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White tigers @ Joy's and a visit at Anguay's

It was Barangay Election and SK Election and if you could remember, I posted Barangay Elections Day that same day thinking that was the end of my long and sleepless day but I was totally wrong. It was not the end of my sleepless day after all because when I reached home, I checked my suncellular phone and wow.. I was amazed! I had like 20 received textmessages and 4 missed calls. I immediately opened them and tadaah! it was an invitation by one of our Uplines. His girlfriend was celebrating her birthday and we were invited. The meet up time was actually 5:30 in the afternoon and that was past 7:00pm. 

To sum things up, I hurriedly changed clothes and called them that I am still coming, good thing they were still in Mcdo - Basak and still waiting for the others. I was able to catch up and we straightly went to Joy's residence.

The guests were already eating when we arrived but we catch up immediately. Joy then blew her candles after we sang the "Happy Birthday song". The candle was the most amazing thing during that time because after she blew the candles, it lit up again and again. It was like magic, after a couple of attempts, Richard, Joy's boyfriend decided to just throw it away since it won't stop lighting up again and again. The cake was from Goldilocks which Richard had bought for his "only one", aside from the Goldilocks cake, the White Tigers had also bought two chocolate cakes from Red Ribbon. 

It was almost eleven in the evening when we were decided to go home from Joy's birth day celebration. But instead of going home, we decided to go to Anguay's residence. We actually have no reasons why but we just thought it was the best thing. Wew... I just knew that Mark, his first name, has his own house already which was given by his parents. I had also learned that he has a child already who is staying with his parents. His house was fully furnished, it was a two story building. I had also found a lot of good stuffs inside which are not that common. I found collections of dolls from Thailand, China and etc. Take a look:

 such a beautiful doll.

these two were placed at a higher height so I just took one pic each of them and zoomed them twice.

 Grandpa and Grandma were there too.

Afraid with this croc at the top of their TV.

Mark said this huge gold fish means goodluck. Wish I have one too...

We had a great and cool time there. All we did were sleep, talked about our dreams, surfed the net, joke around and eat! We had a eaten three boxes of 11 inches pizza from Alberto's Pizza and a pitcher of Renefx!

Went home at 6 in the morning, though I didn't have a long sleep, I was loaded with fun from my White Tigers team.

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Barangay Elections 2010

What's so fuzzy today?

I logged out from work and rode on a PUJ, damn the job, I couldn't participate our nation's big event today and I can't practice my right to suffrage because mainly I was registered in my homeland and not here in Cebu. This is supposed to be my third time to vote but thanks to my job, I will be removed from the list of registered voters now. But I don't have a choice at all.

Enough for that, going back, as strolling to the roads, I have noticed that there were few people aroung compared to those normal days. We stopped at the Mabolo Church where the highway road was filled with people of different ages, that was the only time that I had realized, it is indeed Barangay Elections Day. There was a variety of people in the place, old and young, girls and boys, mommies and daddies and those young peoples. Most of them were holding those colored papers with the list of candidates, I suppose those were sample ballots. It was not my first time to see those because I had my first suffrage experience way back when I was in my second year in college. I strongly believe that most voters don't really write down their own selected candidates, but asked for the printed sample ballots for easier, painless selection of candidates, just my opinion though. In my case, during my first ever experience, I was able to write down my trusted candidates and believe me, I never filled the slots, I only had written down those I have in my list. I didn't care if there will be spaces, I just care about those people I trust to be trusted.

So after Mabolo, we head over and stopped at T.Padilla Elementary School, still full of people roaming around, holding those colored flyers while every now and then someone would approach them and attempt to hand another colored paper.

Later after arriving home, I had a chance to talk to one of my colleagues, Markem. He said he had already casted his vote. His dad also had ran for a position in their municipality and he was assigned a task to do during the day. He told me that the other party had actually invested in buying the vote of the people. I was not sure what was the exact amount but we all know that isn't the righteous way. 

They may say, it is okay to accept them since you did not ask for it in the first place and they do stand and believe in the saying that a refusal to an offer is an insult. But this "buying" thing, is this a part of those we call "offers"? Offers that we can't afford to refuse? I am not sure here though. Anyway, at the end of the day, the decision as to accept the offer or not lies to each Filipino.

Anyways, this is the part of my day which I like most, I was able to enjoy it with James, he did not go home as well since he was busy with something last night and was not able to catch the last trip. We went to Elizabeth Mall bought some photopapers at CDR-King, ate at Dimsum and he bought me a shirt too, yepey!

I may say that the preparation to this Barangay Election was not like the Presidential one but this is not something that can just be ignored and forgotten after a couple of months. The chosen leaders shall prove to those who supported them their worth and hopefully, we can see the change that our motherland has been longing for. Good luck to all and may  God bless the Philippines!

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I discovered a new Brand: RENEFX !!!

i have just discovered a brand new refreshing beverage, not just refreshing but also reinforcing. after learning about this product, i immediately changed brand. why? there are many reasons behind it. but first, the new power drink is called RENEFX, pronounced as "ren-fx" derived from "reinforcing effects".

first reason why i changed brand:
"healthy drink"
nowadays, everyone is already health conscious and the drinks available in the market are just leading us to improper nutrition. for example: coca cola, yes it is refreshing and is thirst quenching yet it is the main cause of diabetes today which is a killing-me-softly kind of disease. i was a fan of coca cola and its other products before but after knowing RENEFX and coca cola's negative effects, without any doubt, i stopped consuming it.

"mall of all beverage"

i am not saying that it is like Henry Sy's SM but what i am referring that RENEFX is like all the drinks in one. if you drink a glass of RENEFX, you are like drinking: 
Orange Juice
Iced Tea
Chocolate Drink
Growth Formula
Slimming Formula

This is because the main ingredients of the world's power drink are:
Sodium Ascorbate
Vit. B Complex
Green Tea

"no preservatives" read it right, RENEFX has no preservatives on it which is why if you had mixed one with water, you need to consume it before the day ends because the taste will change and it won't be consumed anymore. as we all know, drinks in bottled form have preservatives on it which would usually last for a year or two. renefx in the other hand is totally preservative free. it is on a powder form because it is the best way of preserving the natural ingredients.

"sweet yet sugarless"

of course the drink is sweet but don't be mistaken, it has zero sugar in it. the sweet content is caused by Sucralose, it is a substance which is 600 times sweeter than sugar. actually, our drink is good for all ages, even the diabetic people can drink it because it has no sugar. in fact, Mr. Noel Velasquez, the formulator of the product, created or shall i say formulated RENEFX mainly for his parents who both has been diagnosed to have diabetes. Up until now, his parents are still continuously drinking it.

last but certainly not the least:
"RENEFX is an income generating drink"

Aside from the good fact that i am drinking the world's first alkaline beverage, i am as well earning extra income for myself and my family. i am now  a distributor of the product and so far so good. from the date that i have entered the said business, alot has been changed in my life and my daily routine. when before i would spend my extra time watching movies or oversleeping, now, i am making my time productive. Before James and i would talk about foolish things, now every time we meet, we would talk about business and our dreams. i could say that RENEFX and the company behind it has been a great blessing in my life and in the future, i won't regret changing brand and changing my lifestyle. in the future, i will certainly see the fruit of the hard work. by that time, i can definitely say the end justifies the means.

If you want to know more about the product, just send me a message or comment out.  You can visit my RENEFX tab as well.

Treadmills And Elliptical Machines
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KTV sessions with College Pals

From the top: Frederick Revilleza, Charisma Comandao, Japheth Ubaldo, Liezel Tagac, Evariz Paragoso, Mark Anthony Boiser, Kenneth Karl Torres, Benjie Belotindos, Tiffany Tieza Trinidad Tomol, James Figues, Nestor Papellero, Jufni Rizada, Maria Tonette Caballero, and Avelino Ceriola Jr..

Taken last October 16, 2010 some of them were taken at Gimik KTV house and most were at Alberto's Pizza - Rodriguez Branch. I really do miss those people, they were my college classmates and lifetime best friends. Some of my best buddies during college were not here like Michelle Talaboc, whom I have considered as my first friend here in Cebu. I miss you cheli!!! 

Going back, I would consider Gimik as our barkada's KTV hub because even before when we were in college, there was no other KTV house that we would go there except at Gimik. The air-conditioning can accommodate up to twenty persons, their song list are not that bad, there are new songs and the sound system is pretty good. The good thing there is that we can only pay Php 100 per hour unlike other KTV bars. Before, when we were in college, we would bring junk foods inside even though it is not allowed. Like every other KTV bars, they also have corkage fees to foods or drinks that are brought inside the rooms which are half more than the prices of those items. The reason behind why we need to bring stuffs and hide it inside our big bags is because their foods are very expensive. Take a look at their price list:

So the trick on why we were not caught was we would order one or two items from their menu, most likely we would order a pack of chips and one lady's drink. Then they won't notice that the chips we were eating were actually from our big bags. Hehe... Anyways, those were way back in college, now that we have jobs, we would order food and we won't bring hidden chips inside our bags because in the first place, we don't bring bags anymore.

So, one improvement that most of us had noticed is they have this hound dog that would sniff on our bags or any thing that we had brought inside. 

He is quite huge eh but he is really nice and friendly , he didn't even bark at us. Tiffany, whom we are use to call as "Mama Bear" fell in love with him. She is really fond of animals. I can still remember when we were still in college, we went to their old house at Lahug and to we were all surprised. There were varieties of animals inside their home. There were countless of cats and they had names. There were numbers of dogs, there were geese and rabbits. They even have that peacock look-a-like thing. I could not forget "Kim" from among of them because Kim has an illness and her name was derived from the work "Kimpang" which means broken leg.

Enough about Kim, we had like three hours of singing sessions and it was almost 3'oclock in the morning. Everyone was hungry so we went straight to Alberto's Pizza and ate there. We ordered Diavolos, Supreme, Garden, Pepperoni and Full House Pizzas. It was a blast and everyone went home happily. 

'Til next KTV session guys!

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New Gadget: Quote of the Month

I just recently added a new gadget for my blog and that is the "Quote of the Month". Yes, what you're thinking is definitely right, I will be posting a specific quote here every month. That quote can be inspirational, love quote or anything which I have found online. I won't consider it as mine so which is why I will put the name of whoever had published it. If ever I have offended someone for publishing their work, just please contact me and I will delete that quote instantly. I will changing it every first week of the month.

The quote thingy has been part of the first contents of my blog which is why I have a separate tab for it. Before, I had a gadget as well but I deleted it because of the changes I made with my interface. I am glad I was able to add them back. Check the "share a quote" tab as well!

For this month, I have posted a quote published by Miss Leah A. Velasco from her facebook status. 

Be inspired!!!

"Let us allow our friends the freedom to respond as they want and are able to. Let their receiving be as free as our giving. Then, we will become capable of feeling true gratitude."

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Dream Big Jean!!!

While everyone in the floor was busy talking to their customers, to each other and to other officers, I was also busy dreaming. Day dreaming that I have the things I want to have right in the palm of my hands. A friend told me that most of the millionaires had written down their goals in life in a paper and did everything that they can to reach them with a sense of urgency and credibility.

He even shared that we must be specific enough with our goals and dreams so that God won't have a hard time in fulfilling them. I thought of it and I came up with my own list of dreams and goals, here it is, I will start from those that are attainable to the most challenging ones.

I want to start saving one eight thousand pesos every month.
I want to have a white Playstation portable before Decemeber 2010 ends.
I want to have a professional Nikon or Sony SLR digital camera with accessories and take a class on how to use them professionally.
I want to earn Php 40k a month or more.
I want to give the 10% of my earning back to God.
I want to sponsor the education of my relatives.
I want to have my own two story dream house, it should have a terrace, four bedrooms with their own comfort rooms, a garage and a garden. Swimming pool is optional. This will happen before I reached 30.
I want to go tour around the Philippines' best tourist spots with my family and loved ones.
I want to buy a land in the city and have my own boarding house.
I want to have my own Silver or White Honda City.
I want to have another Honda City, black or red one would do for my parents.
I want to start my own business together with the man I love and who loves me.
I want to have a simple yet elegant wedding with the same man as mentioned above and give him two or three children. Two boys and a girl, she can be the second or the third child.
I want to be a hands-on mom to my children.
I want to secure the future of my children and in the same way, teach them how to be responsible of their lives.
I want to ride on a cruise with my husband and spend two or three days in the most romantic city.
I want to build my own charity institution for the less-fortunate families, give them jobs and help them earn a living at the age of 40.
I want to focus the rest of my life serving God, loving my family and helping others.

I had a such a good feeling while dreaming about all the things I mentioned above. Dreaming indeed has no limits. Now, the question is how to attain and obtain these things with a sense of urgency and credibility.

I can't attain them if I am just employed forever, I believe that running a business is the best solution for me to reach all of those mentioned above.

So, I am done, I know there will be more to be added in the list. and that will depend on the things that I do to achieve them.

How about your dreams? Have you written down those dreams of yours as well? If not, then start scribbling now, remember, the success of your future is on the palm of your hands.

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Quench just quenched my thirst

I just found a new thirst quencher today. Aside from Zagu, Thirsty and KFC's Krushers, I have a newly found love shake that just surprised me earlier today. Among the three shake brands that I mentioned, I love Thirsty the most because of the ingredients. They use fresh fruits unlike the others which uses powdered ones. Today, James and I were strolling in Elizabeth mall, actually we had someone to meet by at the mall and I was thirsty. I never knew that Thirsty- Emall branch was not selling there anymore so I looked for another option and I found Quench, their stall looks almost the same as Thirsty's, green is their primary color just like Thirsty's and they also serve shakes from fresh fruits. Take a look at their stall:

I was almost fooled at first, I was actually thinking it is Thirsty but it was Quench. I gave it a try since they uses fresh fruits so I checked their menu and I have found one thing that differentiates them from Thirsty. And that is, their fruit shakes has yogurt in it. I was amazed and I haven't tasted that. Excited to take a sip so I asked the young lady which one is their best seller. She recommended the "Strawberry Yogurt with Mango Shake", sounds tasty right? I could not remember the other flavors, sorry! But here is my Strawberry Yogurt with Mango Shake: 

The packaging is not as attractive as Thirsty's but I like it more since it is transparent and so I can see what is inside. A brand logo is pasted in the transparent cup. It looks yummy so I took a sip and it was good. Much better than just a normal fruit shake because you can taste the yogurt in it. According to Elaine Magee of, yogurt is a pro-biotic food which means that there are living organisms that can result to a health benefit if an adequate amount was taken. Yogurt as well has protein because it came from milk which can help reduce the risk of Osteoporosis. So yogurt and fresh fruit is a perfect match! It is  indeed a healthy drink.

The super size which was Php60.00 worth was almost empty when James just can't take that I have consumed it all by myself so he asked me to buy him his own shake as well. So I went back and asked for their second best seller and she recommended "Melon Yogurt with Watermelon shake" and here it was:

It was pink and was tasty among all, it was healthy so James and I enjoyed the super size. 

Some of our friends took their own sips as well. The Strawberry yogurt with Mango shake was really the best!

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A Blessing in Disguise

I never thought that the qbay thingy last July which I have posted in my Things I hate About July was a huge blessing in disguise. I am now seeing the great things about it and the blessings I have received because of that experience.

At first I was really frustrated how that came out. I had great disappointment about it and that I was discouraged in doing my job. Even though i got a high CSAT score which is important, it was pulled down by my First call Resolution resulting to a Stack Ranking score of 70% and to the passing is 80%.

That was the darker side of it and the rest were all good ones. During the qbay period, I was like having a vacation. I only took calls for one and a half hours, and the rest of the day was spent with aux 5's.

After the two weeks vacation, I was surprised because I just received a two thousand worth of Sodexo Gift Certificates and six movie tickets. You can check the whole story at my I *heart* Surprises post.

Then today, see how the blessing in disguise worked out? Our account client from California just arrived and because the whole account got a total CSAT score of 8.68, he was super amazed about it and decided to give five centro devices to the top five agents, including me. Here is my second centro, I have white this time.

Isn't it a blessing after all?

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Supah Into Vampire Diaries
I am being supah addictive to Vampire Diaries right at this moment. It is just a great series, no wonder why my colleagues were also into it. I never had any intention of being a fan before, way before two days ago.

Two days ago, I was thinking of what to do when my rest days would come. I thought I will be bored, I have grounded myself because I am broke and payday is just like too long to come. So I asked James to download Vampire diaries for me. I never regreted that I asked him to because right now, I am just super into it. I have just finished the first season and I am dying to watch the second one.

I like the story, the twists, the ever nervous system threatening scenes, not to mention those ones that made me scream at the top of my lungs. Well, I am such a coward, I admit, the movie isn't that scary actually but the sound effects are. Everytime that I feel it is gonna scare me to death, I would lower down the volume and cover my eyes with my pillow or anything that could cover it.

I love the casts, yes I do. I am just mesmerized by Elena/Katherine's (Nina Dobrev) beauty and body. She just had that super curve body and she has an angelic face. She seemed perfect. I also like Damon (Ian Somerhalder), the first time he appeared on screen, I had already a crush on him. I like his bad guy aura and those eyebrows, I am just totally fascinated. I would admit, I don't like Stefan as much as I like Damon. Even if Stefan is the good one, I kinda like Damon more. Like this photo here:
photo from
I think Damon is soooo manly than Stefan, this is just my own point of view.

The movie talked about Elena who looks exactly the same as Katherine from the 1960's. Elena is the total opposite of Katherine. Katherine was a vampire and she was selfish and bitchy. She dated both Damon and Stefan making them both vampires as well. The people at the Mystic Town had learned about the vamps and they planned of burning them all at the church but then for some circumstances, Katherine escaped and the rest were actually hidden at the ground by a witch named Emily. Emily pledged her loyalty to Katherine that was why she hiden the other vamps instead of burning them out.

Stefan and Damon became vampires because they fed themselves with blood. They had Katherine's blood within them before Katherine was caught and so they went into transition. And then the rest was history until 2009 when Stefan saved Elena from an accident where Elena's parents died.

The first season ended with Katherine killing Elena's biological father, Jason. I am super excited to watch the second season. I just found out that the second season is up to the fifth episode yet. I thougt I am not yet behind it.

Another bloody fangs next time, this would be more exciting with Katherine and Elena and the Salvatore brothers.
More photos from
Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore
Nina Dobrev as Katherine and Elena


You take your own bloody experience too!!!


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Lots of Loads from Embee Mobile Wallet on Facebook

Believe me, this is true. I have just experienced it a few minutes from now. I received Php 300 worth of minutes or shall I say load from Embee Mobile wallet  on facebook. Promise, I am telling the truth, if you are doubting, then try it yourself.

So this is how it works...

You need to register to Embee Mobile Wallet first, you can either go to the application right away or it is better if you click here for my referral. There are a lot of ways to earn embee minutes, there are surveys, account sign up, watching videos and a lot more just click on the earn tab to know the other ways of earning minutes:

And oh! Before getting to this page, you will be asked for your phone number. There are three options for you to choose depending on your current balance. 

On my case, I earned 118 minutes and so, I attempted to redeem the 115 minutes that should give me 500 worth of loads but no luck, it was unsuccessful, I was unable to get capture the error message but it told about reaching the limited amount. I tried redeeming it for a couple of times but still there was an error message. So I gave up and clicked on the 90 minutes instead and clicked on the complete top-up button, after 20-30 seconds, I received an sms... *beep beep, my centro said. And as I checked it, TAAADDAAAAH!! it was 300 worth of minutes from Smart!

Totally amazing! So if you are curious about it and you're logged in to facebook right now, click here

You don't wanna miss this opportunity, don't you? 


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Testing Only

I have set an eye to this blogger feature here, if you haven't notice the envelope icon right beside your blog's name, you might haven't known that blogger has the option to post via email. Yes, they say you can post via email and that is the thing that I am trying to prove today.

This post is intended for testing so I maybe talking trash here but no worries, it is just for testing purposes anyway. Now, I want to post a photo, how will I do that? I might need to review the feature's capabilities though. Well oh well, as per blogger help, images attached to the email will be posted as well. Let's give it a try then!

If this would work, then two thumbs up for blogger. If I am unfortunate and this wouldn't work, then I will just forget about today and move on, anyway, I don't know if I could ever customize the font face, size or the color by this test post.

Whatever, but I have been wondering for this feature quite awhile already so I won't let today's shift end without getting any proof. Either it would work or not, this blog will show the answer.

Let's see… I am clicking send now…

Woooshoooo… SENT!

Oh oh! Where did the email go?

Hmmmm… let's wait and see…

it worked but not perfect, well I was the one who made it imperfect actually. After sending it, I refreshed the page and poop! the post was there. Unfortunately, blog was messed up. The sidebar gadgets were dislocated and was placed on the bottom. I almost freaked out!

So immediately, I edited the post and when I tried to save it, there were meta tags which are not permitting the post to be saved. I found out that those meta tags were from Microsoft Word. I created the post in word 2003 before I copied it to the email and had created the problem. I will create another email test post without using word and see what would happen.

But then, as I promised, KODUS to blogger! This is such a beautiful feature.


jean <3

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