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How To Acquire a Passport in Cebu

Applying for a passport is indeed a hassle, well I guess this applies to all government agencies or offices, may it be in acquiring a driver's license or securing an SSS ID.

Here are the five steps on how I applied for my Passport:
1. Secure a priority number.
Previously, you found me ranting about my epic fail passport application where I wasn't able to even get a priority number but gladly, last Monday I finally secured a priority number at eight in the morning. I was number 316 while James was number 318. In my mind I couldn't help but laugh, imagine my previous visit here, I woke up early sacrificed a couple of hours sleep just to have this f***ng number. We left our identification cards with our application forms.

The front guard advised James and I to come back at two in the afternoon, great because I still have enough time to sleep. James had to go to work earlier that day so he can render exact hours of duty.

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