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Farewell Sony Cybershot, Hello Canon!

Yesterday, I got this package... What's inside?

So I unpack it and here's what was inside! Surprise!!!

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Big Bro Returns Homeland

Our eldest arrived at the Mactan Airport last Friday, April 25, 2011, seven in the evening. I was quite excited because its almost two years since he went back to Dubai and I was thinking how his little daughter would react when she would see her daddy.

Of course my mom and dad were also there and their first grand daughter. Ate Mae, Manoy's fiancée was also there. They arrived few hours before Manoy's arrival. At two o'clock, Aiesha Zaila had a quick video chat with her dad over yahoo messenger. Here are some of the photos:

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Hot FM Ubay Ta!

I just found a new fm station to hang out to, it's Ubay's FM station. What I like about it aside from the fact that the station is from Ubay, Bohol is that I can stream and listen to it over the internet unlike the other radio stations.

Someone from facebook named Deejay Rhaine added me and informed me about it. I was skeptical about it at first but since he was from Bohol, then I just checked out the site []. I didn't believe at first that the person who added me was in fact the DJ himself. I attempted to greet myself and viola! He actually did and that was just the start! Haha... Well, since the radio station is new, the listeners aren't that many yet and its an advantage because whenever I would request a song or greet someone, DJ Rhaine would do as well. 

If you are from Bohol, please support Ubay's Hot FM station. On the radio, tune in to 102.3. 

Support our own!


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People Eating Brains?

Almost choke up when I saw this video clip posted in Facebook earlier today. I thought only zombies eat brains but I was totally wrong. Heard of this thing when I was in college but never had seen those gross pictures 'til today. I can't imagine them chewing those tiny baby body parts and say it has cured their diseases or even help for their sexual life. These people might be disturbed or has this kind of sickness. They had been aborting and killing those little angels for their own consumption. I can't stand seeing all those photos and I can't stand imagining those mothers who had let this unfortunate event. Someone must act for this cruel-some act, how could they do this?

What is happening to the world now? God, may your goodness bring repentance to this people.

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The Arrival of NOTEBOOK/SLUMBOOK: The Tanso Edition

I had never expected that my NOTEBOOK/SLUMBOOK: The Tanso Edition will arrive so soon, it was least expected because Witty Will Save the World, Co. informed me that the shipping will be within two to seven days after I notified them of my payment. I was surprised yesterday morning because the kuya from 2Go sent me an sms informing about my package! So happy and satisfied about Witty's service as well as 2Go's. I immediately took a photo of it!

2Go Receipt

with the package!

Viola! my slumbook!

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Have I told you guys that I am a slumbook/autograph addict before way back in my grade school and secondary years? I mean I am still addicted to those cute stuffs but I just stopped purchasing those things since our former house helper burned all my most treasured things like those slum books, stationary, friends' letters, and those love letters. I can't imagine her burning them all since they were placed inside a very pleasing and neat plastic box. It broke my heart when I went home and not a single thing was left, so broken hearted imagining my six to seven years of collection items burned without any reason. My mom was also affected that she ended up firing out that house helper. I felt really bad about it that I ended up discouraged on collecting them.

BUT! When I came to read thecreativedork's article about the "Akala mo lang wala nang slumbook, pero meron, meron, meron!" NOTEBOOK/SLUMBOOK: The Tanso Edition, the "girly" side of me seemed to waken up. Out of a sudden, my love for slum-books came rushing down on me and I found myself viewing it's images and all I knew that night was "I WANT to get one". I badly need one and bring back that unexplainable spirit in me.

To help you visualize the slumbook, I grabbed some of their facebook photos:

The Front Cover
some empty pages inside

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Photowalk: Sto. Niño Church and Magellan's Cross

Since today is my rest day, James and I went for a walk at the downtown bringing with us my Sony DSC-S2000 just in case we'll be seeing some good view. The last time I went there was like history, I could hardly remember when that was. So I'm glad we had today and spent it with something we love to do. Here are some of the photos I have taken:

Philippine flag at the Cebu City Hall... i love it!

A view of Magellan's Cross...

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Beware of Email Scams!

I've a proposal to bring for you,reply for details
-received by my gmail acct last March 10, 2011.

I know Gmail which is Google's email service has a reliable way of filtering spam emails so I replied the same day thinking this might be something about a business or whatever. Turned out, this is just another email scam.

I received his reply:
Bank of China (Hongkong)
Eastern Commercial Centre,
393-407 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai,Hong Kong.
Dear Friend,

It is understandable that you might be apprehensive because you do not now me but I have a lucrative business proposal of mutual interest to share with you. Permit me to introduce myself, I am Mr.Chen Guangyuan, Foreign Operations Manager of the Bank of China (Hong kong), Eastern Commercial Center, Wan Chai Branch. Only recently I discovered that an account belonging to Ghazi Musa Hassan, who was with the Iraqi forces and also a businessman made a numbered fixed deposit for 12 calendar months, with a value of Seventeen Million Three Hundred Thousand United State Dollars only into an account with my branch, Upon maturity several notice was sent to him, but there was no response.

Again, December last year, another notification was sent and still no response came from him. We later find out that Ghazi Musa Hassan and his family had been killed during the war in gun fire at Mukaradeeb where his personal oil well was. After further inquiries, it was discovered that Ghazi Musa Hassan did not declare any next of kin in his official papers, including the paper work of his bank deposit. The last time he came to my office, he confided in me that no one knew of this deposit in my bank. What bothers me most is that according to the laws of my country, at the expiration of six{6} years,the funds will be revert to the ownership of the Hong Kong Government, if nobody applies to claim it. Against this backdrop, my suggestion to you is that I will like to front you as a foreigner to stand as the next of kin to Ghazi Musa Hassan, so that you will be able to receive his funds.

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Masking My Domain Name: Important But Not Urgent?

First things first, allow me to thank Jacqueline Vestil for reminding me about this important matter which I considered not urgent before. So here's the story, it was like last year I noticed that when I type in in the browser's address bar, instead of navigating to my blog's homepage, this will redirect me to GoDaddy's parking page which was kinda not good. I know it was a very important thing but on my tablet where my link is being stored in the history, accessing it isn't an issue. So I had forgotten all about it until the fifth of March this year. So much thankful to Jak2 for reminding me and not just that, she had given me the link on how to make it accessible on either typing right away or which is called masking in GoDaddy's terms.

So how to do it? Simply follow these steps:

► Log in to your Account Manager

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Wondershare's Free Photo Collage

Oh how I love Wondershare! Last time, I was able to get a free Flash Gallery Factory when it was featured in Cebu TechBlogger's site in 2010. Every now and then Wondershare gives out free software and I am like a whatever dying to get another free one. Last time they had this tagging game in Facebook and in which they were giving out a couple of free software, one of them was the Photo Collage. It was frustrating because I can't tag myself in the photo given so I commented out, later that day they deleted the tagging album and created another for the game. I was still persistent and joined it but up until now I haven't gotten one free software yet. Then one time on Facebook, I found this Giveaway of the Day thing Wondershare had shared on their wall page. I checked it out and good thing, they were actually giving out the Photo Collage software for free! 

What would you expect me to do? Of course, I immediately clicked on the download link and proceed with getting the key code on their manufacturing website.

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Team Papa Joe's Lunch at MoØØn Café

We just had our first team lunch yesterday since the reshuffling five months ago.  There is only one reason why a team can't get any team socialization budget and that is because their stats are low. So that means, for almost five months, we were one of the bottom performers. So sad!

That does not mean that I didn't perform well the last months, as a matter of fact I got really good grades or stats on every agent attribute. It's just that the total average score of the whole team was not good. Most of us were having some challenges with some of the attributes, one to mention was our QA scores. But anyway that was all history because we have been on the top for the last month and now, we all received the fruit of our labor.

We were thinking of two options, either we will add it to our team building budget which will be on the coming months or just use it for a team lunch since we haven't done it yet ever since. Everyone opted the latter and so we went and voted for a good place to eat.

Listed were the nominated restos:

Gerry's Grill
TGI fridays
Pancake House
Pier One
SM food court
Pizza Hut
Mc Donald's

It was funny because we ended up picking Mooon Café which in the first place was not part of the options. So we went there for lunch, my bad because I arrived an hour late which means, everyone is already eating and I was still waiting for my 10-15 minute waiting order. That's fine though since James was also there, both of us waited for our Mexican Back Ribs. We ordered the same menu anyway. 

My Mexican Back Rib was a huge serving. I was not able to finish it all up so I ended up taking it out. Hehe it saved my dinner!

Here are some of our team photos at Mooon
Café :

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I'm Going Organic!

Hair fall: this is my major major problem. If I am to gather every strand of hair that falls from my head, I bet those that had fallen off are greater in number compared to those strands that are still on my head right now. Scary but it is actually true, when I go to shower and brush my hair, it felt like a third of my hair had fallen and another when I brush in my room. I can see strands over the floor which makes me more frustrated about my hair. It is just not that obvious because when my hair dries, it looks so thick, mainly 'coz they are wavy and kinky.

Over time, I had been searching for a product which my hair will really love and which may lessen if not eliminate this problem. I had used a lot of hair products from the pink ones, the violet colored and a lot more but those didn't really resolve the issue. Everyday, I would worry about my hair, I had become so pathetic and I felt like sick.

So I came to this blog by MyMaria and found out about Human Heart Nature which sells organic products. I was like interested since organic means chemically free, I just thought that the chemicals present in the shampoos I used maybe were not minimizing the hair fall instead are making it worse. So I went to looked for reviews over the net, I came up to Kumiko Mae's blog as well as Elise's, she's a writer at My Special Valentine, a known novel here in the Philippines. Both had a very good review about the products specially on the hair products.

So what I did? I contacted Human Nature's Cebu City branch manager via email, Mary Grace M. Nacar set us an appointment for their product orientation. James and I went there last Saturday, their office is in Galleria Fuente just behind Robinson's Main.

At two in the afternoon, Miss Nelia the only person inside entertained us and eventually

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The Best Buko Pie IMHO

If you are a buko fan like me, I mean if you are that person who loves to eat coconut nut's fruit like eating it raw, eating it with it's juice and some milk on it which we call as "Butong" or even as a viand, yes in Bohol, we cook it for lunch, then you would definitely love Dumaguete's Buko Pie as well. This is so far the best buko I have ever tasted, honestly speaking. I had eaten some buko pies in SM or in some stalls in downtown and I found all of them just so-so. Dumaguete's special buko pie has just been my favorite since I first tasted it from Tanya, my colleague and is also from the city of gentle people.

Just this weekend, some of my colleagues went to Dumaguete for their team building. I grabbed the opportunity and asked one of them to buy me one box of the buko pie. She did buy one for me and I received it last night.

The good thing about it was that Janet who bought the pie placed it inside the fridge while it

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Taking A Bath Right After Eating Is Dangerous To Your Digestive System???

For so long, I have been wondering if this is true or not. James says it is true because in doing so, there is some kind of delays in digesting the food that you have taken in.  His former Italian boss believes on it, he is a boxer and a swimmer at the same time. On the other hand, my mom doesn't actually believe it's bad and I had lived my life taking shower after eating my meal without feeling something not normal.

I tried searching on the internet to end my doubts but I ended up more confused. Some say it isn't actually bad at all, it may be a myth or something, most say it is just a folk belief but others say something about the digestive track which will be affected when we take a bath and causes the indigestion. Now, this needs medical explanation ASAP!

Before confronting a doctor or any medically inclined individual, I decided to ask some my friends and some of my colleagues as well.

"My lola advises me about it too, but I would still take a bath after eating, so far everything's good."

Miss Caryl:

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What I Love About My Work

These are some random thoughts I started to gather on the things I love about my work and work place:

♥ gmail, yahoo and all the other email services present

♥ illustrator and photoshop available (i don't use it all the time because when I do, i usually can't finish on the started project) 

♥ facebook updates is possible (though it has the tendency to load super slow)

♥ gbuzz interaction (yehey! entertainment is all there)

♥ wifi enabled devices available (if the remote server is slow, nothing to worry about because the devices aren't)

♥ availness (10 minutes or more)

♥toggle toggle toggle (evil grin)

♥ wage/salary (plus incentives)

♥ account is somehow related to my degree (just an excuse)

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Cord, Viel, Rings, Bride's Maids, How Significant Are They?

It feels like I am the bride to be this May because of the preparations which I am busy on these days. Aside from being the in-charge of the wedding invitation, I am also preparing for the photo and video coverage. The budget is quite tight so we need to hire someone who offers good quality outputs and affordable at the same time.

While on the midst of researching of the entourage, I became curious on the elements of the wedding ceremony. The veil, cord and other stuff, what do they stand for? What are the bride's maids roles? I never thought they really had a role at all, I have been a bride's maid every time my cousins got married but never really realized what's my significance 'til now.

Here are some of the things I found out and cleared my mind with how a traditional Filipino wedding goes and the relevance of those wedding accessories.

Cord and Veil

The Veil is a long white tulle with lace edgings, draped over to the bride and the groom to symbolize "the union of two people 'clothed' as one."

The Cord, a silken rope forming the figure 8 is draped to represent the "infinite bond of marriage."

Wedding Rings and Coins 

A pair of gold wedding rings and 13 gold coins is blessed by the officiating minister during the wedding ceremony for a life of faithfulness and prosperity. The groom and the bride give the rings to each other as they pledge their love and loyalty to one another.

The 13 coins on the other hand is presented by the groom to his bride while pledging his dedication to her welfare and their future children.

Wedding Ring Pillow

White heart-shaped satin pillows with pretty ribbons and lace trimmings is for the presentation of the wedding rings during the wedding ceremony and is carried by the ring bearer during the wedding march.

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