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First Scrap Set

As promised, I have already published here my first scrapset collection. This is just a set of simple papers and scraps you can use in your scrapbooks. I hope you like it, though it is just really simple. I used photoshop CS4 in designing them and as you can see , it has one motif but flowers, mainly of color pink and light green. I am a newbee in this so please bare with me. I will improve in time but as of now, hope you will enjoy this free stuff.

Labyah guys!!! Kisses
Download zip file here!

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Things I hate about July

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July has come to an end, I should be happy because August is saying it's hello but July had left a number of disappointing happenings and unbelievable things in my work, love and social life. 

I just hope July is not a month at all, but there is nothing I can do with that. Anyways, these are the things which July had left me. Disappointing yet I need to learn from those things, so that next time, I will be more extra careful about things specially those that are work related.

This is how I look for the month of July, I am crying over these things down here...

1. I got enrolled in Qbay. This is the major disappointment that I had experienced for this month.This is not because I had a low score in CSAT but because I got a 0 score for the first call resolution which is 20% in the stock ranking metrics. I then got a score of 73.something for this month and because of this, I will  be on training for 2 weeks. I will spend 1 and 45 minutes only to take calls per day, well I guess it is a kind of advantage to me because in a way I can work more on my blog...hmmm... sounds good, isn't it?

2. Over break for almost an hour. I was so careless that I wasn't able to switch from aux 2 to aux 5 when we had our last team meeting for July. after that incident, I promise not to go on break 15 minutes before the time. Mark my word for that!!!

3. No health bonus in the next 15...this is just a result of number 2. I had been waking up early just to make sure I will not be late at work. I'm almost there but my carelessness had led me to goodbye health bonus. I will just say better luck next month. Hopefully I can be successful next month.

4. James and I had a major fight at it's last week, just 2 days after our 23rd month. The fight had ran for almost 4 days. We didn't talk and even care for each other. There were no calls or even sms, but good thing we were able sort things out. Now, we are on good terms already and are happy again... Love love love!!!

5. Missed Sarah G.'s meet and greet event at Jollibee Mabolo. I had forgotten that Sarah Geronimo will come at Jollibee Mabolo for a meet and greet event. I was very sad about it. I hope there will some other time in which I could met her and watch her concert live. Huhu!!

6. My EON atm card is still unavailable. I went to Union Bank Fuente branch for the 3rd time now but all they always say is that the card is still unavailable. How come James' account was processed immediately and mine is still missing? They advise me to call first before getting there. Hey, I tried calling but the line is always busy anyway. I am really disappointed for the thought that I would need to wait for another week. I'm getting impatient now.. X(

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Life's Simple Pleasures

Our life maybe full of worries, stress here and there but isn't it a nice feeling when we experience some of the simple events yet had brought happiness within ourselves?

Here are some of the simple pleasures I had experienced this week.

-waiting for a ride when an old man approached me and asked for help, he need to go home but he got Php 40  only when the fare is Php 80. It is a good feeling to know that you had helped somebody, knowing that he has a son waiting for him and his bought medicines.

-Tingbits(Ting Bitay Time) and my money is just enough for daily expenses until the next payday when I jumped into a used pants and found some bills in the pocket. Lalala...wasn't that exciting?

-heavy rain when going to work, PUJs are all fully loaded, I am already planning to take a taxi when at the other end a man in a van with my company name's banner is calling "Sykes, sykes, sykes!!!" Aha!! Thanks to my company for the free ride!

-woke up at 2:00pm in the afternoon and can't get back to sleep. I turned on my fm radio and had jumped into a cool station. A station which had a question and answer segment. It was relaxing and I was just busting in tears because of how funny the DJ was. I guess this station had thousands of followers listening to them daily because of that segment. It was the segment of Papa Joe.

-when I am down and brokenhearted, I usually have no one to talked to before. Last Monday, I was feeling so low and an old colleague and a friend chatted me and at that time, I found a shoulder to lean on. He as well found one in me as he mentioned. It was such a nice feeling to be sharing your sorrow and pain to someone who understands and had felt that way too. I had realized that time that even guys do understand us because they have been there as well. Thanks to you, true guy friend!!!

These are just simple yet happy things in life. I am wondering if you too had something to share also... :)

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EON experience

I apologized this took awhile for me to post this, but as promised, I have already applied for an EON account with Union Bank. James and I had applied for it together sometime last week of June, 2010. We then opted to go to Union Bank - Fuente OsmeƱa Branch. The branch is just small and there are only a number of people who does their transactions there. I brought with me two IDs, my company ID and my driver license ID. James had only brought with him his Voter's ID himself so it ended up that I am the only one who had applied that day. He then went back the next day to bring with him his SSS E-2 form.

The transaction was actually a piece of cake. The frontdesk guy gave us a form to fill up, it has only few fields in there so it only took maybe 3 minutes for me to fill up. After that, the front guy made a photocopy of my two IDs and attached it to the filled form. He told us to wait for two weeks and call their line to also check the status and in coming back to get the card, we need to bring Php 350.00 for the yearly fee. And that was it.

It took us almost four weeks to go back to the bank, we didn't even call, confident enough that the accounts are already available since it has been past two weeks since we applied for it. Unfortunately, the only account available was James'. I am very dissapointed because of the fact that I was the first one to apply since he just submitted the form the next day cause he lacked supporting IDs. The teller told me to call with in the week to double check on my account. I do hope I can get my account soon so I will be able to update my paypal account and get rid of the limitations.

I am already crossing my fingers.

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Goodbye Smartbro

Bye Smartbro!!!
It has been one year and five months, after all the money I had spent in relocating my smartbro connection and all the fees associated with it, I decided to just end it.

I moved to a new apartment and as a part of it, I need to also move my internet connection with me. The apartment is not that far, in fact it is just a house apart from the old one. I originally had no plans of disconnecting it. It was Smart who had forced me to do so. I don't want to stop my daily routine of being online all the time, may it be on yahoo, gmail, facebook, twitter and etc. I would love to still be able to download movies for free at any torrent websites so I can view new movies or at least stream my favorite Korean dramas online. I still want to be able to update my blog everyday, well, not everyday but atleast once a week or so. I have also subscribed to money making websites like neobux and gagabux but it seemed like I can't anymore click on those ads everyday.

As I've said, it wasn't me but smart itself forced me to do so. I only asked for an extension of the cable for me to continue my subscription with them. See? I don't have any problems with their connection, even though it took me a month to download the whole Prison Break Series, I would not want to end it truly.

When I went to Smart-SM branch, waited for my number to be called and requested for cable extension. The sweet lady asked me why and I told her the truth, I am moving to the next next door, she then asked me further, "Is it the same house, maam?", "Nope,but it is really near." I replied. "If that is the case maam, we need to process Relocation. Ow, here it goes again, I am familiar with that and it's charges. I need to pay Php 1400 for my canopy to be moved to the other roof which is just a small single jump away. Funny, are they serious? I know how that works and the purpose I requested for the extension is because I know for real that I can just leave the canopy at the old apartment and just extend the cable to the next door but they won't nod to me and say yes we can do that for you maam, you just have to pay xx amount of money. Well, I know they have their own processes and policies but atleast they should have given me other alternatives.

I then asked for another priority number and requested for a disconnection process. And the rest is history. I am now planning to start a new connection with PLDT. It would cost me the same amount of money and the connection is much more faster. I may need to be locked again for another year but hopefully I can be of better service with PLDT which is just a sister company of SMART. Well, yeah... sisters... Goodluck to me.

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