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Happy New Year

It's almost 2011 and every one has been listing their new year's resolution which along the way, will also break them. But I know some are serious about their own listing and yet many of us, yes including me can't follow through because of some reasons. I could even remember before way back in high school, I would tell myself that this time I will be serious about changing this and that but at the end of the year, it's the same old lists of new year's resolutions. Sigh! I don't know why most of us can't make them into a reality, good job to those who made true to their words and still good luck to those who can't make it still. I am still hopeful though that this year would be a good year to us and a year of discipline for our resolutions.

Let's make a check up at the end of the year and see if we will be able to make or break them.

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Mama Vicky's Home-made Peanut Butter

Oh yes! My mom's back in business! The last time she had made peanut butter for sale was way back when we were in High School which is why all of us were happy to know that she has started making Peanut Butter again and take note, her PB is pretty much yummier that those who can buy in the market plus, it is super affordable.

Actually, Mama Vicky started it a couple of weeks already and when I had my vacation leave for four days, I was able to assist her on making the 10 kilo peanuts to butter. During the cooking session, she told me that I should know how to make it so that she has someone to pass the recipe to. But the recipe is quite simple, the only difficult one was the separating part of the peeled peanuts from the skin or they call it as "magtahop". I had undergone the training with my grandma way back in my elementary years but I never learned.

Anyways, today, I will share to you guys how my mom made her yummy and our favorite Home Made Peanut Butter. First, Mama Vicky cooked the peanuts in a pan until they turn dark brown. We then started peeling the skin when it's already cool. Mama Vicky then separated the skin and the peanuts using a "Nigo".

The peanuts were mixed with white sugar and then were put into the grinding machine.
This is how it looks like when mixed with the sugar.
After that, the butter was also mixed with the grinded peanut. It almost look like peanut butter but this needs another round of grinding until my mom will be satisfied with the looks.

After cooling, they will be placed in the containers, there were small, medium and large sizes each costs, Php 50, 135 and 150. 

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Hello Globe Wimax

I have internet connection now with Globe Wimax. Starting today, I am a certified Globe Wimax user and I will be observing it for a month now since they have their money back guarantee agreement on their contract form. Actually, I never paid anything with the installation compared to Smartbro's where I was asked to pay Php150 for the wires. From the start of the online application to the installation, it was all for free.

I can also say that the customer service was good, I applied online a couple of weeks ago and after 24 hours, I received a text message from Tina about the application and was told that an application form will be sent to me within 24 hours. So to say, the next day, I received a call from Air 21 about the application form from Globe. The same day, I received the application form and completed the requirements. It took me about three days to send the form because I thought I will handle all the expenses in sending the form back, we even went to a Globe Center to check their plans but then Tina called and asked me if I am ready with the form and the requirements so that Air21 can pick it up the next day out of charge, super happy to hear about the free service, I then agreed to continue and have the form picked up the next day, that was December 23, 2010.

It was almost Christmas back then and I need to go home to Bohol so when a Globe agent called me, instead of the 26th, I asked them to have it installed in the 30th. I still received two phone calls from the installers on the 26th, they said they want to conduct a signal test on the area, I declined since I was in Bohol that time.

So when the 30th came, that's today, I received their call at 11:30 in the morning about the installation and I confirmed. We communicated and at two o'clock in the afternoon, we met at McDonalds and eventually started installing the external antenna. Jhong was the one who configures while the other kuya was the installer of the antenna. It was just a 30 minute process and the taaaraa! The internet was up and running. Jhong tested the connection just to make sure it was stable. After the testing and all, everything was in stable mode. James and I served them some "merienda" with a soft drink and bread spread with my Mama Vicky's Home-made Peanut Butter.

I signed a confirmation form and then bid goodbye to the two of them. Now, I am enjoying the good connection, let's see them if there will be problems with my one month money-back guarantee time!

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Thanksgiving, Anniversary and Christmas Party all in one!

This was my last Christmas Party for this year, I have joined four Christmas Parties this year including My Team's, Sykes', PlanetBiz' and GCBC's just yesterday, Decenmber 26, 2010. This event is quite special for me because I had grown up with this kind of even every year and this year, it is our church's 20th anniversary. Since I was a child, I would always attend this, I just missed one time last year because of my work. But I am happy this year because I was able to take a vacation leave and attended the said event.

Things had change since the last time that I had attended it, first is the time, ever since before the event would usually start at either 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon but yesterday, it started early at 10:00 in the morning. A Sunday service started the event

After the service, lunch was served and was prayed over by Nong Nestor.

Games were played between children and the youth (Young ones).

The Children's games made the audiences applaud, laugh and shout. Parents were all excited about their children on the spot playing. Winners and the losers still received prizes!

They played two games, first was the most common Trip to Jerusalem and the other one was a bit challenging, Verse Arrangement.

We also had our exchanging gifts and the most exciting part was the raffle draw. Exciting prizes awaited for the last three, no not just three but six! I can still remember before, the raffle draw only gives three prizes but now, there were already six persons who can get their prizes if their names will be picked last.

Luckily, these are the people who were lucky enough to be picked last!

From left to right: Nang Tata for the first prize, Manong Allan, second prize, a guest from Ubay, third prize, Nong Pedot, fourth, Nong Greg, Fifth and Melcris sixth prize!

The said event ended at almost 6 in the afternoon or shall I say night? Every one also had brought with them their "Bring Home", lols...

I could say that the event was a success! Blessed and full of God's Grace and Mercy. His faithfulness endures forever and ever. Until next year!

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My Second Christmas Eve at the Office

12:00 midnight, a few fireworks lit up the sky, most people have already lighten up their firecrackers and are preparing their "noche buena" with their respective families, girls blowing the paper horns bought by their fathers while boys were enjoying the cracks of the street firecrackers. Mothers were busy in the kitchen with the ham and some desserts while fathers attending to their children. Lolo and lolas are sitting while looking at the window, smiling while trying to remember their old days when they also had been this young. There were bands roaming around making noise and singing carols in exchange of candies but they expect to receive pennies. Some grown ups are also singing carols but they are quite different with the young ones, they have a introduction addressing to the home's owner. They give envelopes and the home owner puts bills on the envelope. Different systems but has the same goal.

I am sitting on a soft comfy chair, listening to the firecrackers, looking at a bright monitor, updating my Facebook status to: "work mode, Merry Christmas to all I love out there"

Damn! I have work on Christmas Eve, this is my second Christmas eve here in the office, I miss going out during Christmas eve and play with my siblings. Organize games with the neighborhood children and give gifts to my Godchildren. I miss those times wishing I could do that again in the future.

Anyway, I can still make up for Christmas day since my two day vacation leave had been approved! Thanks to OMD, Lovelyn!

I am quite excited for this work shift to end since I will be going home to my family and spend the rest of the day at home. The best thing here is that I will be out of work for six days! wohoo... longest vacation ever! Though I can't spend the new year with my family, it's okay since I had spent almost a week with them and I can sleep til dawn there on my own bed.

Can't wait!!!
|†|……………… …*•♥•*
|†|………………..*♥♀ ♂♥*
|†|…………*♥♫♥▬♫♥ ♥♫▬♥♫*
|†|….*♥♥☺♣♥♫♥♫♥☺♥♫ ♥♣☺♥♥*
Weeh! I got my Christmas tree up here! Merry Christmas Every one!!!

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Worst Printing Service Ever!!!

super pissed with this printing company located in emall, i was promised to get my tarpauline at 4:00 o'clock this afternoon. i was actually late just to make sure that the tarp is already ready for pick up and so I don't have to wait anymore.

I arrived at the Guardosoft office at 5:00pm. the guy who attended the office accepted my receipt and told me that the in charge is not yet around. he then told me to wait for awhile so then i went outside and waited. at 5:45pm, James and I went back to the office, I was hoping that the tarp is already there but sadly, the lady in-charged was the only one present, my tarp...I don't know. so I asked the lady but she said my tarp is at their main office, they were waiting for it to be delivered. again I waited for a couple of minutes more and went back inside but said its not yet ready. she made a phone call and told us to follow her to their main office. alright, we patiently followed her down then we just found ourselves at the sanciangko street in front of cebu coliseum. i found out that they are affiliated or i don't know the exact term...with highland graphics printing who prints tarp at Php 18 per square foot. it's Php 2 cheaper than at the Guardosoft. they let me wait outside the small and dirty office for more than 20 minutes. i went inside and asked them if the tarp was ready but they just smiled and said they ran out of magenta ink. i never smiled in return and then they said they'll gonna change the color so they can print it right away. i looked at my phone and it was hell 7:00pm, i haven't slept yet and I still have work at 12 midnight, who would smile thinking that the tarp needed in few hours was not yet being printed?

they should be thankful that i am patient and i don't like to nag at somebody so i seated down at a chair even if they didn't tell me to do so. i chatted with another irate customer who ordered her tarp two days ago. she has a baby waiting at their house and she was already nagging about the service. She was more pissed than i do.

and so the most awaited part has come..they were now printing my tarpauline but then before i could breathe and thank God that its my turn, I saw that the color seemed to be greenish, the Ironman thing has been transformed into the Hulk. I then stopped the operator and told him I can't accept that color, they then said that it is because they ran out of magenta. I started complaining and told them it wasn't my problem if they ran out of magenta, it was their responsibility to print it out the way it should be and it should be exactly the same as what we have seen on the picture lay out.

They tried giving me their options like they will just print it our tomorrow or give me back my money and go to another printing company which will double my effort and time. Due to my frustration, I went outside and breathe for some air. I went back and told them I will just wait tomorrow just make sure that the tarp is already ready when I get there and make sure I will no longer wait for any second.

I asked for their phone number so I can call them tomorrow after work. I never said thank you, the lady didn't even apologize for the time wasted while I was waiting there outside, they didn't bother to lend a seat or ask if it was okay for me to wait. They didn't give any compensation to the frustration that they had given me. I will never ever go to that establishment anymore and for sure I will tell everyone that I know about their very bad service so that they will learn their lesson. Hopefully they will!


I was able to print the tarp at last but not with Guardosoft or the other one. I accidentally found this very accommodating printing office located at the back of the Cathedral. I only spent 15 minutes and my tarp was printed right then and there. Super fast service with very good quality. I salute to Premium Graphics Asia Center, Inc.

They are on facebook too! Click here!

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To All the Folks Born in 1950's, 60's, 70's and 80's

This was an old unread message emailed to me by my colleague, after reading it, I thought of posting it online to spread it out and have an online copy of it for future reference. Thanks Volts!

First, some of us survived being born to mothers who did not have an OB-Gyne and drank San Miguel Beer while they carried us. While pregnant, they took cold or cough medicine, ate Linunod, balikutsa, bukhayo and didn't worry about diabetes.

Then after all that trauma, our baby cribs were made of hard wood covered with lead-based paints, ang uban kay duyan nga habol gihigtan ug pisi nga inigtabyog ug kusog ma pakong intawon ta sa bongbong.

We had no soft cushy cribs that play music, no disposable diapers (lampin lang sa General Milling nga naa'y faded picture nga nag-salute), and when we rode our bikes, we had no helmets, no kneepads, wala pa gyu'y brake ang bisikleta.

As children, we would ride in hot un-airconditioned buses with wooden seats(Bisaya Bus nga pultahan puros ang kilid, Corominas Bus nga senimana ang brake), or cars with no airconditioning & no seat belts (karon kay Minibus na nga nindot kaayo ug sounds or Ceres Bus nga bugnaw ug aircon)

Riding on the back of a carabao on a breezy summer day was considered a treat. (karon, ang mga bata wala na kaila ug Kabaw)

We drank water from the garden hose and NOT bottled mineral water sa Nature Spring or Viva, or Absolute Mineral water (usahay gani, straight from the faucet or poso or Tabay!)

We shared one soft drink bottle with four of our friends, and NO ONE actually died from this. Or contacted hepatitis.

We ate rice with star margarine, bahaw nga gibutangan ug asin ug mantika sa baboy, drank raw eggs straight from the shell, and drank sofdrinks with real sugar in it (dili diet coke or Pepsi Max), but we weren't sick or overweight kay......


We would leave home in the morning and play all day, and get back when the streetlights came on. Syatong, Bato-Lata, Bagol, Dakop-Dakop, Tago-Tago, Ngita'gKaka.

No one was able to reach us all day (wala pa'y uso ang cellphone).. And yes, we were O.K.

We would spend hours building our wooden trolleys (katong bearing ang ligid) or Karitong Kawayan nga karaang tsinilas ang giporma nga ligid and then ride down the street , wala ma'y gidungog nga naligsan atoh! After hitting the sidewalk or falling into a canal (sewage channel) a few times, we learned to solve the problem ourselves with our bare & dirty hands.

We did not have Playstations, Nintendo's, X-boxes, no video games at all, no 100 channels on cable, no DVD movies, no surround stereo, no IPOD's, no cell phones, no computers, no Internet, no chat rooms, and no Friendsters. ......... ....WE HAD REAL FRIENDS and we went outside to actually talk and play with them!

We fell out of trees, got cut, broke bones and teeth and there were no stupid lawsuits from these accidents. The only rubbing we get is from our friends with the words..sakit bai ? pero kung kontra gani nimo ang imong kadula,,,,singgitan lang dayon ug..Mayra,Gabaan!

We played marbles (jolen) in the dirt , washed our hands just a little and ate Pan Bahug-bahug & Bagumbayan (recycled bread man diay to kay wala mahalin!) We were not afraid of getting germs in our stomachs..

We had to live with homemade guns (giporma nga kahoy, gihigtan ug garter ug lastiko) , saplong , tirador ug uban pa nga pwedeng magkasakitay. Pero lingaw gihapon kaayo ang tanan.

We made up games with sticks ( syatong ), andcans ( Bato-Lata )and although we were told they were dangerous, wala man gyud to'y actual nga nabuta bah, bukol lang nuon sa agtang naa.

We walked, rode bikes, or took tricycles to a friend's house and knocked on the door or batoon ug gagmay nga bato ang bungbong, or just yelled for them to jump out the window!

Mini basketball teams had tryouts and not everyone made the team. Those who didn't pass had to learn to deal with the disappointment.Wala pa nang mga childhood depression ug damaged self esteem ek-ek ra na. Ang maglagot, pildi.

Ang mga Ginikanan naa ra sa daplin para motan-aw ra sa duwa sa mga bata, dili para manghilabot ug makig-away sa ubang parents.

That generation of ours has produced some of the best risk-takers, problem solvers, creative thinkers and successful professionals ever! They are the CEO's, Engineers, Doctors and Military Generals of today.

The past 50 years have been an explosion of innovation and new ideas.

We had failure, success, and responsibility. We learned from our mistakes the hard way.

You might want to share this with others who've had the luck to grow up as real kids. We were lucky indeed.

And if you like, forward it to your kids too, so they will know how brave their parents were.

It kind of makes you wanna go out and climb a tree, doesn't it?!

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Dreaming again

I have been dreaming on this repeatedly for a couple of times...

I don't work on a call center anymore, I don't have eye bags anymore and I can see myself driving a Mitsubishi Strada on my way to my self-owned supermarket. The people who works for me greets me with a smile when I go and step inside the premises. I walk down to my office and sign papers. I stand and go to a nearby internet cafe branch which I also own. This is just one of my 30 cafe branches. The people who work for me are happy to see me and it look like they are my family.

I then go home, this time, my driver does the driving. Before reaching home, I stopped in a coffee shop and hugged James, yes he is part of my dream. He is also running his own business. He told me to just let our driver go first because he will drive me home with his car.

We reached our home, it is located in a peaceful and happy village, we have a two story white house with a brown/grayed roof. There's a veranda in the second level. There is a huge garage where our three cars, two mountain bikes and two motorcycles (raider and a honda) were parked. Inside our home, there is a big LCD screen hooked at the wall which can be reverted either facing the dining room or the 'sala'. We have a complete Sony home theater as well. We have two rooms in the first floor, one master bedroom, and three more beds upstairs. One for the guests and the two were for our children.

We immediately went out to fetch our two children, one is in grade three and the older one is in grade six. We were planning to have three children, we have two at that time, two boys, we hope to have a baby girl for the third child. Our boys has their father's hair and complexion. The older one has my eyes and eyebrows.

The two are studying in a prestigious advance school. They are happy to see us while running towards us. Blesses and kissed us before going inside the car. Both of them are doing good with their studies and are active in extra curricular activities.

We went home together while the two boys talk about their experience that day.

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Panuhot, Hilot, Puhot

You're not from the Visayan Provinces if you don't know those terms listed above. "Panuhot" is a term used to describe a situation where in your body has been filled with air which causes some illness mostly fever, cough or flu. "Hilot" is a term for a massage which heals "Panuhot". This is practiced by mostly old folks or we call them "Manghihilot". "Puhot" in Cebu but in my own province, Bohol, we call it "Buhot", it’s a term used where in a "Manghihilot" lightens a tobacco, that one which came from tobacco leaves and were dried under the sun and then instead of smoking from the unlighted edge, the "Manghihilot" puts it inversely and creates smoke which will be placed over the whole body of the patient.

Why am I telling you all of these? Actually, James and I went home to Oslob last weekend because it was their town's fiesta but unfortunately, the night before we went home, James got a fever due to colds and cough. When we arrived, his mom then advised him to go to a "Manghihilot" to cure or rather lessen his ailment. And we did, the first time we went there, the old lady named "Manang" had a lot of clients so we decided to move it the next day. Good thing she had only two clients when we went there last Sunday. Manang massaged James first and then my turn, I was thinking she would massage hard but she did it softly. She said I had a lot of "Panuhot" and then she proceed further, she would ask me always if a spot at my back is painful, once I agree, she would tell me that it is another "Panuhot". I had two on my shoulders, on my back were countless and some in my chest. It was a 30-minute massage and then we only paid her Php 20.00; I guess she deserves more so I gave her another Php 20.00.

We went straight to James' grandmother and she did practice "Puhot". They said if the smoke would stay longer on your skin, it means you have a lot of "Panuhot" and they have seen it on mine.

After the session, I felt better and I was feeling good. I farted a couple of times,lols... That was a private topic but I loved it, it felt great (I guess everyone loves it whenever it exits the body, lols)!

I was unable to get some photos because we left our phones at home. I really regret leaving those relevant handy stuffs. A lesson I am trying to learn up to now, gees my bad. Anyways, maybe you had also experienced that kind of treatment which James and I had during our weekend vacation, if you had, would you care to share? There are still a lot of treatments which can only be found in the provinces, they are famously called "Binisaya" and I'll share it to you guys once I have experience the others.

We have seen our eleven little piglets! I'll be posting it here soon...

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Lunch at McJohn’s Bistro

A week ago, James and I had a very busy morning, my mom from Bohol asked us to do something for her which was quite difficult. It was almost 12 noon when we were done with the errand; at that point we were near Red Ribbon in Jones Avenue. We first thought of just eat lunch at Red Ribbon but James had a change of mind when he remembered a resto near our location, its name is McJohn’s Bistro. He said it is a small resto and that the foods were cheap.

She seemed happy to have us there...hehe

So we went ahead and checked their menu, looking at their menu, I then thought that the resto is a new one since they only have few dishes and they don’t offer softdrinks or iced tea or any other drinks, just water. Simply water. We then thought this is a good branch to offer our renefx product. 

Reading John Maxwell's book while waiting...

While I was waiting for my order...

Anyways, so we waited for a couple of minutes and then my order is ready. We ordered the same set which was the pork belly. It only costs Php 58.00, no I actually had forgotten the exact price but it’s less than Ph60.00, I swear and the taste? It’s actually good and is far more worthy than its price. I was really satisfied with the food, the only thing I can comment out is that they should try to offer drinks since some customers have this tendency where in they wanna throw up after eating like me and the only remedy so I won’t throw up is to drink or eat something sweet like a fruit juice or a cola. But so far, they are one of the cheapest resto I have eaten yet and did I say we were the only customers there when we ate our lunch?

My Porkbelly

Check them out too guys!
I have included here the map: 

Singapore Steamboat
The mushroom pot – we serve a hot pot buffet featuring seafood, wild mushrooms, and specialty dishes. Ladies get 20% off dinner buffet from mon to fri.

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Tiktilaok at Robinsons - Fuente

James and I had fallen in love with Tiktilaok's bestseller chicken. Everytime that we go to Robinsons-Fuente, we would surely order a half chicken. The roasted chicken's half body was brushed with a golden liquid, I guess it was a combination of oil and "suka", and then sprinkled with spices such as chopped garlic and peppers. Super delicious!!! Plus thristy's buko juice, now it is totally perfect.


what i love about robinsons food court also is the informative lcd screen placed in the middle of the court. it gives info about the islands or provinces of our country like dumaguete, it said that its name came from the term "daggit". There were did you know facts as well, examples are -it is impossible for a pig to look up the sky
-hawaii is coming closer to japan 4 inches every year
-cold water weighs more than hot water,
-186 days cant see the sun in north pole
-coca cola first softdrinks consumed in outerspace
-pure gold is soft that it can be molded with your hands
-butterflies taste using their feet
-cebu is the oldest city in the country

Aside from that, there were questionable questions as well here are some of the examples:
-why does the sun lightens our hair but darkens our skin.
-can you daydream at night
-why do dogs stand and cat sits down when eating
-why aren't size B batteries?

Sadly, they had taken the lcd monitor recently because of the renovation that is going on. I wonder if they still have plans of putting it back, I do hope they will in the future though.

Until next Tiktilaok session!

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A Christmas Surprise from Paypal

Surprised today when I received Paypal's email about my limited account. As what you all know with my Limited Paypal Account post and My Sad Paypal Story, I have funds on my account that I was unable to withdraw due to the limitations. These limitations are about my account information; they said they need more papers or proofs that I am legible to have one. Paypal said it would take 180 days for me to withdraw the funds, so that would be six months of waiting. But surprisingly, Paypal has been very gracious, I am still on my fourth month but just this morning, I received an email from them, check it out:

So what would you expect of me? I immediately logged in to my Paypal account, it was like a second process and there I was, facing the screen that shows my withdrawal page. I don't have a lot of funds but that was money out of James' hard work with his online job so we really need to withdraw it.

Thank God I was able to add my UnionBank account before so its one of the choices there. I selected it and then click on the withdraw button. I received the receipt right away as an email:

This would usually run for two to four days but as what James told me with his experience, it only took a day and he got his money right then and there. So I am expecting to get it by Thursday or Friday this week, hopefully!

Well then, thanks again Paypal and Merry Christmas!!!

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Quote for December 2010

I am kinda late for this month's quote but I am happy I was able to remember and here is it: 

I believe that two people are connected at the heart, and it doesn't matter what you do, or who you are or where you live; there are no boundaries or barriers if two people are destined to be together.
-- Julia Roberts

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Chillin' out at the Cartzone (SYKES xmas party 2010)

We just had a blast last night at the Cartzone, it was Sykes' 2010 Christmas Party, real early huh? It doesn't matter though as long as everyone had enjoyed it. We had our exchanging gift session as well during the party. As expected, not all of the team members came but most did so it was still a good night. The weather was nice and rain didn't come, just so you know before the event, there was a three consecutive heavy rainy night and all of us were just praying it won't rain and God answered us! Thanks to that cloud churva, I forgot its name but I bet you know and you have seen it already. Markem said it breaks the nimbus clouds and so it won't rain. Well, I guess I remember its name now, it is Cloud Breaker? Hmmm.. not sure though, I gotta ask Markem again. Hehe

Anyways, I came late, the party started at six but I came two hours late and I was disappointed because the food zone that I got to line up almost had no more food. I ate fish fillets only! Grrr, they should have prepared lots of food since the venue is just super near to our office and agents would surely come. That was such a great disappointment! 

There were two stand up comedians while I was eating and were bullying our OMD as well as my ex-team mate, Reggy. Those two gays would tend to kiss Reggy and an SE team leader every time they answer their questions. Everyone was laughing out loud during that segment, I can't help to laugh as well.

So then we started with the exchanging gift session, I had bought a Dickies sunglass for my Manito, Arnan. We had set Php 300 as the minimum amount for the gifts, my gift though worth almost Php 500. I never though that sunglass would be so expensive. But anyway, I was still happy because I was able to receive a gift (some of my team mates were not since their Manito/Manita were absent). check it out:

My gift from Tommy! Thanks!!

Papa Joe's team

This was also my first to attend my company's Christmas party and I no regrets at all, it was all fun fun fun! I will be looking forward for our gift packs.. hehe

Check out our photos:

With Roseariel at the SYKES chill out board.

With Titah gwapa

 With the gorgeous Meg 

 With Papa Joe

From left to right: Papa Joe, Pearl, Agua, Dave, Fan2, Markem, Titah gwapa and me!

 With Markem!

With Titah Gwapa and Voltaire, the elastic voltz!

Womens Footwear Shop
Womens footwear shop - women's brand name shoes available

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I attended Cebu Kerygma Conference 2010

Nine hours of nonstop praises and rejoices for the Lord with the Lord’s people, that was what I have experienced during the Cebu Kerygma Conference held at Waterfront Hotel and Casino last December 4, 2010, just this weekend. It was the second time that the said event was held in Cebu and it was my first time to attend that kind of event, I mean not really my first time, what I am saying is that, that was a Catholic event and I am not one. I've been to many Christian conferences before but not with a Catholic community. But the event was fulfilling and restoration was the main subject. Restoration from the worldly hurts, from problems either financially, mentally or spiritually. Restoration from the stresses, failures and for most of us, earthly endeavors. 

Mine and James' tickets

My companions were James, Jeff, Evan, Richard, Dominic and Daddy Ian; these guys are my partners in the MLM business. We were an hour early for the event and we were very choosy with our seating place, we then ended up at the upper deck, where we can see all the people below during the program proper. We were at the center so everything was visible. Two large projectors were placed each side of the stage so that the people at the back can still see what is happening in the stage. The quality was so good though, even the video part, it seems to have great resolution. No reason of invisibility to slides or presentations at all. 

the view from where we were seated

The first part of the event was a healing mass, a foreign priest name Rev. Fr. John Iacono lead the mass, he was no foreign anymore though since he can speak and understand Bisaya, he had also spoken some other foreign languages during the event. There was I believe, Latin and Spanish, I would always be amazed with people who can speak more than two languages. After the mass was the opening worship with Rev. Fr. Joseph Skelton Jr. with Fire of God Ministries. Oh! And the host of the event was the ever “gwapo” Bro. George Gabriel, he is getting married anyway. The first talk was Bro. Carl Fontanilla, he talked about The Secret to a Fantastic Family Life, and next in line was the funny man, Bro. Michael Angelo Lobrin. Bro Michael has a very good sense of humor; he can make everyone laugh our hearts out that time. He had written a book entitled, “Laugh with God”, and guess what, I bought a copy later part of the event. 

my copy of Bro. Michael's Laugh with God

It was in the middle of the event when I felt uneasy so I decided to go to the comfort room. Found out my visitor had come unexpectedly in the wrong time since I was not ready, I was planning to bring one but I had forgotten it. So James and I walked around and looked where to buy one. We went to Duty Free where the prices are in dollar$$, thanks to that good guard at the entrance door and we were able to buy at a souvenir shop at the second floor, it costs Php 15 for a single piece, since we were thirsty, we also bought a mineral water the smallest bottle costs Php 60. Superb, sure I will get myself ready next time.

There was a hand mime presentation as well and again the praise and worship part. Last to talk was Bro. Bo Sanchez for the grand feast talk, he is quite known now. He has written good books as well and is the primary writer of the magazine “Kerygma” which I had read first way back in college, it was owned by my oldest friend, Virgilio Galinato.  Bro. Bo talked about the Prodigal Son parable of the Bible. There he stressed out that restoration doesn’t always come after the confession of sin. As written in the holy book, the prodigal son was still on his way to his father when his father saw him; his father immediately ran towards him, hugged and kissed him as a sign of forgiveness and restoration of their relationship. I believe it was a good point and Bro. Bo was able to explain it clearly during his talk. 

It was such a restoring event and everyone went home blessed and I hope that the event had served as a turning point to everyone spiritually. I myself have been blessed as well by the talks of the speakers of the event. Praises and worship songs do more blessing in me actually but the talks are like two sided blades which can penetrate to one’s heart if the speaker is powerful enough and I have experienced that during the Kerygma Conference.

I am looking forward for the Cebu Kerygma Conference for 2011 next year though. 

Check out our photos at the Waterfront hotel lobby.

partners, planeteers

at the Waterfront Hotel and Casino lobby with their three big Christmas tree

Superb!!! I guess there were more than a thousand heads during the event!

Bro. Bo Sanchez during his autograph signing after the event.

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