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Harvey Tolibao: Philippines' Pride in Comic Illustration

I would not sleep today without posting this article about the Promdi artist who had made Filipinos proud when it comes to Comic book illustrations.

I am also been a fan to all artist may it be on any fields, painting, photography, sketch, name it. So when my colleague Rowena, we used to call her Mommy Dy told me about her college classmate who was featured in yahoo Philippines, I was super excited to read the article and know more about him. On the yahoo fit to post corner with Jiggy Cruz entitled Comic FanBoy sessions with Harvey Tolibao, he talked about Harvey's life in general and they have a question and answer portion as well. It was a summarized article actually so I researched about him more and bumped into this post from titled Harvey Tolibao: Promdi artist destined for the stars. This is more specific and to quote, this was posted last 2007, wew almost three years ago, this man must be very famous now. Indeed, he is and yet he is still has this down-to-earth personality.

Harvey Tolibao grew in Mindanao, specifically in Malaybalay City; I guess he got his talent from his father who was a painter. He studied college at Cebu Institute of Technology, known now as CIT University. He was a DOST scholar, this was an info given by my colleague since they were classmates before, she also told me that Harvey is a very good person and he is very humble. They used to ask him to draw them as well before. After college, he worked as a furniture designer and a tattoo artist (wow!!!). He went to Manila and worked as a web designer. He then found a way to get in touch with the person-in-charge of the Glass House Graphics (GHG) Inc. in Asia and then the rest is history. He is now well known in the field of comic arts.

Well, salute to you, Mr. Harvey Tolibao, another pride to our country and to our Alma Mater, CIT-University.

Here are some of his super cool cool works, grabbed from his deviantart porfolio.

Elektra Themed Teaser for Marvel
Deathwish Book 3 page 2

Anita Blake Laughing Corpse for Marvel Comics

More info and illustrations here:
> His creations are also in amazon.

And I have added him in facebook, hope he will accept my invitation! *Fingers-crossed*

Want to end this post with Harvey's own words: 
"...It’s really wonderful to work on something you dream of. Working in comics is my big dream; I didn't believe it became true. "


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Planetbiz: A once in a lifetime opportunity

"A gifted speaker can inspire with his words."

A true statement that is mostly applied when there are events like commencements or company parties and ceremonies.
Just a few hours ago, James and I had been inspired by a gifted speaker indeed, Mr. Noel Fuentes Velasquez, the founder and owner of Planetbiz International Inc.

He was the speaker at the company's Product & Business Awareness and Free Tasting Event at SM City Cebu, Conference Hall D. The event started at three in the afternoon, there were like 40-50 people inside the conference hall that time, James and I seated at the back part of the seats since we were already part of the company, we just joined Friday of last week, that was September 17, 2010. This is actually our first time to listen to the owner speak about the product and the company, we were really enthusiastic when we came there. Our enthusiasm increased when Mr. Noel started her talk. He talked about his job before, he was a registered nurse he worked at Makati Medical Hospital and Saint Luke (this hospitals are familiar to me because most Filipino actors and actresses talk about it). He also had worked abroad as a nurse, when he returned to the Philippines, he worked here in Cebu as a Med Rep which he found a comfortable and highly-paid job at that time.

One time when he was at a place somewhere in the city, he was approached by a beautiful and sexy lad who invited him for an event exactly the same as the event that is currently happening except the number of heads present, he told us that there were like 300+. He had then realized that it was a Network Marketing company and he joined that company, it made him a million-earner in a month and soon made him come to the idea of creating his own company. That was his training ground, his starting line. The one thing which really touched me was when he mentioned that he choose to share this great opportunity to people like us who are part of the low standard of living in the country instead of those that are already rich because he knows how it feels to dream to be riding on his own car and living in a full-furnished home, he dreamed to help his country men who has the vision to grow in life and reach their dream the same way as how he used to dream before.

Mr. Velasquez educated us about network marketing which is mostly known as networking or pyramiding and when you talk about it, almost everyone's impression is negative. This is because there were victims before of incorrect education about the said system. As what I have realized, networking has been living in our veins since the time we have started to think by ourselves. Example, in an employment system, we can see a tree of positions, the top head is the CEO or the owner down to the managers to the supervisors and lastly, to the employees. The employees do their best, they work hard for the company but who earns the most? Networking is present when we speak about a product and the other buy that because you have spoken good feedback about it, it is the power of the mouth and it is living in us. When you watch a movie and you were really satisfied about it, you recommend it to your friends and update your facebook status about it. Soon, your friends would watch the movie as well as those who don't know you, then the movie producers earned because of that. The only difference between them is that with what is present, you won't earn a penny but in joining this kind of business, you too are earning.

Mr. Velasquez then introduced to us the product which is the world's first alkaline drink and he named it Renefx (pronounced as ren-f-x) Ren stands for Reinforcing
Ef Effect. 

The ingredients are actually natural starting with Guarana, Green tea, Chlorella, DHA, Sodium Ascorbate, Vitamin B complex, B1 and B2. 
And take note, this has zero preservatives. With all of those natural ingredients, Renefx becomes a mall of all beverages and definitely a healthy drink. Instead of drinking soft drinks which can cause harm to the body, change the brand now and start drinking the one which is healthy to the body. For all other information please visit

So with a healty product, Mr. Velazques then explained confidently how we can market it to our families without doing any hard marketing. He also had explained further the way on how to earn more without directly selling the product. By joining the company thru buying an account, one can earn in nine ways, the best one that I could remember is the Inheritance, in this way, if there will be misfortunes and the distributor will die, the beneficiary will inherit all those earnings from the distributor's network. So imagine, if you are the head of the family and you have a child, if something bad happens to you, your family will not be left with nothing but all of the earnings will be given to them instead.

The talk was about three hours since when Mr. Velasquez ended his talk, it was almost six. He ended the talk with a short story about a young and a wise man. The young man approached the wise man and let him guess if the bird he has at his back is dead or alive. The wise man, wise as he is, said, "Young boy, if I say it is dead, you would let go of it and let it fly and if I say it is alive, you would squeeze it until it die." Mr. Noel expanded further that the decision actually doesn't lie in his hands but in our or shall I say your hands, the said business is a pioneering one which has been shared to us and it is a once in a lifetime opportunity, it depends if you has the vision and the dream the same as what he has to level up the standard of life that you are in right now.

James and I had left the conference hall with hearts full of inspiration and eagerness to strive to reach our dreams and goals in life.

I would like to end this post with this very striking quote:

“Success means doing the best we can with what we have. Success is the doing, not the getting; in the trying, not the triumph. Success is a personal standard, reaching for the highest that is in us, becoming all that we can be.”


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I am UP to Glee

"Are you into Glee?"

Glee fever is really up today, in Facebook posts, Gbuzz, Yahoo and a lot more. You can hear news about how it is famous now a days and how the whole world go crazy about it.  Teens and even grown-ups are streaming it online, some would buy pi**ted, no I won't say that but rather DVD or CD's of downloaded copies on the tables in the sidewalks. This is only to be on the hip of what is in.

But things are different to me, I was not into Glee before, yeah I mean that, before I would always hear my colleagues or college friends talk about it and how their eyes grow wide while reminiscing each song sung by the casts. I was curious then on how beautiful and lively it was just like High School Musical because they say it is also a musical kind of series and I was a fan of it. But there was no chance, or maybe I never opened my time for it. If I had a working internet connection at home then it could be possible enough to view it online, stream together same as how others do and update my status about it or go with the talks together with my colleagues about it.

Then Glee Season 1 had ended, yeah and I did not regret how it ended without seeing any episode.

And then the second season started airing and the best thing about it is that a Filipina singer is part of the casts. She is real famous right now and joining Glee is a really good thing and had encouraged me to watch it, at last. I bet you know who I am referring to, and yes you are right. It is Charice! The Youtube sensation and the Philippines pride, yes she is. 

Last week, I bought a copy of its first season and was really excited to watch it but then, what a surprise! It won't play, at all! Inserted it to the DVD drive like a hundred times, drive starts to spin and reads the DVD but nothing showed up, oh right, I just thought, I disabled the autorun feature. How could I've forgotten about it? So I went into the computer folder, now the DVD drive is just loading and the progress bar at the top is just progressing without reaching the end. It was just taking forever without any chance of playing. After a couple of times, I ended my agony and put the DVD back to its cover while saying "You're worthy to be in the trashcan."

I just ended up asking my boyfriend to download me a copy online and he nodded. One day after he brought the drive which contains the copy and now, I am recently watching it. And so far, I like it and I love Mercedes' voice and I just enjoy Sue Sylvester's disappointed face.

And to tell you, I had took a sneak peak with the second season and I am so excited about finishing the first season so I can follow through the story and start with the second one in which Charice is a guest.

You too, start doing the sign now and open yourself up to joy!


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Busico-Tobias Nuptial

September 18, 2010 – marks the wedding day of my college friend, Eugene Busico and Jasmine Tobias, his high school love. They were dating for almost six long years, there were break ups but they were able to make it up to the altar. They first planned to be married on September 19 since it is their anniversary but the church wouldn’t let them so they decided to have it a day before the 19th. 

The bride – this was taken before the ceremony, she was waiting for the ceremony to start.

The Groom - waiting for the bride. Eugene is with his mom and I was guessing, his uncle. They lost their father when he was in second year college.

Jasmine is with her mom and her brother. Her father is in abroad, he is an OFW and was not able to witness the wedding day of his daughter.

James and I were part of the entourage on their wedding ceremony; we were part of the secondary sponsors assigned for the veil. I was kinda hesitant to join because I was not informed about the dress code but since I was already there, I then marched on the isle and put the veil on the bride’s head. I was not aware what that means but I did some research why it needed to put a veil and a chord on them.

As what I have researched, the veil, according to Spanish Catholic custom, is placed over the bride's head and around the groom's shoulders as a symbolic gesture of his protection of his wife. The cord is tied in a figure eight. According to old Spanish Catholic custom, it symbolically binds the couple together.

In this photo, the groom is taking the bride by kissing her parents, apparently, only the bride’s mom.

The groom is putting the ring on the bride’s finger while saying his vows.

With the veil and chord attached to them.

Their first kiss as husband and wife. (apologize for the camera man at the back)

Mr. and Mrs. Busico.

After the ceremony, as a part of a culture, they need to go to the bride’s residence.
Our college barkadas, Jufni, Tiffany, Maria Tonette, Evariz and Nestor also were there to witness the wedding, unfortunately, they were late so they had only witnessed the later part, anyway, it is better to be late than not to be there. After the ceremony, we went to the bride’s residence. We didn’t imagine that Jasmine’s residence was far and rocky and it was at the top of the hill. But even though it was like it, we just think it was part of the adventure.

Making fun, this was the first part of the adventure towards the bride’s residence.

The bride’s maid also came along with the newlyweds.

 We were going up and down. A grassy path way towards the bride’s residence.

This is the most thrilling part of the adventure, the slope was like 45degrees and it was 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon.

Sa Kamaisan, in the corn fields. This is another adventure going up to the hill full of corns.

This was the scenery when we reached the top. Woaah! It was a rewarding feeling to see the sea view and the beauty of nature.

Lunch was served at the bride’s residence. There was lechon and a lots of food. We ate there and went down after.

Another round at the groom’s residence, in the photo is Tiffany, Jufni and Tonette.

Nestor and Evariz sipping her bottle of pepsi after eating her meal.

James and I had our own bottles of beer as well.

It was already dark when the throwing of bouquet started. No one caught the bouquet the first time the bride threw it, the second time around; still no one dared to catch it but I then picked it up.

We went home at almost seven in the evening; we wished the newlyweds a lasting love and many babies.

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Unboxing my new Sony DSC-S2000 Digital Camera

After all the thinking, I ended up buying the DS-S2000 digital camera from Sony. I was thinking about buying a different brand of camera but I thought about the future, what would happen to that camera after a year or so. I don't want to end up buying another one after a year because the first camera stopped working.

Every time I would bump on a new camera, I would search for reviews on the web about those models. Sad to say, all of them have reviews like it drains the battery fast and that after a couple of months, the quality just drops. After all the considerations between these brands, I finally decided to get a Sony digital camera.
This seven thousand Philippine money-worth of camera has a lot of same priced camera out there which offers way lot of functionality and features; however I still stick to this because Sony has been proven and tested to last long and the hardware side is really good. Among brands like Polaroid, Samsung and others, Sony I believe is the best.

I only have a limited budget because I set aside the half part of my money for a desktop. So since the DSC-2000 is the cheapest among the available cameras, I never hesitated to get it. I canvassed on a lot of stores like in metro Ayala, SM department and at SM-Cyber zone, all has the same prices so I just went to Sony-SM and bought it.

Today, join me in unboxing my new "digicam". The photos were taken using my Sony Erickson C902.

The photo above shows the box still with the seal on it. The outer part also has information about the camera. The model which is DSC-S2000, this is a cybershot model. It has features like 10.1 mega pixel, 3x optical zoom, 2.5 LCD screen (2.5”/6.2cm), steady shot, intelligent automode and smile shutter. The serial number and the POS bar code are also in the box. Most specially, it has the supplied accessories as well, two pieces of LR6 (size AA) alkaline batteries, dedicated USB cable, CD-ROM (Picture Motion Browser) and wrist strap not to mention the free 4gb memory card also. Aside from those mentioned, Sony Center had also included two rechargeable batteries, battery charger and camera purse.

Inside the box:
Free 4 GB SD card
CD-ROM (Picture Motion Browser)


The unit (DSC-S2000), USB cable, two disposable batteries, two rechargeable batteries and charger.

I was too excited to take my first photo; I took a photo of Patrick and Hello Kitty.

I almost forgot to include SpongeBob:

Yehey!!! Thanks so much to James Figues for accompanying me the day I bought the cam.

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Just Another Money Making Site

I added up a new banner on my Make Money Online page, it’s the Readbud referral banner; this replaces ImCrew’s banner, which I just found out to be a fake online making money site.

I was referred by a college friend, Roxan Tamayo after the experience with ImCrew and so far, I could sense that this isn’t fake at all. What I like about this site is that there is an effort in earning the money. You really need to read the whole article and that there are things you can learn with those articles that they give out.

In the creation of your account, you will also be asked to select 50 among the list of article categories. From Arts and Entertainment to Health and fitness to Internet business, you have the freedom to select which one would interest you the most. Of course you have the will to choose 50 or less than 50. 

Aside from that, you can also earn by referring someone to join the site. Unlike other money-making sites, the only way for you to earn the $5 referral is if and only when the person whom you had referred to had redeemed his own earned money as well. This is the only site so far that I have known to work this way. Because of that, I thought the site is not a hoax.

If you want to earn extra money while also learning, click on here.

Thanks! <3

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UnionBank: Zero Deposit Charge

I had been surprised by Union Bank today and because I am so thankful to them, I decided to blog and share it.

This morning, my mom sent me a notification. She said she is going to the city to buy something and to deposit an amount of money in my BDO account for my digital camera. After a few hours, she asked for my account number. I was no idea that the number in front of my BDO atm card is not the account number instead it is just the card number, that was so lame. She called and told me that the teller won't accept it, they need the exact account number. So I searched my room for my account number but I can't find any. I then decided to just deposit the money in my EON account instead. 

The very nice thing about EON's card is that the account number is placed in the card itself as well. Like this one:

The above numbers is the card number and the bottom is the account number. So without looking for any other document, I was able to send my EON account number to my mom. She then went to Union Bank's Tagbilaran Branch and deposited the money. After half an hour, she notified me saying that it was already deposit successfully. I was relieved after that.
After depositing, my mom also gave a feedback about their process. She said it is better to deposit in Union because there's no charge compared to other bank accounts. One more thing is that the branch isn't populated so the process was all flowing smoothly without any hassle. She even planned of getting an account in the future because of the very good impression. 

Thanks Union Bank!

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Simple Cupcakes

Hey guys!

Was very enthusiastic with creating cupcakes this past few days and I had forgotten to publish them online, so I am sharing these simple cupcakes to you. I named them Simple Cupcakes because they are created with few colors only and all on same design. They are super easy to create I just used brushes, pen and fill tools here. 

I also had modified the backgrounds; six have transparent backgrounds and the rest have dark backgrounds on it. You can use them for your scrapbooks or if you love to use it on a letter or anything, you can do it.

Download the zip file here.
Please visit my scrap booking blog here () as well.
Comments are highly appreciated.


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Facebook has been a useful resource for all businesses, small or large-scaled enterprises are into it, posting their own ads or promos. And with this, 7-eleven has came up with their own promo as well.

This is my first time to actually join a promo on Facebook so I am like super excited with this. I just found it out last night when a friend was tagged to the fan photo and the photo was kinda attractive so I opened it on a new tab. Surprised because the prize is a unit of YAMAHA MIO SPORTY Automatic. So I further opened 7-eleven’s profile and found the general mechanics which is:

1.    This promo is open to all Philippine residents with a Facebook account.

2.    Using a Facebook Account, become a Fan of 7-Eleven Philippines.

3.    Download the promo picture from the wall of 7-Eleven Philippines.

4.    Upload the promo picture on the wall of 7-Eleven Philippines.

5.   Tag at least fifteen (15 friends) in the photo. (There should be at least 15 friends tagged on the picture through the duration of the promo. If the drawn entry has less than 15 friends tagged, it will be considered invalid.)

6.    Only one (1) entry per account is allowed.

7.    Deadline of submission of entries is on 21 Sept at 11:59 midnight.

8.    Prizes at stake is one (1) unit YAMAHA MIO SPORTY Automatic.

9.    Grand Draw will be held on 22 September, 3PM at the Philippine Seven Corporation’s promo agency, Global Procurement Inc (GPI) office located at Unit 2402 88 Corporate Center, Valero cor. Sedeno Streets, Salcedo Village, Makati. The draw will be witnessed by a DTI representative.

10.   Winner will be notified through Facebook via the 7-Eleven Fan Page Account, thru Facebook private message, by phone and via registered mail.

11.   To claim prize, winner must present letter of notification from Philippine Seven Corporation agency, GPI, together with two (2) valid IDs IDs (IDs with picture on it):  Passport, Driver’s License, SSS or GSIS ID, Postal ID, Voter’s ID, NBI Clearance or Company ID.

12.    Prize can be claimed at Yamaha Y-Zone - Block 8 Lot 8 ADB Avenue Corner Opal Road, San Antonio, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.  For provincial winners, it claiming can be arranged to take place at the nearest Yamaha dealer store.

13.    Claiming period is sixty (60) days after receipt of notification.  Prize unclaimed after this claiming period will be forfeited in favor of Philippine Seven Corporation with prior approval of DTI.

14.    Prize are transferable but not convertible to cash.

15.    Prize is tax-free.

16.   Employees of Philippine Seven Corporation, Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines, Inc., PepsiCo International, Global Procurement, Inc., its agencies and participating outlets including their relatives up to second degree of affinity and consanguinity are disqualified from joining this promo.  All winners’ identities are subject to verification.

17.    Promo runs from September 12 to September 21, 2010.18.   

If you want to win the YAMAHA MIO SPORTY Automatic, download the fan photo, upload it back to 7-eleven’s profile, this means, you need to like the page first and tag your friends. If you are not from Luzon, there isn’t a problem if you win, 7-eleven had made ways for you to get your prize as long as a Yamaha outlet is there near your location. As simple as that, I hope luck will work for me this time. Good luck to every one who joined the promo!

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