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Jamming at Love Jam Concert With God-loving Young People

It a breath of fresh air and joy-filling to attend an event composed of all young people, this is quite different to the Kerygma one which James and I attended last December. I just had experienced one last night at the Love Jam Concert, thanks to Kenneth Torres for inviting us. This was a free admission concert held at the Praise Cathedral Limkakeng Compound, Mango Avenue. The event started at exactly seven in the evening, James and I were kinda late for about fifteen minutes but it's better to be late than never. Lol.

Anyway when we arrived, the performers were already singing praising songs. If you haven't known yet, that was actually a Christian Concert all conducted by Young People dedicated to work for Jesus, they call themselves Campus Cruisers. We then figured out that most if not all were college students from different campuses in Cebu. At the start of the event, every school was recognized. We were a bit out of place because as for James and I, both of us were already working. But that actually was not important at all, the said event was all for the glory of God.

The concert went on, I noticed that most of their songs were unfamiliar but are really striking. There was this song which was a rap style and the lyrics was all about the definition of Love. Too bad, I was unable to take a video of it. But it was such a beautiful rap song, I will surely ask Kenzi for its title.

That was also our first time to watch Kenneth perform live. He was part of the F4 who sang on stage. I call them F4 just because they were four all boy members. Check out their video here:

Arcel was also present at the concert, she did not perform but she had a great role I believe, she did the video taking part. Documentation is a very important matter on an event, IMHO. We haven't met for almost two years, I can say that she haven't change a lot, she's still skinny, I feel like a pig when I saw her. Hehe but anyway, she was still as beautiful and charming as always.

Here are some of the videos during the concert:

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How To Change Incorrect Middle Name On Your NSO BC?

This could be late but I think this might be helpful for some of you guys who is also experiencing the same problem about their NSO birth certificate. This has been a common issue with our live birth certificate, some has wrong spellings, incorrect gender or incorrect date of birth.

I never had problems before with my birth certificate until I graduated and went to SSS, Social Security Service to get my own SSS ID number. As part of the requirements, I brought with me my filled up form, NSO authenticated BC and some identification cards as well. The teller then made a quick scan on those documents and stopped when she noticed that the middle name on my NSO BC is Butihan instead of Butihen. She then let me change it on the form and told me that I need to make some move to correct it.

Before, it was a pain in the ass when you want to change something on your 'BC' because you need to get a personal attorney, set a public hearing and spend money, above all time to update it. Thanks to Republic Act No. 9048 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations, the municipal registrar is already authorized to correct a clerical error without judicial order. 

So I immediately informed my parents about it, my mom has to do the revision herself since we need to report it on the local municipality where I was registered. When mom went to our local municipal office, she was given a list of requirements needed so to correct my middle name, requirements which will testify that Butihen is the correct one.

Here are some of the documents I passed:

> Baptismal Certificate
> NSO authenticated Birth Certificate (this is the copy with the errors)
> Parents' birth certificates
> Parents' marriage contract
> School Records
> Employment Records

Copies of all these requirements were sent via LBC to NSO Manila office by our municipal registrar officer, Ms. Gran.

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Get Your NSO Birth Certificate In Just A Day!!!

Are you from Cebu and is in need of your NSO Authenticated birth certificate? If you are, then just follow through the steps below to get one personally at the office. Before, securing this document takes a lot of time and effort but today, you will instantly get the certificate in at least three hours if there are no problems with the document. Or if you don't have the time to go to the office, you can apply online just visit

If you want to get your Birth certificate personally, then follow these steps:

First step, before you go to the office, make sure you have your  identification cards with you.

NSO Office in MJ Cuenco Avenue

If you are not the owner of the certificate, you will need to bring a copy of the owner's valid ID and an authorization letter signed by the owner of the certificate.

Second, you need to secure a form in the front desk and fill it up. A long table outside the office is available for you to write on, but most of the time, the table is full so to be prepared, just bring a folder or something sturdy, which you can write on comfortably.

table has been filled up already, no space for more writers!

Third, after filling up the form, get a priority number and wait for your turn to pay at the counter. There are benches/seats inside

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Make Your Own Fonts From Your Handwriting For FREE!!!

I had always been wanting to create my own font but never had the time though to find a way to start it. Every time I search for fonts on the internet and download those cute free ones, I would always think of getting my own handwriting into a font.

Fortunately, I made up my mind and searched for the ways how to. I got discourage since almost all of the ways to do it needs a font maker software which will cost you a couple of dollars. I don't want to pay for anything so I searched for the free ones. I bumped into Chris Pirillo's site and he has a how to create your own font for free entry. so on this one, you can have your own font for a few minutes without manually creating them on those software which the other resources have been mentioning like the font creator and etc.

There are steps on the making so I decided to make mine while documenting it as well here on my blog! Let's go sailin' now...

1. We will need to print the template given on the website. Download it here. This is a pdf file and size A4, recommended for all other countries, US and Canada can download the letter size but it is optional. Here is the link.

I downloaded and printed mine:

2. Complete the template, so this means

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It's a Sweet Cuddly Valentines Day

Today isn't just an ordinary day to me because it's only on these days that I can see different variety of hearts and other things about love all over Cebu City! I believe not just on Cebu but all over the country, maybe on some other countries too but certainly, everyone, may it be the one in love or the one on the firing squad is celebrating the Rabbit's heart day!

What's so nice about the Valentines Day anyway? Well for the gals like me, we expect our partners, boyfriends, lovers, husbands and etc to be giving us flowers, teddy bears, chocolates... name them all. Even a single love letter would actually do lighten our faces and would give warm to our hearts. For the guys out there, I know you want your girl to be truly happy on this special holiday.

So what did I get for the Hearts' Season? Hmmm... I was expecting flowers actually. Today is our third Valentines Day together and to recall, during the first year, he gave me a bouquet of white roses: 

Last year, he gave me a silver flower ring:

And this time, he gave me a brown cuddly teddy bear!

at the booth were James purchased the bear!

my two cuddly love bears

Thank you Igat!!! Mwaah Mwaah Hugs Hugs.. 

I wonder what will be for 2012? I can't wait 'til that comes! 

Happy Valentines Day everyone! What did your special someone did for you today?

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Aiesha Celebrates her First Birthday with Jollibee!!!

My only little niece, baby Aiesha turned one last Thursday, February 10, 2011 but the celebration took place last Saturday, February 12, 2011. We still had a simple celebration on her day but on Saturday was the grand one because she had a special guest that day. I made her a special cake as well which can be downloaded on my scrapbook site.

Everyone in the family were really excited that all of us woke up early to start the decoration and preparation, we were thinking that Baby Aiesha might be afraid of her guest later but still hopeful that she would enjoy the celebration. As you have known with my older post, Preparations for Baby Aiesha's First Birthday, I was assigned for her invitation cards and her tarpaulin. Everyone says it's really nice and pinky. Well, all the best for my niece!

Here are some of the preparation photos: 

I messed up her cake's Happy print, my bad! I am so so sorry baby!

I was teaching her how to show one finger when she will be asked about her age.

With her mommy!

So the party started at three in the afternoon and almost everyone were present, the invited kids and their parents were there and our relatives were present too. Some not invited kids were at the gate, waiting for someone to open the doors for them.

I did mention that there was a special guest in the party. He was someone with big dark eyes, chubby tummies, yellow shoes, eight fingers , you are wrong if you're thinking it was Kokey, he has two cute white wings too. I bet you already know who I am referring to, yes! It was Jollibee with some burger yums. He appeared later on the event though. Baby Aiesha was scared of him at first but later on kissed him on his cheek and I guess that was a sign that they are already friends. We were relieved by then.
She was scared at first...
But Jollibee entertained her...

Jollibee then got a kiss from her confirming their friendship!

We never thought we already had a Jollibee in the family!

The Jolly Beltran family with Jollibee... <3

Baby with Tita Jean and Ninong James!
Baby Aiesha and the young ones seemed to enjoy the kids party with Jollibee that afternoon, actually, not just them but the once young too! Including us, everyone was like a kid when Jollibee came in dancing.
Check out how Jollibee entertained all of us in this video:

After the afternoon party, came the thanksgiving part. It has been our clan's culture that when someone celebrates another year, a pastor with all the brethren will bless the celebrant. So after the small bible talk with Pastor Rosete, everyone stretched out their hands and the blessing started. We were thankful for my 23rd birthday, Baby Aiesha's first birthday and James' 23rd birthday too on this coming 18th. And then the much awaited part came in, dinner was served! 

Main dish was placed on the center, Lechon Baboy which was skinless and headless after a few minutes. Poor piggy! There were a lot of deserts too. We had cotchinta, macaroni salad, gulaman and Renefx mixed with pineapple chunks. Everyone burped all acids out! Lols...

Baby Aiesha also had opened her gifts that night. Here are some of her photos:

Thank you to everyone who had attended the celebration and to those who had given some gifts as well. Above all, thank you to the Father above who had given the most precious gift of life.

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Do You Believe in Superstitious or Folk Beliefs?

Superstitious or folk beliefs are common here in the Philippines, in fact, most of the people are living it in their everyday lives. It seemed that every aspect of our lives are based on the beliefs that were passed by our elders and even in this modern world, they still do exist and are influencing out daily lives.

Some of them had been deleted off the record maybe because it has been proven that those aren't really true or that there are no living medical explanations or scientific evidences about those stuffs. As we all know, in this generation, we base things on facts and when we say facts, this needs proven and tested evidences.

Too bad there are still a lot of them that are alive and without us knowing, we are still practicing them.

When I came to the National Book Store in Mango yesterday afternoon, I came upon this book which was entitled "Don't Take a Bath on a Friday". I was intrigued by the book since it somehow relates to the post I published a couple of days ago. It was actually a collection of our most common superstitious and folk beliefs as Filipinos by Neni Sta. Romana-Cruz (I came to wonder how this guy over here is related to our college dean before).

Anyways, I'll enumerate some which I can remember and are pretty famous in our province. In case you can relate to these things written below, alas! you are a true blooded Filipino!

> Sweeping at night will sweep all the good fortunes away.

My grandma first told me about this when I was in grade school and I tried to sweep our floor one night, I was skeptical then and asked her how they are related but eventually followed so not to upset her.

> A pregnant woman who eats twin bananas will bear twins as well.

They said this will never happen if the pregnant woman will split the banana behind her. I can't believe in this one, the theory with how twins happen was explained during our biology class. *Smirk*

> A pregnant woman should step over her husband so he will bear the struggles during pregnancy.

Lol...I can't help but laugh but some of our neighbors back in Bohol had experience this, I can't imagine how. *confused*

> A woman should step on the foot of her husband on their wedding day so he will not mistreat her.

Aha! This really happens, try to observe church weddings on the provinces.

> Do not partake the food eaten by a pregnant woman. If you do, you will either become sleepy, drowsy or sick.

No comment!

> Sleeping with a wet hair will result to blindness.

My grandma always spanks me when I sleep with a wet hair before. I just ignored her because I love sleeping with a wet hair, it's refreshing and I can sleep faster.

> Brides shouldn’t try on their wedding dress before the wedding day or the wedding will not push through.

I remember my cousin telling me about this and she tried to put her wedding dress on to justify the belief, the wedding was a success though! :)

> A lingering black butterfly is a sign that one of your relatives just died.

always happens but I can't really remember if someone from my clan died. We didn't receive any news.

> A person with a mole on his foot is a born adventurer.

Haha...James has a mole on his foot and he is not an adventurer. Hmmmpf!

> A person with big ears will have a long life.

My neighbors tell us my grandpa has big ears and that he will have a long life. He did live quiet awhile but not more than 100 years.

> If a got a fish bone on your throat, stroke a cat's paw on your throat to loosen the bone.
LMAO, James and my relatives would tell me to do this but I never had tried it even once.

> If a "dwende" lives in the house and the human owners are treating him well, he gives them wealth or makes their lives easy.

I almost believe on this because a former classmate of mine during my elementary days had lots of money before. But turned out, she has been stealing money from her aunt's purse. What a headache!
> Putting a coin under the shoe when joining competitions to remove stage fright and nervousness.

I had tried this way back when we had our dance contest in high school. I guess it helped but when I think of it, I guess it was just some kinda psychological thing.

> Wearing something red or polka-dots during New Year's Day.

This is something I am conscious of since I was small. I can see my grandparents wearing those polka dots and has a lot of coins on their pockets during New Year's Eve throughout the day because they thought this brings good luck.

> When taking a picture of three persons, the one in the middle will die.

If this is a contest of all beliefs, then this line would be the winner. No more further explanations.

There are actually hundreds if not thousands of them which are still alive and are practiced today. This beliefs had become our culture and are taught to the young ones the same way as how we were informed before.

On the contrary, I was not super exposed to those beliefs when I was young since my mom is a Christian and she don't believe on those things. I then learned about these special tales and talks when I started going to school and met other children. I would laugh at their stories and later refer it to my mom who will laugh louder than I did. She has her own stand but still respects them, it's still a democratic country after all.

How about you? Do you think these are all true?

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Is Taking a Bath Without Sleep Bad?

My grandparents and so as James have been telling me since then not to take a bath when I don't have any sleep because that causes eye problems but I am a hard headed woman and instead of following them, I would go straight to the bathroom and take a shower.  I would sometimes feel guilty doing it when they are all concerned about my health. I never had time to search for its effect on the internet until today so I want to share my research to you guys, guess someone else might have been curious about it as well.
from wiki.answers: No, its not bad. Just don't use cold or hot as your temperature for the water. Make sure you shower with warm water.

from yahoo answers, this is actually chosen by the voters as the best answer:
Taking a bath is a way of letting your muscles and nerves relax, its really the best therapy for a tired and drugged out body, make sure you dont stay in to long tho, especially, since you say youve done without sleep for awhile. It can relax you enough to put you to sleep right away, Just try it and see!

this is kinda funny answer, still from yahoo answers:
No, so long as you don't fall asleep and drown in the tub.

I did try to search for answers about it on some medical sites but for some reasons, there are no results for that search phrase. So I am assuming that there's no evidence that would actually prove that it is bad to take a bath when you don't have enough sleep.

Alright then to my granma, grandpa and James, I know you are just concern about me guys and my health too, thanks and I love you but it's okay honey... It's safe, you can try it too! Hehe...

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Valentine Month Quote

Since this month is the Love month, I will still be sharing a love quote for yah all which I got from a Facebook friend's status, Cathy.
"Love means to commit oneself without guarantee, to give oneself completely in the hope that our love will produce love in the loved person. Love is an act of faith, and whoever is
of little faith is also of little love." 

-(cathy fb status 11-27-2010)

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Required Line for PPP

The enough misery stamps before a star bankrupt.

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Baby Shaika Roa Lucero's Christening Day

She was named Shaika Roa Lucero, given by her father who said her name is a name of a beautiful woman in Saudi Arabia where her daddy is currently working. Last Sunday, January 30, 2011 was her Christening day at Oslob's Local Catholic Church. I was asked to witness her big day and become one of the God mothers, I agreed right away, our elders say it is a blessing when you are requested to be a God mother.

Here are some of the photos taken during the event:

During the christening ceremony, conducted by Oslob's Parish Priest

with Shaika's mom and the ninangs, the ninongs were not able to join the pictorial

with Baby Shaika, Shanyl (Shaika's big sister) and her cousin.

"A new baby is like the beginning of all things-wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities." - Eda J. Le Shan quotes

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23rd Birthday Thank You

Turned twenty-three last January 31, 2011. And just like our Philippine local artists, I would also like to thank the people, whom had been there for me since the start, the few true friends I earned from childhood and the new circle of companies I gained. I want to state every person who has touched my life through out the twenty-two years of my existence and mention those who had greeted me on that special day.

First, thank you to my ever-supportive parents, Architect Narciso Beltran and Mrs. Rebecca Butihen Beltran for taking care and doing a great job in raising me up. I am not a perfect daughter but your love and support is enough to make me who I am today. I love you ma and pa. To my three brothers Steven, Jonas and Jay-R, "salamat"! Manoy, you are a great brother, selfless as you are and ever humble. Kuya, we had petty arguments when we were young but those made our bonds strong. Along, you will always be my little bro, though you had grown up to be bigger than me, on my heart, you are still the same buddy whom I shared showers with and the reason why I had to make two projects, assignments and home works way back in grade school and high school as well. I regret that I let you play around instead of learn to do those stuff but that I was able to do because I love you Lil bro.

I have a lot of friends in high school and I am super thankful I still have them today. A lot of things had happened with each of our lives but the friendship still remained. I am thankful for Facebook, which had been a medium for us to communicate again. Old laughs and corny jokes have been restored which made time rewind itself back to the beautiful grounds of Guinacot High School, it is the sole witness of our "kiat" moments, where first love has blossomed and friendships had grown. To my highschool friends, Khamis, Flor, Irene, Inday Reina, Rhea, VirgE, Riza, Maimai, Mirasol, Nadine, Corazon, Garet, Aidamae, Raniel, Jenny, Amor, alot more and to my best ever loyal gay friend Virgin, sorry for the word but that is the way I call her, I mean him. He want to be called Verge now but I still opt to call him that way, I love you Virgin! Though at times I am rude and may tend to hurt your feelings, you had remained the same; you had supported me in many ways and had been my secret database. You are the best! Hugs and kisses!!!

I also had gained good friends in college, those peers that I share notes with and even exchange exam answers. People I used to team up with during class projects and gals who are very nice to a “probinsiyana” like me. I owe you a lot guys. Special mention to my first friend in Cebu, Michelle Talaboc, I miss you friend, I’ve always wanted to see you, and I would never ever forget how you make me laugh at your best jokes and made me feel good at your company. You never fail to make me laugh. I am so happy to hear from you on my birthday, I miss you a lot and I apologize for not attending your baby's christening, I promise to make up to you in the future. To my college mates and to my WETPAINT family! I love you guys, Tonio dear; your jokes are one of the best as well. I hope that Mr. Right will knock your heart's door soon. To Jufni, you might not know but I really look up to you ever since. Your humbleness and your brilliance are just amazing. Yadz, I miss you! You are thin yet your patience is thick enough. Hehe anyways, you are one of the people who had entrusted me with your secrets and I thank you for the trust. To Mama bear and Papa bear, we had graduated and all that but I will never stop from calling you those because when I do that, I feel the respect that I have in you. You are like a mom and dad to me, wew... truly, promise I can't imagine myself calling you by your names. To Eugene, congrats for having a baby girl. Be honest to your beautiful wife, love your family and take care of your baby! You are blessed you have them as a family now! To the others who had made my college life memorable, Macmac (I really envy your room!), Beautiful Christine, Kenzi, Mark Anthony (you didn't know but you were my once my crush, haha), Rhae, Meryll (I love your height gurl!) and the rest, love you all guys!

When I graduated and landed on the world of call centers, I didn't just get a stable job but I also earned friends who are lovely and funny in a way, who  had been my first reason why I haven't left this job yet. First to Tanya, thanks for the greeting tan! I would always enjoy our chitchat via gmail every time we would have the chance to. Thanks to Daryl, the generous guy, to Reggy, the curious man, Titah Gwapa, Kyle, the vegetarian, Van, business woman, Ate Dyreen, one of the few people whose looks won't tell her/his age. Thanks for remembering my birthday!

I am fortunate enough as well to meet this new set of friends whose mindsets are focused to building our future. To Jeff, thanks a lot for the FB and SMS greeting, thanks for supporting James in his endeavor of building his self-confidence. Thanks to Kath, Domz, Mark and Pau! Thank you guys for greeting me on my day! Sorry walay beer...hehe

I am almost done here! Second to the last is my thank you to the man who has love me and is still loving me today and hopefully would never stop loving me, James Figues. Thanks igat for the cake, I know you aren't sweet, (he admits that) but you made my day memorable. Thanks for loving me and I would always tell you that your patience has been extravagant. You aren't ashamed to cry in front of me if you are badly hurt especially at times when I am rude and I we have fight. You are not afraid to show me what you really feel. I am happy that I am part of your future plans and I want you to know that I love you more than you've ever known.

Above all, I thank the One above my Savior and my Jehovah Jireh. The One who is enough for me. Who knows my very need and who heals me from all the hurts and wounds. Thank you Lord God for giving me these lovely souls to touch my heart and thank you for the eternal life, for counting me to be a part of your chosen generation. You alone are worthy to be praised forever and ever. Thank you for all the blessings and for answering my prayers. I love you my God, my friend, my Savior and my Father! 

ArigatoMerciVielenDankGrazieGratiasObrigadoGrĂ sceSas-efharistoTodaDios-ti-agnginaKomapsumnidasheh-shehSalamatMatsalamsLamatsThanksThank-You

Words aren't enough but thank you!


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