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So Tired Today!

Today has been a long day for me. I was awake for almost 24 hours and made hundreds of paper flowers for our rose parade entry which took place an hour ago, "phew". I was stressed out because I worked for two teams for this competition. It's not really a huge contest, it's just within our account and we only have like seven teams I guess. So the story went like this, I was part of the Papa Joe Team before I was transferred to the SPX (specialist) team just two or three weeks ago. Now before I was transferred, Team Papa Joe had already planned what to make on the said contest and we were asked to pay 200 bucks as a contribution. Las night, we made flowers made of crepe papers the whole night, as in from 11 to 8 in the morning. I was supposed to go home at eight but my former team asked me to help them since they still count me as part of the team, I just agreed and made another set of hundreds of paper flowers from eight to almost four in the afternoon. It was a stressful day, my hands were hurting and I was sweating! I wanna cry right there and go home. We were making the decorated float in the basement so it was really hot there. 

Though it was tiring, I was impressed by how we managed to finish it up and be amazed with what we made. From barely nothing to something we appreciated. This are some of the photos which my former team mate took:

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Awesome CBC 2011

I made it to the Cebu Blog Camp 2011 (yehey!) and I am posting what I had gained out from the awesome event. Though it was our first time to join the event, (yep! I tagged James along because I am shy to be going by myself.) I was grateful that all the bloggers were very accommodating and friendly at the same time. Almost all of the guys there were new acquaintances. Good thing that I saw familiar ones like Kevin who is actually the current president of the Cebu Bloggers Society, Roxanne and Glenn! Surprise! Glenn is my colleague and I was very astonished to see him at the event. I just knew that he maintains a humor blog then. I was thinking I would just be sitting down and listening the whole time but another surprise because everyone had taken the spotlight and I had my moment too! Wahaha... I was just nervous when I stepped in and talked about my scrapbook-clip art blog instead of this one.

These are the awesome guys who made the event memorable:

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Best Dance Crews

Is a home girl today, I didn't feel like going out. The parents ask me to come with them at a family friend's house for lunch because a balik bayan just came home but I insisted to stay at home. Though I have nothing to do, I don't like to go out. All I did today was watch tv programs which I don't usually do in the city. I watched all day long and surfed the net. I made a couple of vector images, well those were trees actually for my paperless advocacy. And speaking of paperless advocacy, I just received an email message from Globe about the confirmation of my paperless billing application

Major reason is that I don't like to see more paper bills coming every month. Lols... And I want to help our nature. In case you didn't know, hundreds if not thousands of trees need to be cut down in order to make papers and I feel like it's a heartless act. 

Now back to the main topic, my brother was enjoying the videos on youtube. I joined his company and found myself pretty amazed by what I was seeing. So I learned that the competition where the famous Jabbawockeez came from is already on their third season. The second season grand champion are the Poreotics, I already mentioned them with my post about Bruno Mars' The Lazy Song. They were the monkeys who danced with the music video which I really found super cool. Now the third season's first placer has three pinoy members and the crew is named the Quest Crew. Check their video compilations during the competition:

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I Can't Skype, Can You?

If you have problem with your Skype program, don't yah worry because it's not just you, I have the same problem too and a lot more users also. I started having this issue last Wednesday when I noticed that every time I open Skype, it would just give me this message:

It has no other option back then than to close it. It was a pain since James and I uses Skype for communication. At first I thought there was some kind of virus which had infected the program until James told me that he is having the same problem and then my Facebook friend also. This can't just be a coincidence right?

But don't worry because just yesterday, May 26, 2011, the Skype community had just posted about the issue and gave a work around for Windows and Mac users. Here's the steps:

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My Little Bro Turned 22

And yet another year has cometh for my younger brother, Jay-R. As a way of celebrating this bless-full event, we planned to go to the beach. Though we were already aware of the typhoon Chedeng, we still persisted to go. As a matter of fact, it rained before we went on our way. We still don't know which beach are we gonna be going to, Anda has a lot of beach resorts to offer though so we just went on our way and started picking which is which.

First option was Bugnaw Se-i, mom said it's kinda dirty so we went for Bituon Beach but one of our house mates said it would be hard for us to go there because of the waves. One said we can go to Anda Global but my kuya said it is far and will take some time to go there, considering we were all hungry. So another suggested that we go to Basdacu, unfortunately the resort has been closed for private use only. Tsk tsk tsk. And so I suggested Bituon White Beach and everyone agreed.

Upon arriving Anda, a guy asked for a Php 50 Environmental Fee, said it was a new law implemented by the municipality for four wheeled vehicles coming to the town which obviously carries people who are coming for a swim at some resorts. We said OK! On our way to the resort, another guy asked for Php 20 for the entrance fee. We said alright! But before reaching Bituon White Beach, we saw a new posting of a newly opened resort:

Instead of going to Bituon White Beach, we changed our minds and tried this new one. We found out later on they had started their operations a month ago. It can be seen obviously that the place was still under development. Here are my favorite spots at the resort:

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I'd Got No Choice

I didn't had any other choice than to ride the 1:30pm trip to Tubigon, Bohol via Jadestar shipping. I found it very disturbing, very disturbing. While on the waiting area, I observed the ship since it was just floating right in front of us. By merely looking at it, you can conclude that it is too old. The structure's not sturdy if you look at it plus old rusty life boats placed on top were alarming. I was thinking that if the boat will sink during the travel, no one can definitely go in and survive with that kind. They might drown because of it instead. And there's no laying, all will be seating actually, the ticket costs Php 150 only though. This is the ship:

Let me show you what's inside...

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My First Cashout

This is actually my first cashout from a PTC site so I am blogging about it. I had forgotten the exact date when I signed up for this site actually but basing on the first article that I had rated, it was September 5, 2010. I stopped for awhile when I disconnected my SmartBro connection last November 2010 and started rating articles again last January when I had Globe Wimax installed.

Today, I reached $50.05 and was eligible for a cashout:
I waited no longer and entered James' Paypal account since I have issues with mine. Then requested for a payout! Drum rolls.... This is the next shown screen:

I was not so delighted with what I saw onscreen, in the second bullet, it says payment can take up to 30 days. That looks like a very long time and that it is not reasonable, how can that take a long time? Well anyway, there's nothing that I can do, I will just be waiting here. Hopefully, it will not really take that long. We'll see then if readbud is really a legit PTC site.

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Three .infos For The Grabs

I want to set a customized domain name for my tumblr account, however, I haven't found any means of getting one yet. My site's domain was a gift from my boyfriend, James and it would be too much if I would ask for more. So when I knew that Irish Ibanez is giving away three .info domain names to celebrate her new domain, 500+ tumbr followers and 1k+ twitter followers, I joined the contest right away. See details:

i decided to cancel my mini-giveaway because Quirkypedia StyleHub isn’t responding. But to make-up for it and since i have a new domain, I WILL HOLD A DOMAIN CONTEST INSTEAD. all entries from the cancelled giveaway are NOT forfeited.
3 custom domain (1 .info domain for each winner)
Contest is open until June 11.

  • MAY 28
  • JUNE 4
  • JUNE 11
  • link ( on your blog = 2 points (optional)
  • link ( on your blog = 2 points (optional)
  • follow ( on tumblr = 2 points (optional)
  • reblog this contest = 2 points (optional)
  • tweet about this contest = 1 point (each tweet)
winners will be chosen using RANDOM.ORG

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I Joined HoshiGirl's Comeback/Birthday Contest

What's so good about blog hopping? Aside from getting to know more bloggers, you will also learn that there are a lot of blog contests floating in the world wide web. I just found two blog contests today and I wanna hopefully get one of the prizes. Teehee!

So I visited April today (*waving* hi April!) and she wrote about HoshiGirl's Comeback/Birthday contest. I was fascinated by this cute Domo thing and the to-do list is so pretty I want to write on it now. I just learned that Gel had just came back to blogging and as a way of welcoming back, she put up this contest. And how does it work? 
1st, Like HoshiGirl*’s Facebook page. I already did!
2nd, Like and support this awesome band, Auto Aim. Done!
3rd, Follow me on Twitter.  
4th, Tweet this: “I want to win cute stuff and $$$, @hoshigirl! #WelcomeBackHoshiGirl“ 
5th, Comment on this entry so I know you joined! 
6th, Blog about this contest and get +2 entries in the raffle! I have 2 entries now! wohoo!
Same as how other blog contests do, the winner will be chosen via Oh! I hope Lady Luck's with me so I can grab one of these cute stuff and some $_$ from HoshiGirl:

1 – Domo Plush Keychain
2 – Round Domo Bag
3 – Domo Any Year Planner
4 – Domo Case
+$20 (to be sent via Paypal) and permanent link on my sidebar

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What happened?
I was super sleepy when I went to work last night. I slept all day long yesterday but I don't know what happened, can't help my eyes! Can't control it, it shuts off by itself. And my supervisor was on the floor so I can't just sleep even if there were no calls, I might get an incident report for sleeping! I can't just let that happen. I felt like floating when I went out of the office and by the time I sat on the cab, my eyes rejoiced! Good thing my sub conscious managed to waken me up when I almost reach home. I reached home and slept right away, that was from ten in the morning then woke up just now, time check: 3:05 in the afternoon. I am recharged! Thank goodness.

Is that an Iphone?
James gave me something today before he left for work, it's an advance gift for our monthsary tomorrow. He knew that my old television had retired. I am not a tv fan though but sometimes, I would watch tv just to entertain myself with some tv programs like Showtime and Pinoy Henyo, the only segment in Eat Bulaga that I love to watch. I am a pure Kapamilya so I want to watch their shows if I have the time. Some of the shows I watch are ASAP, Maalaala Mo Kaya and I said it already, Showtime. I didn't worry actually that my five year old tv stopped working but James seemed to be concerned about it. He didn't buy me one though but he gave me this:

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Cebu Blog Camp 2011 - I Must!

I have finally decided! I am going to Cebu Blog Camp 2011 next week and I am excited for it. So this will be my first ever Blog Camp and to give you an idea what it is all about: 

cebu blog camp's logo
The Cebu blog Camp  is an event organized annually by the Cebu Bloggers of the Blog and Soul Movement which is the educating leg of the Philippine Blog Awards Inc. which has been running for already four years. This is the largest gathering of bloggers in Cebu.

So to note, this is the largest gathering of bloggers in Cebu, wow! I can imagine hundreds if not thousands of blogger heads on May 28, 2011.

Since I this is my first, here are my top five reasons why I love to be a part of it:

1. This is actually the major reason. Just a few minutes ago, I found out that Robbie of theCreativeDork is joining the said event. Well, I am just a fan and have been following his blog and twitter! And Tumblr too. I can't just let this opportunity of meeting him in person and of course, wishful that we can have a photo together as a souvenir.

2. While reading through Robbie's post about the event, there are actually topics in the event which are sweet to my ears like the Photography 101, Travel 101, Social Media Marketing 101 and Food & Restaurant Review 101. I can't just miss Photography 101.

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Haven't posted any review yet since I started switching to Human Heart Nature's products because I thought a month of usage is not enough until I almost forget posting about it. Glad I had a time today to do this and the first product I will be reviewing is the Peppermint Organic Lip Balm. This came with the initial kit and this is how it looks like:

Here are its ingredients: beeswax, organic cocos nucifera oil (virgin coconut oil), Helianthus annuus(sunflower)seed oil, organic Calendula Officinalis (Marigold) extract, organic Rosmarinus Officinalis(rosemary) extract, organic Mentha Piperita(Peppermint) essential oil, tocopherol(Vitamin E)

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A Couple Of Things...

I just felt like blogging every thing I found out today. Its just the same normal Saturday for me though, I woke up early at seven in the morning (that's early for me because I usually woke up at 10) though I didn't have a long sound sleep last night. I dunno why but I cooked anyway and prepared my laundry, good thing I have a machine to lessen the burden of washing it by hands, F.Y.I., I washed them up once a week only so they had piled up already. I finished doing all those Saturday stuff at eleven. Woohoo!

Facing my notebook all day long! And a couple of things has been discovered for the day, first is that there has been a news trending up on Facebook and on Twitter that today, May 21,2011 is the end of the world, specifically happening at six in the afternoon (Oh why? I  wouldn't notice it because I'm gonna be dreaming at that time). This hoax made me laugh anyway because I don't believe on those guessing thing. The Holy Bible tells us that no one knows when the rapture or the coming of the Lord will be. As it is written in the book of Matthew 24:36:
"but about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father."  
So this foolishness should be stopped. And people should know well that this isn't true, don't panic but always be ready. Make sure you are prepared anytime because, the Lord's coming is like a thief in the night (1 Thessalonians 5:2). It comes in the most unexpected time. And BTW, my neighbors are kinda aware about it, they are singing and drinking their hearts and lungs out like there's no tomorrow. Lols...

Another thing, one of my Facebook buddies posted something on my wall:

Okay, at first sight, you may think this is true and that Facebook has given us this option but don't ever be fooled. I know how you badly wanted to have this available but this is just another scam running through Facebook.  No such thing as this and if Facebook will be giving this out, there should be an official statement about it and of course, you will receive it right through your account. Remember when they announced about their new layout? They placed the news right after you log in. So, if you encounter this thing posted on your wall, ignore it! Okay? Do it anyway if you are curious on what happens after you click on the activate link. I am sure you'll be given links and links and all other instructions which will basically make you mad about it then you will close the window apparently.

I am in love. Yes, with Tumblr. Lols... But it is true, I was not so attached to it until I found out that I can actually post gifs on it. Aha! I was on Tumblr for more than half a year but just made it a past time if I don't have anything to do with Facebook or Blogger but there are things I love about it:

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How To Embed Tumblr on Blogger

If you happen to notice, I have a new widget on my right sidebar. It is actually a tumblr widget which mirrors all updates I post on tumblr. Here is how it look like in case you haven't checked on it yet:

It's quite easy and I know most of you are familiar with how to add widgets for twitter and facebook so for you, this is a piece of cake.

1st Step: Sign up.
Go to widgebox and register for a free account. The account you have created is a basic one so there will be limitations when it comes to creating widgets. If you have the luxury of money to upgrade to a pro account, then go! But today, I will show you how to create widgets using the basic account.

2nd Step: Create Widget.
Once logged in, navigate to the widget page. You will see that on the topmost part, inlined with your Dashboard, Pricing and Mobile.

You will see these options, you can actually create a twitter one too and others. But for Tumblr, you need to select the first one which is Blog/Feed.

3rd Step: Enter link.
You will need to enter the link for your Tumblr page on the field. And don't forget to switch the pro button to basic.

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Hey Yah Sleepless Head!

I haven't slept yet, I have been awake for more than 24 hours. I just had a busy day today, I worked from 12 dawn to nine in the morning. And oh! I just started working as a specialist agent, dah dah! Level up from L1 to specialist. Our subject matter experts say there is just a slim difference between L1's and Spx's and that would be the Php 1500 added salary every month for the latter. When I was asked to join the team, I was in doubt. I felt afraid to be a part of a team being looked up to because they follow through our super brain draining calls, irate customers and so much is expected if you say you are from the escalation team. But I ended up joining it because two of my wave mates were also added and that means reunion to us. A team mate was also part of the escalation but of a different team manager. So, going back I only had five calls today and I am glad I was able to receive an issue which I badly needed for me to learn from it. And I had learned the lessons I need. It took almost two hours for us to resolve the case but then, I was not after the resolution but the experience and lesson with the specific case. Well, I have missed some steps there but already reminded myself about it, hopefully I won't be missing the same things in my future call. After my first day, I must say it's difficult to switch scripts if you won't practice. That was my top learned lesson!

After work, I reached home at ten. I was planning to sleep right away but the pc was too inviting. So I facebooked, I blogged about the Food/Drink Menu I designed. Until my older brother came and asked me to run an errand for him. He was about to go back to UAE today and his flight would be a eight in the evening. He will reach Hongkong at ten and will wait for 18 hours for his flight to UAE and with that, he need to have dollars in case he need to buy something at the Hongkong airport. 

I didn't know where to buy dollars then, I asked a couple of friends but they don't know as well. Now here comes Facebook's role. I just posted on my wall about it and my English instructor replied! It was the best answer since the changer she was referring to is just in Elizabeth Mall. 

Though I didn't had sleep yet, I took a shower and hurriedly went to Emall. My brother said he need to go to the Mactan airport at four in the afternoon so I need to double my time. I went straight forward to the forex that my former English instructor told me and found this:

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My First Drink/Food Menu Design

For days James has been asking me to help him with a Drink/Food Menu design for a specific restaurant. I didn't say No or Yes either and it was not because I don't want to help him that's why i didn't say yes at first. It was only because I was not yet inspired to do the task. Actually, he was working for the restaurant's website, the manager for this restaurant is his friend and a former colleague of mine so I also want to help him out with it but it was just not my day.

Yesterday, I gathered the strength to do the Menu at last. Maybe because the manager was already asking for it and so the power of pressure plus the adrenaline rush was hunting me that time. So, what happened was I begun making the layout, since the old menu was available, I based the color combination with it. Maroon and Gold. Oh! This reminds me of my Alma Mater, CIT-University.

Anyways, I started with the layout and then viola! I was able to finish the first page, well, not really the entire first page because there are still missing information details. But what I mean is that 90% of the page is complete. The next pages for the food name and price list was easy to do, the only hard thing there was to type their titles, they were Indian terms and some may sound awkward so I need to re-read the terms. But overall, it was just a way of duplicating the layer and editing the text layers. By the way, I used Adobe Photoshop CS4 for the design.

I started making the design at one in the afternoon, I used James' HP laptop first but after two hours of using it, I got tired of waiting for the program to respond again, it was all running in circles. Clicking for action commands then the Photoshop won't respond, need to wait for like 7 minutes, respond again then clicks, Oh! It was such a pain. So I switched to my notebook, copied the .psd files and olah! I waited no more. That was a way better than his pc. I guess that was a sign that he needs to buy a new one soon, tsk tsk tsk.

At four in the afternoon, I was able to finish the whole six pages. As I've said, the rest of the price list was okay except the typing part, that was the only thing which slowed down the making process.

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Blog Promotions

I was hopping through some blogs tonight and I came upon the lady blogger's. I then found myself reading her posts until I bumped to her 21 Ways to Promote Your Blog. My blog is already a year old but I never had created it's own page in Facebook yet. It wasn't my first time reading ways of promoting blogs, I had followed some advises from my friends like adding an email subscriptions and such but not the Facebook page yet. I don't know why but maybe because majority of the people who knows me is on Facebook and I am just being shy.

But for some weird reasons, I was encouraged to create my page today and wow, I got the guts to publish it as well. Wew... We will see then what will happen. I added added my page too here in my blog. You can check it on the right hand sidebar. For now, I only have less than 10 likes, hehe.. not bad but I hope of increasing its number in a couple of days. I guess I may need to ask my friends to help me out as well. It will be appreciated if you will like it too. Common, its just a click away now.

Aside from creating my personal blog's Facebook page, I also did the same thing with my freescrapbooks site. Visit it today and you might be able to grab a clip art there or maybe a scrapbook kit. Please like it as well.

One more update is the follow me badge on my blog. You can easily see this static tag on the right side. It is colored dark pink. I added it even though I already have a follow link in my twitter updates section because of the reason that I need it to be more visible and the time I saw this cute hanging badge, I knew already that it is the exact thing I needed for my blog. Here's how I added it:

Step 1: Go this site.

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Remember Only Ghajini!

Sweet love gone mad, this is how I would describe the movie Ghajini. After watching it, I would consider it as the best movie I had watched this year and that I can declare today that Aamir Khan would be my most favorite actor. Though I still love Brad Pit, Aamir Khan has something in him unexplainable. He isn't that handsome but he acts handsomely and super effective.

Going back to the movie, it was a story of a rich businessman named Sanjay who fell in love with a commoner and a model named Kalpana who claimed as his girlfriend though they haven't met yet. She just claimed it and played along with her colleagues so she can get their respect and look up to her. Sanjay first met her when she was helping some disabled children, it was like love at first sight. Then met her at an audition where Kalpana thought he was auditioning. That was the start of their love story, Sanjay didn't tell her that he was the Sanjay she was claiming as her boyfriend, leaving it as a secret until Kalpana was killed in front of him. 

Sanjay acquired anterograde amnesia, he tries to avenge the killing with the aid of Polaroid Instant camera photographs and permanent tattoos on his body, thus making it an action-thriller one. He was able to take revenge though and killed Kalpana's murderer named Ghajini. He began with a good life then afterwards but the amnesia remained.

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A Secret Worth Sharing (BC Bloggers Meme)

A few weeks ago, one of my college schoolmates posted a thank you note on my facebook wall because she had read this post of mine about getting birth certificate in just a day. 

Read article here.

This is her message:

At that moment, I realized that I had actually helped other people through my blog. After a year of blogging, just plainly sharing my thoughts and experiences through my blog, I came  to the thought of leveling up and spread it's words, not just simply leaving it as a secret open diary over the clouds. And then just a couple of days ago, I found myself blog-hopping and commenting on blog posts which I found really fun! Today is actually my third day of blog-hopping adventure and then I found mommy joy's diary blog and read about the BC Blogger's Meme. Found it interesting so I thought of joining so as well to drive traffic to my blog, hopefully. 

Here is the question for this week: 
“What is one tool, tip, secret (or whatever it may be) that you have discovered  that has helped you in your blogging and would like to share to others?”
And here goes my answer:

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Wave 60's 2nd Year at Pino

team picture with Ms. Caca.
Wave 60 had turned 2 years last May 11 and so we came up with a lunch date with the wave mates to celebrate this special event. Though it was a late celebration, we were very happy we were able to spend time with each other and catch up with what has been happening to everyone's lives. Last year, I posted about our first year. Click here for the blogpost.

The following is the complete wave 60 list: Kevin Pulvera, Jeansen Dianne Torre, Evan Marie Penzon, Maria Cristina, Malvin Kim Daiz, Louella Jane Tamboboy, Dyreen Suficencia, Ailyn (Aya), Reggy Sultan, Daryl Gapor, Tanya Mae Pinili, Mercy Mae Dupa, Loreto Gaerlan, Houer Baduel, Kyle Magallano, John Ray, Michael Bern Angulo, Jovy De Guzman, Nikolai Marfa, EJ, Mark Tolo and yours truly.

We were originally 20 but as of now only seven of us are still in Sykes, namely Tanya, Loreto, Reggy, Evan, Kyle, Daryl and me, of course. 

So yesterday was our lunch date, Tanya and I had been the most punctual guys. Soon, Mercy, Reggy and Kim came then John too. We started eating since most of us were already starving. Some who committed to come called or sent some messages informing us that they can't come. Specially our original team lead, Michelle and Michael Bern who was admitted because of tonsillitis, get well soon Bern. Though we felt bad they were unable to come, we still managed to be joyful during the whole time we were there. We updated each other upon what had been happening with our lives. We learned that John is now a businessman, Mark Tolo in the other hand is in Accenture with a confidential position, his looks show that he is in the higher management and he did mention that he is handling people, wow. Voj is under OJT and will soon graduate, he stopped working because he needed to focus on his study. Mercy, the jolly gal of the group had stayed the same, still a funny girl and still single. She has been paired with most of the guys, John, Reggy, Voj and Marfa. Here's a photo of Mercy and Reggy:

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Aamir Khan, I am A Fan

While I am writing this post, I am also downloading a movie entitled Ghajini and guess who is the lead actor? Well, it's none other than Aamir Khan! If you don't know him yet, then that means you haven't watched 3 idiots yet and I am telling you, asked about it and download the movie now. Don't miss it because it would definitely change how you look things at. And after seeing it, I bet you will also be screaming out "Aal izz well" haha.. just as how I screamed after I watched the movie and even after watching it, I would say all is well every time I encounter problems. The movie had given a great impact to my life's perspective and to those people who had seen it as well. My colleagues and friends have been watching it as too.

Here is the movies trailer:

Here is the funny video with the song Aal izz well:

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How I Transferred My Files to My Work Station USB-less

USB disabled PC is a pain in the ass, can't copy and transfer files. Ugh! We have this kind of scenario at work and that all of my colleagues has been finding a way to be able to get files for games and software into our own stations. They were successful in finding a way for it actually. As a matter of fact, they were able to get the popular game DOTA into their drives and play as well every spare and avail time.

I admit, I was super jealous, I want to get Adobe Photoshop in my pc too so I can make clip arts and other scrap-booking stuff when there's time. So I researched and asked those guys how they did it. After two weeks of interrogation and research, I was able to figure out how to get my stuff to my station, at last!! So I was introduced about this logmein site which can let you remotely access your desktop and the software for your computer. This is just perfect for the file transfer! So let me share to you how I did transfer the portable Adobe Photoshop CS4 to my work station.

First, I created a trial version account in Be careful enough because only the GO Pro2 can do the complete remote access and it's located on the bottom left corner of the page.

After creating an account, I verified it and signed in to my trial version on the site. I downloaded and install the installer file after a couple of minutes, viola! I have my program on screen! 

Since I have already transferred the Photoshop files, I'm gonna show you how I transferred the games to my work station.

there are a lot of options aside from file transfer, but I will just show how to transfer files only. You need to click on the share button there, it's on the red box.

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Globe Pays Back

Are you a globe subscriber? Were you been affected with the connection disruption last May 9, 2011? If yes, then you must have already received Globe's advisory about the free call, text or mobile browsing services that they will be giving out to all of the affected subscribers. They can avail of the service no later than May 17, 2011. Recalling the event, Globe said there were multiple fiber cuts which had caused the problem but had actually resolved the issue within 24 hours. Read post here.
According to Globe's blog post yesterday:

Globe Telecom is giving free call, text or mobile browsing services to customers affected during the service disruption last May 9, 2011. Customers can expect to receive an SMS from Globe to avail of the service no later than May 17, 2011.

Globe Telecom has fully restored mobile and broadband services in the affected areas in the Visayas and Mindanao regions.
As it reads here it seems to me that they will be paying back the mobile subscribers only. So I was thinking how will they be paying back those globe wimax subscribers like me who were also affected with the outage? Hmmm, guess they aren't gonna consider it anymore, that saddens me though. But anyway, since the resolution was fast and my internet connection is back, I will just let it pass.

Because of what happened, I was encouraged to create my own account with Globe's website. Earlier today, I signed up and verified my account. I then logged in and enrolled my Globe Wimax account too so I can view my bills online. Here's how I enrolled my account. 

After logging in to my account, I navigated to the Account Management section located on the top right hand corner of the page, a drop down page will show up which has Bills as part of the links. I clicked on it and it brought me to a page and a button is available labeled Go to myBill. This showed up after I clicked on the button:

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Bohol's Month-long Fiesta Celebration

Bohol has been known for the famous natural wonders and to name a few, there is the Chocolate Hills in Carmen, the world's smallest primate, Tarsier, the floating restaurant in Loboc and the alluring adventure town in EAT Danao. But there is one thing that Bohol has been known for over decades, guess it was already known before I was conceived and it happens every year in May, Bohol's Month long fiesta celebration.

Every year in May, Boholanos from all over the country and the world goes home for this celebration. In fact, there has been a saying stating that every May, Bohol Island sinks a few inches because of the number or people in the island.

So how does this happen? Coincidentally, most fiestas in Bohol fall in the month of May, so that includes barrio fiestas and town ones as well. My grandma often told me before that anyone can travel the whole month without concerning about food because you can just go in a house, the house host wouldn't mind if you are just strangers, instead they will be more than happy to let you eat inside with them, strictly no invitations needed, everyone is welcome! Though I didn't really believe it at first, they say it was actually true. That was the scenario before, I doubt if the home owners can still do the same today, maybe for some.

When I think of fiesta, what would first come to mind is the food, the lechon (this couldn't be absent!) and the drinks. The discos and the balikbayans who would make sure to come home during this season.

Here is an overview of Bohol Fiestas by date, this covers the towns only. Thanks to for the list, view the site for other information.

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My Not So Cool Experience With Oceanjet

Oceanjet's balik promo for Cebu-Tagbilaran route IMHO, is an advantage for passengers like me. In fact I had posted about it here with my Oceanjet’s Balik Promo post. But I just had my not so cool experience with their service last Sunday, May 8, 2011 upon going back to Cebu. As I did mention in my former blog post, I availed the promo three days before the travel date. I scheduled my trip to Tagbilaran on Wednesday, May 4, 2011 and to Cebu today Sunday, May 8, 2011.

It was an unfortunate experience and as much as possible, I don't want to go through the same process again in the future. So here's what had happened, I bought our tickets at Cebu Pier 1 Monday, May 2 and informed the officer about the tickets I am buying. I instructed her our return date is fixed and it will be on Sunday. She repeated what I said and in addition, she also stated the date which was supposedly May 8. I was too confident about the dates that I didn't bother to review the tickets before leaving the office.

Cebu to Tagbilaran trip was perfect! I never had any problems at all. I just had the not cool experience by the time we went back to Cebu yesterday. We reached Tagbilaran city at 3:44pm, we directly went to the port at 4:00pm. James and I went for a photo walk for awhile since our trip will still be at 5:30pm. When we reached the check-in area, a long line has already been formed and we stepped at the end of it. 

We waited for almost an hour, 50 minutes to be exact to reach the check-in table. Now the biggest revelation came in, the printed date on our tickets was May 7 instead of May 8. I felt blood rushing through my spines and I was like burning that time, I was thinking, "What to do? What am I gonna do now?"

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