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Palm Goes Urban Rock for its 7th Anniversary

We had just a blast last night for Palm's seventh anniversary themed as Urban Rock. As what I have observed, this is far nicer and merrier than the party last year themed Lauau Party at a beach resort somewhere in Lapu-lapu. One thing that I loved at this were the presentations of each team. Since it was Urban Rock, the presentations were actually Band song interpretations or renditions. For our team, we decided to showcase a rendition of Sugarfree's "Kung Ayaw Mo na sa Akin". Markem was our vocalist, our team lead, Papa Joe was with the drums, Kim was with the base, Loreto and Stef were on the guitars and the rest of us were the back up dancers/singers. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a picture during our presentation but we had a video.

I can't upload the video here, just check it out here: 

Check out the SME's performance:
The prize for the team presentations was worth Php 10,000 and the judges were also not that easy. One of them was a professional tattoo designer, he had also a free hena tattoo session there. The other judge was a disk jockey at a certain station, I forgot its station name and the other one has a quite weird name, it souded like a Muslim name or something. Anyway, all the teams had a performance and I enjoyed all because all were good and some were funny.

Aside from the competition, there was a raffle draw as well, the account had given away five centros and three treo pros! I was praying for a treo pro since I already have two centros but unfortunately, I was not lucky enough. Loreto on the other hand was super lucky. After getting the attention of the crowd due to Akit's (the male host) joke about him, his name was picked out of that fish bowl. He was super super lucky! I envy him.

I was not able to witness the announcement of the winners since it was already 11:30 in the evening and we still have a duty that night at 12 midnight. Akit called us as Losers but I don't think we were really since the next day, it was Bonifacio's Day and it means double pay. Eventhough we were unable to witness the rest of the guest bands, we still have an alas and that is the double pay we get for going on duty that night.

Check me during the event: 

Papa Joe's Team Picture:

Let's see what would be next year's palm party theme will be...

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i Subscribed to Bob Ong's Books

Who knows Bob Ong?

I was in college when I first bumped into his first book entitled A B N K K B S N P L A K o ? !. We were in the college library back then together with my college classmates and friend when Benjie, the genius kido of the group started sharing to us how funny the book was. He would read out loud the passages and all of us would start laughing secretly, sometimes we can't help but burst in laughter then the librarian would bell the ring a hundred times to stop us from making noise. This kind of scenario repeated a couple of times until we were asked to go out of the library. Lols, that was a shame. But we had fun so Benjie continued reading and we laugh.

I was super into that book that I want to borrow it, it was a property of our library though but the genius kido made a way to take it out the building. I never heard of the book anymore until last week when I started to read again. I then thought about something which can make me laugh and thought about that book. I went to National Bookstore in Mango Avenue and looked for Bob Ong's book. At first, I thought I will read from the start of his book list but ended up getting the second book entitled "Bakit Baliktad Magbasa ang mga Pilipino". Yes, all his books are written in Tagalog, he has some english words on it specially on the second book, it covered the real things happening to the Philippines and why those are being experienced by the people. I do agree at some point that some Filipinos aren't concerned with our country, some maybe but at the end of the day, they aren't. You will soon find out that these negative vibes we get are results of our own doing.

I have also noticed that Bob Ong dislikes Former Pres. Erap Estrada, learned that he created website called "BOBONG PINOY" but was put down for reasons only he can tell. I regret I was not able to visit that site before it was disbanded. Anyways, after the website, he then started writing books resulted to these list of books he had already written.

Obviously, I am done with the second book, I should have purchased the third one but I decided to purchase the first book for the purpose of reviewing its content and I want to get full package collection of his books and writings. The books are pretty cheap. I have also found out how the book has captured a lot of attentions as well. In fact when I was still looking for the section which contains it, I asked the sales lady, she leaded me to the spot and then said, "Daghanang nangita ug Bob Ong, uy" (A lot are looking for Bob Ong's book.)

I am now starting to read the first book and I am bursting in laughter again. If you want to know why, then try to purchase one as well, it's only Php 150 and it's definitely Worth the money!
that's me with abnkkbsnplako?!

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What Time Is It?

Thanks to clocklink I have my customized clock now on my website... I like it because of the note design it fits quiet good with my website. I first had found the link on a website which I am following. I always wanted to have one my blog too so I immediately clicked on the website link. 

Getting your own clock is super easy as easy as 1-2-3 actually. Just select your preferred clock design and poof ... you have the html codes on an instance. All you have to do is to copy and paste it on your site. Oh! If you are using blogger as well, you need to pick the html gadget and then paste the code in the text field. Save it and there you go, you have it right there and then. Its a flash clock so it's also moving and ticking. Just like what I have in my blog. 

Select your own design now and show it on your site or blog! Its super easy and stress free. No need to sign up just select and copy!

Have a good one! 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Eugene's First Child: It's a Baby girl!!

She was 6.1 pounds, born in a normal delivery way before the expected date at Simbahon Clinic in Talisay City, Cebu. She was named Hyacinth Clarette Tobias Busico, first child of our college friends, Eugene Busico and Jasmine Tobias. She has her mommy's brother's look when I first saw her. I know her physical appearance will change as she grows but I am already thinking that she will look like Jasmine in the future.

Her parents were expecting her early in December but she came out in a date which is real special for her parents, the 19th. Her parents' anniversary is September 19, they planned to be married on September 19 but for some church related reasons, they moved it a day before instead, the 18th. And most importantly, she was born on November 19, 2010. They are blessed with such a healthy baby girl. 

Unlike some other preggy moms' delivery day where in they would feel random pains, Jasmine was the total opposite, she never thought that was the day, she was preparing their breakfast when her water broke. She never felt any pain at all but since her water was already running, they went to the clinic right away. It was a funny story though when Eugene told us their experiences, when Jasmine's water broke, they still manage to walk to the highway and rode a taxi, they were not ready about the delivery to the point that even "lampin" they don't have. Eugene needed to run to Gaisano  Tabunok, he waited until the mall would open at 9:30. Jasmine then gave birth to her baby girl 12 noon that same day.

We visited them the next day, they were about to go out the clinic also. I was totally amazed how Jasmine was able to recover right away. 

 Jasmine was in the doctor's office when baby Yang2 cried, so Eugene let her drink her bottle milk 
 Tiff and Baby Hyacinth
 Me and baby Yang
 A blessing from heaven, now Eugene needs to work more harder for her little angel. And Jasmine needs a couple of rest and more training on how to take care of the baby, Jasmine is still 19 and Eugene is 22. The parenting part is tough but having her is an eternal blessing.

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Jean for Hair Spa and James for Hair Cut

After a year or so, James had finally decided to cut his long shiny hair.

I was also reluctant thinking about it at first and I thought he could just let it grow longer until it can be made into a wig. Lols.

His reason? He just want a change, said he needs to create a great change in him so he can gain more respect when facing business people.

So we went to Juvel Salon in Emall and got my number, of course I need to have a hair cut too. The guys just have to line up but the ladies needs numbers for some reasons. I was being so nice to the gay who was persistent in persuading me to have a hair spa, it was only worth Php 300 so I agree. While he/she was washing my hair, she was telling stories about his/her boyfriends and experiences about boys then there he goes again, persuading me to have my hair re-bonded. I don't like that, I have my hair re-bonded for a couple of times, it does straightens the hair but after a year, you would suffer the consequences, this can be because the salon that I have been to the first time was not that credible. However, when I had it the first time, it lasted for a year, take note, it was with a not so known salon in Bohol and I was in my senior year in high school that time. I was like paranoid when my hair started to break and I had like a thousand hair falls a day (this is exaggeration). And I said, I will never take any re-bond sessions again, No more!

But when I was in college, I guess that was my sophomore year, I just thought of getting my hair re bonded at Juvel- Colon. I had such a wonderful hair after the session. Straight, shiny hair. I felt super happy. But after three days I guess, it became wavy again, what the? I paid like almost two thousand bucks for the hair to last three days only? So that ended my re-bonding dream.

Going back, though the gay man insisted to have it re-bonded, I firmly opted for the hair spa. While I was in the steaming process, the barber was also starting to cut James’ hair. I could hear the other guys asking him how many years he had grown the hair and I smiled when I heard the barber said: “You sure you wanna cut this thing?” and then before starting he said, “I will now cut it” and James nodded. 

I started first and ended last. It took about an hour for the hair spa to finish. I was satisfied with the results actually; for once I have a straight hair again. I know it will go back to wavy after a day or two.

James in the other hand looks like a clean bad boy with his haircut. He left a few long hairs at the back part as a remembrance of it. 

James with his new hair
 Me with my straight hair..lols

Happy hair day for the both of us!!!

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Another Victory for the 8th time

November 14, 2010 - Marks Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao's fight with Margarito from Mexico for the World Boxing Council Super Welterweight title. In the states, it was actually dated as November 13, 2010. Held at Cowboys Stadium Arlington, Texas.

Pacman is quite famous here in the Philippines and is considered as The Pambansang Kamao (National Fist). He recently had been voted as a Congressman as well.

This was my first time to watch his game in the actual time, before, I would wait for the coverage by either GMA or ABS-CBN. I am thankful that Jeff, our business partner had bought us tickets to CICC in Mandaue.

During the fight everyone was super excited, I was cold as well. I was feeling anxious really, it was like I am the one whose gonna fight. Margarito was tall and kinda calm while they were introduced so I thought this will be tough for Pacman. But during the fight, he had shown once again that his speed, strength and brilliant strategies were his best asset. There were alot of times that Margarito tried to punch Pacman but he was unsuccessful. But in all fairness, Margarito was strong as well. Imagine, he was cut during the fourth round, was filled with Pacman's fists since round one and face was swelling already since round three or four I guess.

These are the people at the CICC during the fight, everyone was really excited and each time Pacman will hit Margarito, everyone will stand and shout. Imagine it, can you see the picture? I have also shouted to the top of my lungs during the fight and that was really a nice fight. Margarito was such a fighter, he had fought all through out the game and stood firm even if he was cut on his right eye. 

After the fight, all were clapping and shouting about the victory that Pacman had just owned. Congratulations Pacman!! Another pride for the Filipinos.

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My User-Friendliest phone

This is just my own point of view about the user-friendliest phone I have ever used in my entire life. I did not expect meeting my ever-favorite phone ‘til we went to Oslob for the Souls Day. I did tell you that we went to Bohol last Oct. 31. That is true and a day after that, we went back to Cebu and then to Oslob, at James’ hometown for the Souls’ Day.

I was astonished to see a Nokia 3310 on their table so I took it and scan through it. Memories from my high school days were flashing back. This was my first phone when I was in my sophomore year and that I was so addicted to this phone, thinking I had the best phone in town, lols, well for that time. That was high school though, year 2003 and to recall, Nokias were really famous that time and the most famous phone was the 3310 unit. I could consider it as the user friendliest phone ever to note, why? Because its size is cute in compare to the first ones and you can hold and text with just one hand, reason why it is best for people who are into text-mates, text-brigades and etc. 

It has a couple of applications, to name: phonebook, messages, chat, call register, tones, settings, call divert, games, calculator, reminders, clock, profiles, and picture and get it or the sim program. Basically, if you come to think of it, these are like the basic functions that a person needs for a phone. The mobile phones that we have right now are too complicated and more hi-tech but if you are looking for just texting and calling, this phone is what you need.

These are the simple but some of the things I love about the phone:
Messaging: simple and easy to work with. Standard keyboard is really user friendly; you can text with hand or both hands. Phone book function: Using keys up and down, you can search for your phone book, super easy! 

Games: There are four games on it, namely SNAKE, SPACE IMPACT, BANTUMI and PAIRS II. I love SNAKE the most; this was my first ever favorite mobile game. Up until today, I could still score a thousand even if I haven’t used it for years. When I checked James’ sister’s phone, it has a high score of 900+ only so I tried to play with it and bypassed 900 using level 9 and maze 1. See my video here:

Today, it is so rare to be seeing people using this type of unit, most of us are already using QWERTY keyboards, dual sim phones, china phones/myphone/iphones and a lot more with hundreds of functions. This is just a sign how technology grows fast day by day and the saying “There is nothing constant in this world other than CHANGE” applies to all things. So even if I love this phone, I had still been changing phones every time there is a chance to. But, to review all those phones I had used from Nokia, Siemens, Sony Erickson, Samsung to Palm, Nokia 3310 had left a forever treasured memory that I am still good at playing SNAKE. Lols…

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November's Quote

This should be posted last week but I almost forget it until I reviewed my phone's memos. I got this quote from a Facebook friend's status message. It goes like this:

"No matter what life hands us, just remember...Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass - it's about learning how to dance in the rain."
Be inspired!

Good day guys and check out the other quotes here!

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Time out at Ice Castle's

One of the most famous sport games here in the Philippines is Basketball, almost every guy, boy even some of the girls play this sport. Basket rings can be seen in almost all the street corners, on fiestas and grand celebrations, there are leagues and even if there are no occasions, guys team up and play basketball.

Most of our partners in Planetbiz are boys, they set a date for a monthly game and for this November, we went to Day-as Gym last night, that's November 7, 2010, for a two hour game. Even if most of us were late, the game kept going on. The girls served as courtesy booths of the boys' properties and we as well cheered for them. The game started at 6:00pm and ended at 8:00pm. 

 the players and the cheerers..some were still at the back changing clothes, too bad they were not able to make it when Pau pressed the button!

There were no water vending machines there so everyone were all thirsty and hungry so we decided to go to Ice Castle in Rain Tree Mall Branch. James and I didn't have supper yet that time so instead of ordering deserts right away, we ordered Pork Belly for me and Chicken Strips for James. 

chicken strips for Php 95
 two pieces pork bellies for Php 90, this tastes really good!

The chicken strips were not that good, it costs Php 95. We only tasted the flour and there was like zero chicken. However, the Pork Belly was very good and it costs Php 90, there were two pieces and I immediately ate them. Oh! I also had gave James some, its not like I am a "matakaw" girl. 

Halo halo special for Php 68

When I am done eating, I ordered their Halo halo Special. It costs Php 68 and it was good. I have eaten Ice Castle's Halo halo Special a lot of times and it still tastes good. This even tastes much better when friends are there too.

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No More Embee Mobile Wallet ? You kiddin' me?

This is an update for my Lots of Load from Embee Mobile Wallet.

I logged to facebook today and clicked on my embee link, I just found out that the Embee Mobile Wallet is now called EmbeePay, and Embee Minutes are now called Embee Points. So YES, I am just kidding here. It doesn't mean that Embee won't be giving loads anymore but they had just changed its name because they had gone bigger! We can use our Embee Points to get NOT just free mobile for talk and text, but also music, games, apps, and more!

As of now, I have 88 embee points so I started clicking agin through those surveys for more! But when I redeemed my points, I have found out that Embee had just lowered their redeeming points to 80 instead of 90 points. 

So I hurriedly clicked on the redeem link and topped up my phone!

In just less than a minute, I received my load! Ahahaha...

just a proof! :)
How about you? Keep earning those Embees and get your own loads now!

Thanks Embee!!

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A long trip to Bohol

November 1 – this day is intended for All Saints and it is also a date where families will be reunited again aside from Christmas season. So, the same as the other working people, I had also filed a vacation leave at the said date so that I can go home to Bohol and spend the Holiday with my family. I never thought I could still go home since my leave application was not approved a week before the said date, I was very thankful to my team lead that he had found a way so that the Operations Management team finally had approved it one day before Saturday, October 30,2010.

We had our Halloween Party last Saturday so James and I decided to Bohol on Sunday, October 31, 2010. We went to Pier 3 at 5:00 in the morning to catch the 5:45 trip for a fast craft for Tubigon, Bohol. Unfortunately, the fast craft for that said schedule was already fully booked due to the Holiday and most of the people working in Cebu were going home. So the person in charge at the ticketing booth told us to just buy the ticket for the next schedule which was 7:00 in the morning. We agreed though since they said that if the fast craft will be full before the scheduled time, then they will go ahead.

starcrafts 2
We were inside the waiting area where a lot of the passengers were also waiting for the gate to be opened and go inside the vessel. It was already six when the gate was opened and we went inside and seated at the upper deck, it was an open window area, I liked it because I can see the outside view. The vessel did deport the port ahead of time; it was 6:45 in the morning when the vessel deported. The nice thing about this kind of vessel is because it would only take an hour to reach Bohol and the ticket is only Php 200.


Leaving pier 1
we were passed by Ocean Jet 6 which was on its way to Tagbilaran Port

We reached Tubigon Port at 7:45 AM; I was also surprised because the Galeon Andalucia was there. It was in Cebu a couple of weeks ago and I was dying to visit it when it was there but I never had a free time. It was indeed a surprise when I found it there, it was still close, and they said it will deport the island that day, I felt lucky that I was able to catch it before it leaves.

Galeon Andalucia

in a distant view

It was such a long day for the two of us, we started the day at 4:00 in the morning, got ready and went to Pier 3 at 5:00, bought our tickets and went in the Star Craft vessel which deported at 6:45, reached Tubigon at 7:45 and spent about 5-10 minutes taking photographs of the Galeon Andalucia. Rode a van for hire at 7:55 going to Tagbilaran which took us an hour, we then went to Island City Mall to have breakfast; it was already nine in the morning that time. We were about to go out but we thought of buying some Pizza at Greenwich for pasalubong. I was waiting for my order when I heard someone calling out my name; it was actually my old friend, Virgilio Galinato who was attending the Dunkin Donut Place. We had some small talks. And I decided to buy a box of assorted donuts as well. It was already 9:45 when we bid our goodbyes and rode another van to Guindulman. 

It was a two hour trip, we also managed to sleep inside, we woke up when the van stopped at a spot where an accident happened, we had witnessed how the neighboring people lifted a green van and pulled a dead man wearing a red shirt out of the van, they said it was the driver of the said van. We also saw another bloody man seating at the back of a four wheeled vehicle, he was still alive but his eyes were closed, they’re going to the nearest hospital. 

It was like a dream for me, no not a dream but a nightmare to be witnessing that kind of happening, a green van and a tricycle both were turned upside down after bumping each other. I really don’t know what exactly happened but their collision was a possibility. Anyhow, we reached home at 11:45; it was really a long and tiring day.

Here is MV Starcrafts’s schedule and rates for your reference!

cebu (Pier 1)                         tubigon
5:45 AM                                 7:00 AM
7:00                                      8:30
8:30                                      11:00
10:30                                     12:30 PM
12:30 PM                                2:00
2:00                                       4:00
3:30                                       5:45
5:30                                       7:45

BUSINESS : php 280
TOURIST : php 220
ECONOMY : php 200

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How I made my Witch cape in less than an hour

So, it's Halloween fever and parties are in every corner. What else would be in our minds when this season comes? Of course, those scary stories, bloody and cold bodies and gross costumes. Well, this year I joined a Halloween Party for the very first time and made my own Witch Cape.

There's no other simple attire or shall I say costume than the Witch so I decided to be wearing one. I was able to buy the witch hat and the fake nails. I don't have a broom though, I don't kinda like the thought of holding one. I looked on the prices of those capes and they were all expensive so I thought I can make one, I thought it was easy. I bought a four meter black cloth, two meters for me and for James.

I was not surprised, it was really easy indeed. I'll gonna show you how I made it in just an hour.

First, I prepared the things needed:

a pair of scissors

thread and needle

and of course the cloth

I also had used a chalk and a ruler in measuring the hood for the cape. So everything is all set up now

Step 1:  Using the ruler and the chalk, I started it with measuring a 30"x15 rectangle out of the cloth which was laid on the floor. Cut it out and this is the cloth for the hood.

Step 2: I hemmed the edges of the hood,  the photo above shows a hemmed hood already. The rest of the cloth was set for the cape, I want it to be longer so I did not measure it anymore, anyways, it was two meters long.

I am not a pro in stitching... lol, look at my running stitch...

Step 3: I loosely straight stitched the about 1/2" from top edge of the cloth for the cape, this was the easiest part though. After which I scrunched the cloth by holding the end thread while evenly gathering the cloth along the thread until the edge of the cape is the same length as the hood.

Step 4: I placed the cloth as is and the hood on top in a position where the hemmed edges are shown, I then stitched them together, take note, I only used the Running Stitch the whole time.

almost done! this was the tiring part

Step 5: Once done with stitching the hood and the cape together, in the same position, I folder the two edges of the hood and stitched it along the new fold part.

Step 6: I stitched a ribbon-like cut cloth or rectangle cut for the cape ties. One in the right side and on the left inside the edge of the cape. 

Wear it and tie it around the I am with the cape:

weeeeeh !! I loved it.!!

That time, I was ready for the Halloween Party! See some of my friends at the party wearing 'em:

James and I

Evan Marie

Special thanks to DIY Fashion for the simple yet very easy tutorial!

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