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Taho causes Hepatitis?

This morning after work, I bought Php 5 worth of taho in front of the building and my colleague told me that the thing that I was eating can cause Hepatitis; I was stopped at once and doubted to finish the half full glass but I just finished it anyway but I kept in mind that I will do a research regarding that.

When I reached home, I started to do the thing. I went to google and typed in soya + hepatitis, it came up with 3,420,000 results in less than 0.27 second, quite fast wasn’t it? I started opening the first five links.

First link was from the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health or see article here. They had performed a case-control study about the consumption of miso soup and other soya foods to those who were pathologists-confirmed cases of HCC (hepatocellular carcinom) or in our terms, Hepatitis. For two years, they had seen the difference between those who consume miso soup and other soya foods to those who do not. They concluded that the consumption of soya foods may reduce HCC risk actually.

Another citation is on the Hepatitis Neighborhood website with the header line of the post as “Eating Soy May Ease Liver Cancer Risk, Claim Scientists.” In this post, I had then concluded to myself that what my colleague told me was all a myth. No soya or the taho food that I ate can’t cause Hepa or any sort of liver disorder but rather can actually avoid one to having such dreaded sickness. They actually had stated that adding soy to our diet may be the key to keeping liver cancer at a distance. Read article here.

There are more references to prove that taho can’t cause hepatitis, I don’t have the luxury of time to read through all of them but one thing for sure, I will definitely eat taho as much as I can starting tomorrow and I will also share this to my family, friends and loved-ones.

We should be conscious of what we are eating so we may be alarmed to the advantages and disadvantages of those kinds of foods.

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FREE Digital Scrapbook Templates

Howdy guys!

I love to tell you that I had just decided to share to you my digital scrapbook creations for free. So starting today and moving forward, from time to time, I will be posting my templates. Mostly of them are already used on some of my scrapbooks here but I will be giving you also templates which I haven't used yet.

So enjoy and grab all that you want because every beautiful thing in life is FREE!!!

Guys, just a reminder, I am using Adobe Photoshop in making all of these so make sure you know how to navigate through the software. 

For you to download the .psd templates, you need to navigate to the Digital Scrapbook tab.

Today's free template: Strings of Love photo frame

Direct download here.

Wall Art - Canvas Art - Art Consultants At
Art4love features 100% canvas artwork from chad love and 30 m. O. M. A. Rated artists across the globe. All paintings are very competitively priced to make it them accessible to everyone. Art4love sells 100%, canvas artwork.

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Happy Fathers' Day

Today has been declared as the day of our fathers, a day for the man who we call papa, daddy, dada or tatay, for most, the provider of our needs and sometimes wants, someone whom we have grown to see each day, who works for the family mostly and someone whom our moms deeply love and cherish. 

It has been a saying that the greatest way for a man to show his love to his children is to love their mother. True isn't it? For my case, I have witnessed with my very eyes how much my papa loves mama, I feel it and sense it. Though at some times they fight but they always make up. Everyday, papa would kiss mama goodbye to work, it may was awkward to me when I was small but when I was growing, I have realized that it is a sign of love, because every love is sealed with a kiss. Mama sometimes would tend to nag at him but he understands her, when he has passed her limits, he would just go without saying a word. He would never shout at mama or to us and I really am proud he is my papa.

Architect Narciso Olaer Beltran Sr or we call him Papa Arcie is not just a good husband but a great and supportive father as well. He never disappoints me, maybe once when I was in secondary but I was too young to understand the situation. But my papa never stopped supporting us, me and my three brothers have felt how much he loves and care for us.

I'm the only daughter and I felt like I am his favorite. There was no request ungranted, no "No" answer, it is always a "YES" and eventhough my mama would get mad at him because he always agrees and nods to my requests, he would just smile and look at me with love, then she would stop. She knew that it is love which would push papa to say yes rather than saying no. When it comes to the guys whom I had relationships with, papa would give his insights and his thoughts about the man. There was one whom he never really liked so I broke up with that guy. Because I believe no father would let her daughter be on the hands of a bad guy so if he says this man is good, then he means it.

When I was in college, papa had trusted me all the way up til the day when I finally marched the day of graduation. Supported me financially and reminded me always to be good and do good together with mama. I would never reach this stage of my life without their love and support.

Though my brothers may fail him, he would always give chances. Though we at some points have broke his heart, but he never loses hope. He would still taps our shoulder and say go on, don't give up. Though there are situations which are frustrating, he as a father would encourage us and remind us that God is in control. He never got tired of working and looking for a living. 

I admire his calmness, his patience, his brilliance, his talent, his job, his being himself. He is the best father and I would always tell him I love him and today, I would again say I love you pa. I thank God for blessing us with a father like you. Thank you for everything. Happy fathers' day Pa!!!

Now, we have our little angel at home and papa loves her so much, his granddaughter, Aiesha Zaila Beltran, his stress reliever and his great joy. Love you baby!!!

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My.SSS - online access

After one year, one month and eight days of being employed, I have come across on checking on those deductions that I has been seeing on my payslip. Striking me is SSS which stands for Social Security System. Looking at the amount, I could still remember how I was able to get my SS number. It was quite a hassle but the experience was worth it, sometimes we need to be stressed out to learn how to do this. I just had an existing issue with my account since the lady at the counter have found out that there was a problem with my middle name. On my NSO birth ceritificate, instead of Butihen, it was Butihan. The lady advised me to use the one that the certificate reflects. Up until now, I don't know what to do with it. Maybe I'll work with this problem later on. As for now, I need to create my online SSS account so I can track my contributions.
I talked to Janet, my colleague and she told me how to do it and what website to log in to. She also had given me my employer's SS number so I was good to go. I was excited though so I registered on my station, I wasn't able to wait for 6:00am and use my own computer. Since was accessible, then I went on and created it. Click here for the direct link.
So I filled all information needed. SS Number, complere name, birthday, mother's maiden name, address, contact number, email address and preferred username and in my case since I have an employer, I needed to also enter it's SS number. But say you are self-employed or voluntary or non-working spouse or maybe an overseas contract worker, then you need to provide any SBR NO. found on the RSS Receipt Form of SSS paid at least six months prior to the current data. You just need to enter the captcha code, accept terns and conditions and you are good to go. An email will be sent to you providing you with the password.
After all has been done, just log in to check your contributions. Click here for the log in page.
As for my case, I have received the confirmation email after half an hour. The password was given on the email and as soon as you sign in, you will be prompted to change the system generated password to your preferred one.
Once logged in, I clicked on the online inquiry then click the first menu and navigate to actual premiums so I can view my monthly contributions. And here is it:


As you can see at the top right, my maiden name is incorrect, hope I can have this one changed soon.

*Thanks to Janet Filosopo for helping me out.

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You can't beat LAKERS

Just done watching the NBA 2010 Finals between Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers through online streaming at direct link here. Started with Christina Aguilera singing America's National Anthem and Lakers getting the first point. Turned out, Boston got a six point lead at the end of the first quarter.

The first fives were Fisher, Artest, Gasol, Bynum and of course Bryant for Lakers while for Boston, Garnett, Rondo, Allen and Pierce.

On the second quarter, the defenders were able to get through the six point lead and was able to manage a two point lead for the early part. But it seemed like it was too early for Celtics to give up the lead, they managed to get back the lead point. Gasol was very good on the rebound and I love how Fisher gave those three point shots. 

At the end of the second quarter, the Celtics again got a six point lead, (and again?) They have been consistent with the leads huh? But on third quarter, Celtics did it again with a four point lead, however at the final quarter, Lakers can't be beaten anymore. Thanks to the three points of Fisher and Artest. Gasol has been very good in his rebounds and free throws. The game ended with an 83-79 score game in favor with Lakers. 

To summarize, Boston won games 1, 4 and 5 but Lakers tasted victory four times at games 2, 3, 6 and 7. Congratulations to Bryant for gaining his second time most valuable player award. 

For the record, Lakers has 16 championship, one more win and they will get on tie with Celtics which has 17 championships throughout NBA history. 

Know what, I had fallen in love with Fisher and Gasol with this 7th game.
Thanks a lot to for giving me the access to watch the 7th game of the finals!

A reminder: Keep Rebounding!!! 

Sweet smell of redemption! Los Angeles Laker's victory is sweeter n better the second time around!!!

*Pictures from

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Turning Back to My First Love - Scrapbooking

It is almost 2:00 in the afternoon but I can't sleep still. I don't know why after having a short chitchat with my older brother, I don’t feel like sleeping anymore and so to make use of the time, I have decided to post something here on my blog. Yehey!!! It’s been awhile since the last time that I have published my last post here. I was kinda busy for the past few days. I was busy with work and we went to the province with the corresponding weekends so there was never a chance.

Anyways, I am quite excited about my post today, why? Because it is about my first love, yes! Hehe, my first love was scrapbooking actually. Way back in secondary years, I love to create small scrapbooks which contained pictures of people I love. Some of those were already missing, I can’t seem to find them anymore but good thing I still have my college scrapbooks with me.

There are a lot of reasons why I just can’t help making scrapbooks. First, it is like a stress-reliever for me, once I start to cut those colored papers, I forget all problems and I am refreshed every time I do it. Second, it is a time-passer, meaning, I feel like forgetting the time. I would be pretty much focused on it that I would tend to forget it is already midnight (I usually do scrapbooking at night.) Third, it is a remembrance for me; the most important thing about scrapbooking is that it keeps memories, which are the only things that never change. I love to scan through those scrapbooks when I feel alone, when I have problems, it is like a reliever, and it brings me back to those happy times.

Since I am now working, I don’t usually do manual scrapbooking anymore. What I am enjoying now is the digital scrapbook. The idea is the same; the only thing that has changed is the materials. Before, I used colored papers, scissors, glues and etc., now I only have the computer and Adobe Photoshop and I am good to go, and don’t forget the internet, where every resources come from.

The good thing about having an internet connection is because you got all you need. In my case, I don’t create those flowers or those designs from scratch; I usually searches for nice designs and put them all together, pretty resourceful eh? It is much easier and the result is good. Let me show you some of my creations...

You can visit my facebook profile for other pictures or visit my Picasa album here

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