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Cebuana's Surprise SMS

Pera Padala through Cebuana was always my option since college not just because they have Sarah Geronimo as their endorser (i'm a sarah g. fanatic) but because they do their transactions with a sense of urgency compared to some other padala services. My parents opt to go with them as well when they used to send me my allowance before and now, even if the situation had already changed because instead of them sending me money, it is actually me who would send them this time. The only thing that didn't change is the courier, of course we are still with Cebuana Lhuiller.

Today, I went to Cebuana to send out some pera padala to my papa. I sent him the control number and the amount. After a couple of hours, I just received this message:

Well, this is a great way of informing the senders if their beneficiaries have already received the padalas. 

Kodus to Cebuana!

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Friendster is Shutting Down?

"You can't compete with Facebook. They did a good job. It's a Facebook world," said Nikolai Galicia, Friendster and MOL country manager for the Philippines.- abs-cbn news
After nine long years of service, Friendster is now proclaiming their closure! Yes you read it right, they are shutting down for good. Oppss..sorry but not for good because they are coming back. And as what they claim, they will be coming back big time! Well, we will see then. For the mean time, they are encouraging the users to export their files for the new friendster world coming soon.

To recall, friendster was the first social network I had engaged with. Growing up in an urban area where internet was not an easy reach, it was during college that I started to create and manage my friendster account. That was 2005, remembering those adding of friends, uploading only a few pictures before was already a happiness and sending messages was pure fun. I could also remember telling my college-mates :"Friends naba ta?", of course we are but we were referring to friendster friends. 
It was all friendster before until 2008 when facebook farmtown ruled the whole world wide web users. So friendster is now coping up and we will see what they will be storing for us in just a few weeks now.

I don't have any plans of deleting my friendster account though so I am exporting my account today. Alright, so I logged in to my account now...

check out my last status, i mean shoutout. It's almost a year now! My goodness...
At the right side is the export button:

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Scramble•licious : Sugar Overload

When James and I had to go back to Cebu after our one week vacation in Bohol, we stopped by Bohol's Island City Mall to take our lunch and withdraw some cash since there ain't any other town that has ATMs. So we did took our lunch in ICM's food court situated in the ground floor of this four story mall. We were looking for something not beefy or porky, we tried to pile in this grilled stand named Payag but the line was too long that we might be eating our lunch past one in the afternoon, it was just twelve that time. So we ended up buying in this stand where there isn't any one in line, Savory Hot was its name. Why named that way? Because they cater meals in a sizzling and savory hot pans. Oh and the price is very affordable mind you, I had my own Chicken Curry Sizzling Meal at Php 45 and James had his Chicken Halang-halang as well at the same price. This is very pro-student! Lol!

Anyway, this isn't about Savory Hot though but about the desert we had after lunch. Since the ground floor food court was full of people and that there were diners waiting for vacant seats, we decided to go to the other floors and look for seats instead. We were seated near this inviting food stand:

Just by looking at the pictures, my buds immediately started to crave for it. Though I was still full, I persuade James to buy for us. I just realize now that I have actually sinned with what I have done! Oh my! It's gluttony, I have even tempted James and he gave in! (Sorry Lord). Anyways, so since the price was okay, we ordered the bowl size for Php 18 and added two toppings or they call it top-its worth Php 3 each scope: chocolate bits and assorted nips. This was how the bowl looked like:

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Man-made Forest and Prony : Bohol's Biggest Phyton and Longest in Captivity

After visiting the world's famous Chocolate Hills, we went to another spot in Bohol the man-made forest in Bilar. We had our lunch there and here is a leap I made in the midst of that cool place where trees are slim and tall.

Check out some other photos taken at the Man-made Forest in Bilar in Wow BOHOL post on my photoblog

After lunch, we went straight to Albur-querque where the biggest phyton and longest in captivity is located, exact address is Upper Sta. Fe, Alburquerque, Bohol.

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The Butihen Clan Reunion Ends at Anda Global Beach Resort

We definitely love the beach and we can't just end our clan reunion without going to the beach. We did find it a good way to end and separate and so we have selected Global Beach Resort located in Anda, Bohol which is just half an hour ride away from Ubay. We passed by Alicia, Candijay and Guindulman then to Anda. This town has a lot of white sand beaches and most have been open for the public, just like Bugnaw Se-i. James and I were able to visit it and we are planning to visit more Anda beaches and blog about it. Foreigners had also dominated the town, as a matter of fact, most beach resorts are owned by foreigners but since they can't buy their own property here in the country, they would rather entitle it under their Filipino partners.

Check how gorgeous the shore and the sea at Global Beach Resort:

The shoreline is too wide and long as the same time, our nieces and nephews were enjoying it. Actually, you won't be worried if you have a toddler because he or she can play and take a dip on the shallow part. There was also a small islet between the shallow part and the deeper one so the children can play, make sand castles and then swim as well. 

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Ago-Cacay Butihen Clan First Grand Reunion - Day 2

From my former posts, I had informed you about our family's grand reunion from my mother's side and I had showed to you the presentations of each family. This post today will cater the activities during it's second day.

It was a funny sporty day for all of us because the second day was all about fun and games. In the morning, all the kids participated in there kiddie fun games leaded by Ate Ruth and Jesiel. 

In the afternoon, we had sports: basketball and volleyball. It was really fun fun fun because almost all of the ladies don't know how to play volleyball. Here were some of the funny photos taken during the game which was exciting as well because instead of just two game sets we had three, this just say that there was a tight game play.

Here are just some of the hundreds of photos from our volleyball game:


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Ago-Cacay Butihen Clan First Grand Reunion - Day 1

This is a continuation of the Ago-Cacay Butihen Clan First Grand Reunion post from yesterday.

Starting off the location was at Camp Karis in Casate, Ubay, Bohol exactly the same location where my older brother Steven's wedding took place. Karis means grace so it is called camp grace, most christian youth camps, seminars and crusades are held here.

Everyone was welcomed during the first day. The venue had a lot of houses around and so every family were situated with each houses. The Ago-Cacay Butihen Reunion was composed of seven families, namely Moming's, Pene's, Tony's, Bobby's, Dadie's, Levi's and Vicky's. My mom is the youngest among them.

The first night was a blast because every family had to render their special number. Either singing, dancing or whatever. Here are the families during the presentation night:

This is Uncle Levi's family:
from left to right: liezel, ate chingvee, jayr, kuya joel, ate lyn2, auntie conching and uncle levi
Here are their song and dance presentation:

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Ago-Cacay Grand Reunion

Have you ever been involve in family reunions? I can say I am blessed in a way because I am a part of a clan who gives the family a great importance. I can see a glimpse of the past where our family had a reunion in Alicia, Bohol and of which our grandparents named Ago and Cacay were still both alive. My elder cousins said our last family reunion was on 1993, I was still five that time and so the only thing I can remember was that I played with the other cousins.

Time passed by, everyone have been very busy with each others lives and so we never had the chance to cater another reunion. And so, when I was in grade five, my grandpa died and in fourth year high school, my grandma died as well. Then their first born followed when I was in college.

I was surprised and at the same time happy when Ate Aida, the eldest of all the grandchildren posted our first grand reunion on facebook. And the rest was history, God had used facebook to be a medium so every family from all the parts of the Philippines and even the world may know about the awaited event.

It was also a coincidence because the venue happened to be exactly the same as my brother Steven's wedding place. The event started in the 14th of April, 2011 up to the 16th. 

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Never Gets Sick of Chocolate Hills

The world wide famous Chocolate Hills tourist spot located in the center of Bohol specifically in Carmen is never new to me. I have been visiting it since I was a kid, during my elementary and secondary years as well primary because I am a pure Boholana. The last time I have visited it was last year during my former team's team building. Yesterday, the family of my brother's wife from Cotabato wanted to tour around and visit the spot before they go back home to their province. On the other hand, James have not yet visited it too so I agreed to come.

Going to Carmen is not a piece of cake. We are located in Guindulman which is the Eastern part of Bohol while Carmen is in the center. It took us almost two hours to get there. This was our route to get there:

At the spot everyone will be asked to pay Php50 for the entrance fee. The spot is actually a tall hill developed so tourists can view the 1268 number of hills from the top portion. You can climb the 150+ stairs or just go on the side slope walk. 

Reaching at the top of the  hill, you will see mountains colored brown during the summer hence the name Chocolate Hills was derived and turns green throughout the rest of the year.

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Charice Pempengco as Sunshine Corazon Comes Back on Glee

The long wait is over, the only Filipino cast on Glee - Charice Pempengco aka Sunshine Corazon now come backs. Below is the youtube video of the performance and the hits is gradually increasing from time to time.

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Beltran-Baylon Nuptials

Marriage is a ghastly public confession of a strictly private intention.  ~Ian Hay
Definitely, the statement above tells us why a union of two individuals ends in wedding bells. Our eldest brother, Steven had just experienced one last April 12, 2011. I have been telling you about their wedding in my older posts. I was even more excited than them. And so that very day marked the start of their journey as husband and wife.

I will be not be telling you about how the wedding went because everyone knows how a normal Christian wedding goes, instead I will be sharing photos during the matrimony proper and as well as the reception. I'll be starting with the events before the wedding:

the bride's bouquet

the bride's gown

some of the entourage' dresses... bride's maids' and maid of honor's
the groom's stuff: tuxedo, shoes and etc.

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Oh! My Swatch...

I am not into joining blog contest but when I saw Cherry's April Giveaway, I didn't hesitate to join and is now hopeful that I would win and get this fabulous Swatch. Well, joining is pretty easy, here's how:

1. Like Cherry's Facebook page (if you haven’t liked already and use your personal page and not your fan page or else it won’t count) and leave me a message on my wall so I know you’re joining.  No message, no entry.
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Click here for further details and you might get the swatch of your life:

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Ubay's Sans Grille Chicken Ati-atihan

James and I had the chance to stop by Ubay when we went home to Bohol last time via Tubigon. Reaching Ubay deadly hungry at six in the evening so we dined at San's Grille Chicken Ati-atihan located at Col. Marciano Garces St. Poblacion, Ubay, Bohol with their tagline: "sasayaw ka sa sarap" and "we didn't invent chicken barbeque, we perfected it".

What's cool about the place was the masks all around the area. And since it was already dark when we get there, the lights were all lit up and which gave a great add on beauty to the place.

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Red Bowl Experience

Before going home to Bohol, James and I looked for a place to dine in for lunch. We were thinking we can just go on drive thru at Jollibee's or Mcdonalds but we thought about the food and then decided to just look for another not common and we haven't tried yet.

We were on Mcdonald Mambaling then with our things and saw Red Bowl just in front of us and then we thought, how about this? Without further a do, we went in. 
There were no customers yet and the crew were looking bored but were all awaken when we went in. This is how they look the moment we went in:

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To Bohol via Talibon

Everytime I go back home to Bohol, I would usually travel via Tubigon or Tagbilaran and way back in college, I would travel via Ubay so going to Bohol through Talibon has always been my last option. But I had no other option yesterday, we have to ride the 12 noon ship to Talibon because there was no ship to Ubay on Sundays and going via Tubigon would take time to get to Guindulman and I was dying to reach home and eat "sapajan" or in Cebuano "pasayan". Our neighbors had this fishpond and they sell real cheap shrimps and bangus. My papa would buy and cook me "sinigang na sapayan" which is my favorite.

Well enough for that, it makes me hungry thinking of that big yummy shrimps. So going back, James and I headed to Pier 3, since I don't know where the ticketing office is, I asked a "kuya", an elderly man about it. We were able to buy our tickets worth Php 260 each and then realized that the kuya who helped us get our tickets has his own modus opirande - to sell us his otaps and ampao. We felt pity so we decided to buy one but kuya insisted to buy three packs instead "para wala daw kida". Tired of refusing we just bought the three packs for Php 100. 

Inside the port, I was amazed because the terminal ticket was quite different compared to Pier Uno's. They have e-tickets instead of the yellow one but both of them costs Php 10.

tickets worth Php 260 each

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When Colds Attack

Colds is my greatest enemy next to getting a cough. Reasons? 

photo from
One. I hate sniffing it in again and again. Even if I have to blew it out, it seemed to have a stream of those sticky stuff. Two. Because of sniffing or blowing, my nose gets red and when I say red, it means really really red. Three. For some reasons my eyes would start crying and this results to swollen eyes. Four, I don't really like it when I am on a public area and I began sneezing, it's embarrassing.

I blame this to the Ceres bus which we rode going to Cebu last Thursday because the air conditioning was real damn cold and that James and I were not even wearing jackets. We had to share the thin small piece of a sarong I brought with me to cover my hair. But that is just my assumption, what really is it's cause?

According to Wikipedia: 
The common cold (also known as nasopharyngitis, acute viral rhinopharyngitis, acute coryza, or a cold) (Latin: rhinitis acuta catarrhalis) is a viral infectious disease of the upper respiratory system, caused primarily by rhinoviruses and coronaviruses. Common symptoms include a cough, sore throat, runny nose, and fever. There is currently no known treatment that shortens the duration; however, symptoms usually resolve spontaneously in 7 to 10 days, with some symptoms possibly lasting for up to three weeks.

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Oslob's Cuartel

I got the chance to get back to Oslob last Wednesday because we were invited to Charlene's graduation day, she is James' younger sister. The graduation was held at the covered court near the Catholic Church and the Cuartel so I grabbed the opportunity to get some photos of their Cuartel Area. It's a building made thousand of years ago during the Spaniards era for the guardia civil or the soldiers. It was not finished though since we were already freed by their colonization. It reconstructed and developed to become their town's tourist spot. 

When I first went to Oslob about almost three years ago, the place was not really good. A great difference can be observed if you got to visit the Cuartel. Here are some of the photos we have taken:
james took this photo of me at the Cuartel

fences in front of the Church

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Open Summer at Camotes Island

My summer for this year 2011 had just begun and Camotes Island opened it for me and my colleagues.

Nothing can beat the beach when we talk about summer. Who would like to spend the heat and the sweat inside his four cornered room? Nah! Those are for the weak-bonned. So as I told you already in my last post, we were spending our team building budget for Camotes Island. It's quite perfect for the whole budget plus there were team members who decided to not come so our friends went instead.

We headed to North Terminal at 4:30am. Rode a multicab to Danao, we were supposed to ride the first trip at Quano Wharf but since they cancelled it, we went to Danao. We reached Danao at 5:30, we didn't expect that the port was filled with heads already. We were blessed to secure the last 15 tickets for 8:30 trip.

For some unknown reasons, the Mika-Mari ship departed the port at almost 9:30 already, thanks to the movies at the air-conditioned room, we didn't feel bored waiting. At 12:15, we finally reached Consuelo port, a van from My Little Island Hotel was patiently waiting for us there. 

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Camotes Here We Come!

I miss blogging, I really do. I had a lot of events this week but I haven't blogged about them yet due to the roughness of my schedule . I had a lot of stuff to do plus my work load, in fact I only had two to three hours of sleep for the last three days, imagine that thinking I had to work at night. Worse thing is that I had worked for straight nine days this week. This is of course because of our upcoming team building which I badly need. I badly need to be out of town, to see the beach and to feel the nature. I guess my body is full of pollution this time and only vacation at a rural and nature-full location can take those stress and rejuvenate my body. 

I am glad the nine-day straight shift has ended, I had finished the invitation letters and I was able to get a six-hour sleep today, still not enough but at least. Tomorrow at three in the morning, our team together with some of our personal friends will be coming to Camotes Island. It will be my first time to go there so, it is expected that my camera will be fully loaded with pictures by that time. Hopefully I can get good pictures with my Rebel X. 

That's it for now, I will make sure to blog about it on Monday.


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Graduate na si Inday!

One of my old good friend Inday Reina, had just graduated with a degree, Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering last March 31, 2011 at CAP Building. When both of us were still studying, I was in CIT and she was in STI then, we never had seen each other so when she invited me to join her celebration, I hesitated not. I didn't take that lots of photos because they had their own event official photographer and aside from that, we were seated at the back. When the event almost ended, I surprised her and took this photo:

She was indeed surprised and after four long years, we saw each other again. Well, the only thing which had changed is the body size. 

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