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First Wimax Bill Payment

As you already know, I subscribed to Globe Wimax and had it installed last December. And so last week, I received my first Globe Wimax Bill. I was surprised to see the fees breakdown. On my last post titled Hello Globe Wimax, I told you that the installation and all that were free. Unfortunately on my bill, I have an installation fee of Php 446.43 :

globe wimax bill

So basically, I was wrong because the installation was not free at all, that is a disappointment. But anyway, I just let it be since the installation service was an A+. 

globe wimax bill 2

Above is the total bill amount which covers the installation fee, the MRF or monthly recurring fee for December 30, 2010 to January 5, 2011 and from January 6 to February 5, 2011. Notice that their monthly cut-off is every 5th of the month and that I need to pay this amount on or before January 26, 2011. One of my friends told me that I must, if I could, pay early because Globe tracks the payments made by their customers and they sometimes give freebies and prizes to those who make their payments before the due date. Just saying but hopefully that is true, I might win some free stuffs. :)

Anyway the amount above is not the final one, as you can see there is something missing there. Yes, you are right! There's no tax yet, so here is the final billing statement:

globe wimax bill 3

Since I was aiming for the early bird prize, though I'm not sure if that is true, I went to Elizabeth Mall with James to pay for the bill. The Globe corner at E-mall is not that big, in fact it is somewhat like the Cebuana Lhuiller corner, this might be because they mostly cater payments here unlike their office in SM where they also cater inquiries and sometimes I guess plan management. But anyway, this is how the place looks like:

Globe Center Emall Branch

Globe Center Emall Branch 2

Since there were still a couple of people inside, after asking for the priority number we waited outside. Like Smart Communication, they also have this electronic machine which prints out priority numbers operated by the security guard. I asked James to do the honor since I was busy taking pictures outside.

james at Globe Center's counter

It only took a few minutes and we're done! 'Til next month then.

Pictures taken using my Palm Centro and post process via Adobe Photoshop CS4.


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eSheeps Conquered my Desktop

Oh oh! Five cute little electronic sheeps are roaming on my desktop right now. They run, jump, eat, giggle, pee and they sleep too.  Super cute and fluffy, has little legs and pairs of purple horns. I have them for almost two years but forgot about them until one of my colleagues told about this animated girl on his desktop. I was thankful I found them on my disk.

Actually, they are just executable files which will automatically run once double clicked. 

I could not remember who gave this cute little thing though but I am thankful I have them. They make my desktop lively because of their behavior and they also entertains me when I am bored.

Here is their video which I had recorded today, check out how cute they are:

Do you want to get a copy of my eSheeps? Just clik on the sheep below and save it on your drive. Extract it and double left click. Alas! Your desktop has been conquered by my eSheep now!!! Enjoy!

Double right click to close them.

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My Cutie Sid Purse

Hi guys!!! Today, James and I went to downtown to deposit an amount of money in the bank and then after made some window shopping. We came into Hundred Islands, it is a kind of store which sells China made products and mind you guys, those stuffs they're selling are super cheap, just make sure to choose the one with the best quality though. So we went in and surprisingly, I found this really cute stuff toy, at first I thought it was a stuff toy but later found out it is a purse. 

So guys, I would like you to meet my new friend Sid, yes he is the ground sloth you have seen in all three Ice Age films. 

He was portrayed as clumsy and fast-talking. If you can remember the first film, he accidentally starts a fire in the first film and learns how to do it properly towards the end; he also shows this skill in the second film. He can carry a stick. In the third film, he adopts a trio of Dinosaurs, and is forcibly taken to the underground dinosaur land by their mother, requiring the others to come and save him.

As I have mentioned, I thought it was a stuff toy but found out its actually a purse. Check out when he was still in the plastic:

Guess how much it was? Well, I just purchased it for only Php 128.00. At first, I thought it was expensive if you'll gonna consider its quality and the presentation. So without a doubt, I paid for me to get it.


Just wanna share what the tag shows for all the customer:

Just like a purse with a holder, you can use it like this:

Weeeh! From now on, I'm gonna bring you wherever I go Sid. Hugs!!!

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Sinulog at 31

It was a rainy Sinulog day, well as far as I could remember, Sinulog day has always been a rainy day. Some say the reason why the rain hasn't stopped pouring because Sinulog came from the word SULOG which means "like water current movement". Hmmm...maybe. But the rain has never stopped the dancers and performers, as a matter of fact, they had enjoyed dancing more feeling like children playing under the rain! The tons of audiences however have been ready now for the rain, almost everyone had brought with them their umbrellas or caps.

These are some of the scenes that I have seen during the said event:

- Dancers with their muddy feet, some were bare footed while dancing all day long. Can't imagine myself with that!

- Hundreds of photographers with their DSLRs rushing everywhere to find their best angles. Some of the viewers were a little pissed because they were like roaming around even at the point where they were in the midst of the dancers. Well, they were doing their best for their entries and they had paid for it (so kevir lang sila).

- Tubig, tubig, big, big. Bottled water vendors were all around, so you don't have to worry getting thirsty while watching the great event. My former colleague once had posted on his facebook account about how one can earn with selling bottled water. Here is his post:

- Kapuso artists. I am a true Kapamilya actually but sad truth, I only saw few Kapuso stars during the event. Oh! I had seen one by the way but I didn't know her. They said she was one of the teens at Big Bro's house but sorry I didn't recognize her. So the stars I have seen were JC De Vera, he was cute in person. Michelle and Era Madrigal, Michelle was really morena and Era's gifted! Lols. I also saw Solenn from the Survivors Philippines, she was the darling of the crowd. And Rhianne Ramos who was really cute and charming. She has this angelic face and among them, she was the prettiest, in my humble opinion. I was still disappointed I never saw anyone famous from ABS-CBN. Last year I saw Anne Curtis and she was really adorable.

- Cosplay characters. Yes! One of my dreams is to see them personally and it came true. I was really happy to see my favorite Kakashi of the Naruto series. Lupi of One Piece was there too and some others. James and I had ourselves picute taken with the guys! You rock!!!

- Giants and wonderful floats. I just can't help but appreciate those people who took the effort of making those floats and giants puppets. Some of those that I can't forget were the Naruto, Vice Ganda, Mr. Bean, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao and a Zombie from the famous game, Plants VS. Zombies. The floats which was inspired from the Avatar movie was the best for me.

Here is a photo to sum up everything!

And thanks to the Centennial Force for the Crowd Control ID.

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Live Fireworks Display Competition 2011

Before the long-awaited Street Dancing for the Sinulog festival, there was this one thing that we have been talking to and been wanting to witness, the Annual Fireworks Display Competition Live in SM-Cebu North-wing. I never have seen one for the last years though and so for 2011, I promised to watch it myself. And hello? Fireworks are kinda amazing, this makes everyone shout their heart out and go gaga with matching "WOW" expression while mouths are open. And this kind of thing is for the whole family, young or old are hooked to it.  

I was super excited that I convinced James to go early, it was still five in the afternoon when we arrived there together with James' parents. I guess they were kinda tired that time but won't just tell, maybe because of the stressful traffic that we had before arriving there. Just for the record, we waited for a PUJ for more than an hour and we walked a mile after (just exaggerating with the mile) since the roads were already closed. We heard that the event would start at seven but sad thing, it started at almost nine in the evening. The worst thing was that the rain was still pouring and thousands of viewers were stocked in the North-wing entrance. We then decided to go to the shaded parking lot. And so after hours of waiting, the show had finally begun! 

The following are the videos I personally had taken, enjoy!!!

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We Got Inked!!!

One more day and we will be hearing again the beat of the Sinulog Festival, people from different places will head towards the heart of Cebu and celebrate Cebu's Yearly fiesta.

Actually, the celebration started after the New Year. Goodbye to Christmas songs and Hello to Sinulog beats. The Cebu streets are filled again with flag-lets and the side-roads are full of Muslims selling their stuffs, "malongs" and "sarongs" can't be absent. I had bought one actually and it's quite cheap. So if you are planning to go to Cebu, make sure your pockets are full so you can go shopping and buy your friends some "pasalubongs" when you go back home.

One more thing that can't be absent with this festival is the Henna Tattoos. Yeah! I know you have one last year and don't worry it's cool, everyone loves to be dirty during those times. And so just like the others, James and I had our time last night to check out what Fuente OsmeƱa has in stored for us and started looking for good Henna artists.

We were surprised by the number of people who are there at the circle. It looks like its Sinulog already! The circle was full of people and the side streets have a lot of Henna artists looking for customers. After a few rounds of checking, we decided to get to this group of men with big tattoos in their bodies and huge ear holes. James had her own "tira" first and selected a Gothic design with his own name. I fell in love with the font style and the artist was quite good so I decided to just followed James' design. Haha... I first thought of my name but then eventually decided to just use his name instead, I felt like it's kinda sweet. Istoryahee!! Lols

It was just a 3 minute process, am not sure actually but it was really fast. And next thing to do here is to take care of it until it dries up. It's challenging though since there are a lot of people on the area. But after all, we were able to cover and protect it until it dried up. So this is how it looks:

Yeah! It's cool since it is still new, let's see how it looks like after three days, haha...

Oh! And one more thing, before we got inked, we found this people who were carrying a really huge snake. Aside from the huge snake, the other man was also holding an yellow one, they said it was an albino kind. One can take photos together with the snake for Php 20. Guess what? James and I had our own moment too, not with the huge snake though but with the albino, (this reminds me of our college friend).

While the snake was on my shoulder, I can sense it's muscles when it moved and I almost screamed when it faced me and was wiggling its tongue out. Woaah!

This is just a start of a tire-full weekend because tomorrow, we will head up to SM-Cebu for the fireworks display contest and then tough walk on the next day for the festival. Good luck to me then for I have to go on duty after.

Have you been inked too? Care to share?

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My 2010

Two thousand ten had been good to me and had given me new doors of opportunities which I could say had made me somewhat a better person now. Certain things happened which I least expected yet they happened for a good reason, some came up as a blessing in disguise and I ended up thankful for those experiences.'s birth. In April, my blog came into a realization. I had always been wanting to have my own domain, thanks to James for working out and buying one for me, though it was a cheap domain, it's value is incomparable. Aside from my personal blog, freescrapbooks site had emerged too. Well, I am actually a novice in this blogging field and there are things that I don't know yet but I am willing to learn on this area. I am truly thankful because I was able to create a memoir of my life experiences, of the places I've been to and the people I met in 2010.

A preparation for the future. I had been introduced to the world of business that year. James and I invested in this multilevel company. We had started our own small business too. Some of our friends would joke and say we are both serious preparing for our future and that we might as well tie knots, but hey! Isn't it nice to work hard while young and then enjoy what you have worked hard in the future?

Free gadgets and stuffs. I mean prizes of hard work. I received two smart-phones for being a top performer within the same year. Looking forward for some more this year! Aside from the two phones, I had received numerous movie tickets too the whole year, so watching a movie was not a problem at all. I have even shared those to a number friends and I can't forget how my new friends from CNU felt when we watched "My Amnesia Girl" together out of charge because of those free movie tickets. Well, it pays to love your work too!

New life, new faces, new peers. My first niece was born in February and our home was filled again with baby cries and laughter. She was the main reason why I wanna go home and take vacation leaves. In August, I was transferred to a new work team. This was like heartbreaking because I was attached to my original team but I got no choice. Eventually, I was able to love the team and made me have more friends at work now. In September, James and I had met and gained a lot of friends and connections because of the business that we had engaged. 

It was a blessed year and I could never be thankful enough to the One above who has been there always to guide and shower not just me but all the people around me with joy and love. Looking forward for another year, let's see what the year of the Rabbit has in store for me. So, aside from the things stated above, I want to share to you this three minute video with the places I went to and the events that had happened to me and my friends, colleagues and loved-ones in 2010!

Thanks to League of Legends Strategy for sponsoring BatangYagit's blog contest!

This is my 100th post and my first time to join a blogging contest!

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Great American Circus in Cebu

Last night, I together with my workmates, Daryl Lim, Reggy Sultan, Cherry, Voltaire, Titah and Michelle Sabio, (too bad James did not make it to the show) watched the Great American Circus at the Cebu Coliseum. The said even was their second to the last show for this year here in the country. They will be leaving and will come back next year for another showcase of talents.

So, what did we get with this annual event? There were a lot of breathtaking stunts and incredible moves by the performers. I couldn't forget how I held my own breath when this lady named "Rebecca" swing her way above the air so so hard that she almost hit one of the light bulbs near the roof. But she was graceful though and was able to do it perfectly without any sweat! She even turned herself numerous times holding the bar using nothing but her teeth! Can you imagine that? Well, I can't imagine myself performing such stunt! I would die before I could climb up the rope. Lols

Check out how she did it here:

One of my favorites was this group of ballet dancers, they're quite special dancers because they dance in the air so they were called Aerial Ballet Dancers. Check out their video:

Anyway, another stunt that I can't forget is that performed by this little man, he was not that little thought but compared to his colleagues, he's the shortest and guess what, we named him "Bruno", haha. He was standing in the edge of their sloppy props facing his colleagues who later on had jumped on the other edge for Bruno to rise up and do the stunt. I can't anymore explain it, I am having trouble here showing you how he did it so it's better that you watch this video:

There were still a lot of them, you can check out the videos I posted in my youtube account! And the photos I took during the event in my Facebook account too!

The show was not perfect, in fact there were a lot of faults during their performances, to name a few, the first group who performed with the long skipping rope had the most number of missed stunts. The Hula-hop girl's hula fell a couple of times. We were also laughing when Michael Jackson, I mean the guy who was impersonating MJ came out and was supposed to have a pictorial session with the audience. Guess what? Nobody came up and took a picture of him, so he went out. Poor MJ! But wait, he came back and he came back with his own camera then he took some photos himself instead. Funny MJ! Smiley

The circus ended at seven in the evening, did I tell you it started at 4:30 in the afternoon? Well, when we went out I thought it was still six, I felt like the show was too quick when to think of, it lasted for two hours and a half, maybe because I enjoyed it! 

We had our dinner at Mang Inasal in Gaisano Capital later on. It was such a great experience and I am looking forward to be seeing their 2012 show. Hopefully!!!

If you have noticed, I added some smileys in this post and I love 'em!!!

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Remote Access Your PC for FREE

This stuff that I am going to share today is a pretty cool software, it's so cool because first, you can remotely access someone else's PC, yeah! That is cool... Second, you can transfer files. Third, you can create a  Virtual Private Network and lastly, it's all for free, yes totally FREE. I have heard of softwares like this before but you need to purchase them so to use it. Well, I wanna thank my good friend Michael Bern for sharing this wonderful masterpiece here!

So starting off, this software is called TeamViewer. Just a quick glimpse, 

TeamViewer is the all-in-one solution for Remote access and support over the internet. TeamViewer connects to any PC or server around the world within a few seconds. You can remote control your partner's PC as if you were sitting right in front of it.

You can try downloading the free software at, once done with the download, create your own account and a window will gonna show up which looks like this:

Already! You are now ready to access anybody's pc, by the way the free one that I was talking about is only available for personal use, if you have selected non-commercial, then you had just purchased it!

I will only share to you the first and second feature. So let's try the first one which is remote access. Since James is at work, I asked him to help me out.

I asked James to go to and let him click on the join a session link.

Once the link is clicked, just select the run option and that will show a new window with an ID and a password. On my end, I entered his ID and selected remote control then clicked on the connect to partner button.

In just a few seconds... eng eng eng.... Tadaaaah!

I have his pc accessed now! He too was also astonished with the said software. In fact, he had installed one to his own PC and tried accessing mine too.

Now for the second feature, you can transer files from and to your pc and your partner's. Just go back to the TeamViewer program, select file transfer and connect. 

You will automatically see this window:

Just click on the files that you want to transfer and hit on send to send to your partner's pc or receive if you want to get a file from your partner's pc.

As an example, I looked on James' files on his desktop and selected fb.png and clicked on the receive button.

this is just how it look like when transferring a file may it be from or to...

So checking on my desktop, I can see that fb.png file now on the folder.

This is a great help for anyone out there who want to access their PC remotely and get some files even if they are away from their personal computer! Isn't it wonderful? It is beautiful right?

Try it on your own and see the wonders! Enjoy!!!

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