us there, expenses were free and I had never win a category that I joined. Too bad for me, well for the record, when I was in grade five, I actually got the sixth place in Copy Reading Category and that was it. Anyways, I also joined Girl Scout Campings, I trained in the CAT, which unfurtonately was removed by DepEd from the program, I had been with our Drum and Bugle Corpse and we won first place and Second place. I also joined the STEP competition, with the House Planning Category, I placed first for the Provincial Level, I went to the Regional Level and I was not able to bring home the bacon. So sad, but it was all charged to experience... In college, I was just a common student at
Cebu Institute of Technology and the only outstanding thing was that I was a scholar for Department of Science and Technology, which has helped me a lot in terms of financial problems, they offer Php 4000 for our tuition fees and also a monthly allowance of Php 2500. The scholarship also served as a way for me to take major exams without paying my tuition fees. At the Office of Admissions and Scholarships (OAS), we would just have our admissions marked and then we can take the exams. Pretty cool huh? I was also able to join a couple of extra curriculum activities such as the Supreme Student Government (SSG), I was an IT representative, I was also a part of the officers in our DOST Scholars' Association in our school, as a matter of fact, I was once the President in our Batch during the third year. When I graduated, I was really glad because I was able to make it even though I didn't take my course seriously. I was also glad because during the last year of my college, I had a relationship with James Figues, one of my classmates and co-DOST scholar. I never thought that I was able to make the top IT dean's list after we graduate, It's a reward!

Today, I am already working, I will be celebrating my first year of work on May 11, 2010. So far, I would never say I am really proud of it but at least I have work. I am working in a call center actually, this is the easiest job that a graduate student can acquire, in my opinion. I am now in Sykes, I support a brand of device, I actually love it since it is a technical account, and I can say it is partly related to my degree. I also love the environment, the people and the job itself. The time that we wait for a call is very overwhelming and so far, I can say I am doing good with my job. I already received a prize for hitting above the required metrics, Wanna know the prize? Well, it's just a smartphone...hehe. The phone costs thousands here but on my opinion, it is not so useful here in our country, anyways I still love it since it was a fruit of my labor. I just hope that in the future, I will be able to maintain my performance.

I would say, life had made me realize how wonderful it was and how complicated it will be in the coming years, but through it all, I am super grateful that my Saviour is watching over me, protecting me and giving me all my needs. I am not perfect but God is always faithful and I am just blessed I am a part of His chosen generation. 

To God be the glory.

A million thanks for the time that you have spent in reading my first post. Please leave some comments below and let's exchange links if it is fine with you. 
Once again, GRACIAS!

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