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Jejemon or Jejebuster?

Jejemons are becoming famous nowadays as a matter of fact, they are already the talk of the town, even on the news and on the media as well. Recently, the Department of Education is alarmed with this also. The fact that most of those who uses Jejenese are the teenagers, they can't bare the fact that this really affects the education of our future children.

Well, for those some who are not aware of this spreading phenomenon, let us track where this jejemons came from. Jejemons are actually those people who uses Jejenese, their language which are very common to those teenagers who are used to having "textmates." Jejemon is a shortened word for "jeje" monster. In my opinion, the word jejemon has been derived from the word "jeje" which is the equivalent of "hehe". Okay, here we go, say for example, greetings in the phone, a normal message would be like this, "Good Morning" but a jejemon would send it like this one, "gUd mOwn!N9", the worst are those "tagalog" or "bisaya" textmessages, they would exaggerate the texts and change them to those characters that resembles the letters, they are however still readable but most of them are really annoying. Let us see some more jejenese down below and there equivalent:

> aQcKuHh- means me/ako
> lAbqCkyOuHh- means I love you
> yuHh- means you
> jAjaJa- garbled words conveying laughter
> jeJejE- a variation of jAjaJa; conveys sly laughter
> iMiszqcKyuH- means I miss you
> eEoWpFhUeEhsxz - means hi/hello

Those were really exaggerated ones but before this started, it was already known that we Filipinos would shorten up the words specially in textmessages for the reason of saving space and money, ofcourse if you will type all words correctly, you will end up sending three pages of messages and that will cost you three pesos.

So, if there are Jejemons, of course there should be something here that dislikes them and they are the jejebusters. From the word busters, they are those who are not in favor of the jejenese, they are those who are irritated and annoyed by the exaggeration of their messages. Have you labeled yourself already as a jejemon or a jejebuster maybe? As for me, I won't deny the fact that I too may use some jejenese. I find some more easy to type like when I say "you" it will be only "u", this actually saves space and energy right? And there seem to be nothing wrong if some say "jeje", I find it cute anyway. But there are people who are really making it more complicated and that has gone worse which already involved the country's status as the Center for teaching English in Asia and Pacific. There are news now that the Department of Education is discouraging the students to use jejenese and instead use the correct grammar and construction of sentence as to practice proper English.

I tried to search on the internet about this Philippine phenomenon and I was surprised because wikipedia has a definition of it already, try to check this link. As described in wikipedia, it is a pop culture phenomenon only in the Philippines, does this makes our country proud? As what my instinct told me, this started because of the limited text message space on phones. And it is really funny because the phenomenon started when someone from the Pinoy tumblr had choosen Vice Presidentiable Jejomar Binay as Jejemons' preferred candidate during the 2010 National and Local Election.

Well, hopefully eventhough we seem to use jejenese sometimes, we should still be able to talk and write proper English specially for those students. Just be creative on textmessages and not on examinations.

And lastly, I have here my jejename: jun3br!d3 / j34n, cute right? Hehe or Jeje... Peace everyone!!!

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Google features Pac-man's 39th Anniversary

Today, google features the all time game Pac-man in their homepage because it is Pac-man's 30th anniversary. So this game is already three decades old, it is older than me actually. When I opened, I was strucked to the graphic picture on the page, and it was the normal pacman game screen with the google word on it. I was surprised then when it started to move. It was actually a Pacman interactive game onscreen, surprising huh? So I had played a couple of game sets but I never won. I was always eaten up by those little monsters who takes time to turn blue.

Going back to history, Pac-man is an arcade game developed by Namco. It was released in Japan on May 22, 1980. It has been universally considered as one of the classic and the most famous game of all time.

Going back to basics, the player controls Pac-man, that yellow smiley like thing through the maze while eating pac-dots, after eating all of them, Pac-man will be taken to the next stage. There are four monsters in the maze, Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde. Follow through the picture below: 

They would roam to catch Pac-man and if a monster touches pac-man, a life is lost. However, those monsters also has weakness, they turn blue when Pac-man eats power pellets and during this time, Pac-man has the ability to eat those monsters. They turn white first before going back to their normal states. The game is pretty simple it is just a matter of controlling the cursor or the joysticks. This is a simple game yet an exciting one. As for me, I would always scream when those monsters are already running after Pac-man when I play. This is the most enjoyable part because it has thrills on it. 

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Double date + Elm Street + KFC = good time!

We went to a double date last night at SM Cinemas. Together with James, Daryl Gapor and Tittah, we watched a scary movie entitled A Nightmare at Elm Street then we went to KFC for dinner after, that was almost 9:00 in the evening.

We were ten minutes late for the movie so we did not see the first part. However, the movie was really scary that even if it was still ten minutes running time, it has already shown scary scenes.

So, the story sorrounds about the kindergarten schoolmates who had a not so good experiences when they went to kindergarten. There was this gardener in their school named Freddie who was very close to them, especially to Nancy, I am not so sure what was that thing which he was doing to the children which had made their parents decide to burn him in a creepy room where he was hiding.

Their parents thought it was the end of their nightmares but when the children grew and went to secondary school, the nightmare started to come over again. They thought that as long as their children will not remember the things which had happened, they are already safe, however, they did not know that the ones who were hunted by the gardener were their children. The killing strategy was kinda tricky, it is when they are asleep that the killer will start his play. First murdered was this man who fell asleep in the resto together with his girlfriend, Kris. Kris was the next one as well who was already hallucinating things at school. She would try to awaken herself when she knew she is already having nightmares but then that time, she didn't wake up. She was totally killed by the gardener and next to her was the man whom she slept with the last night of her life, the guy saw everything but since he was afraid that he might be accused to killing her, he ran off to Nancy who has been also having nightmares. This guy was put on jail but then was also killed when he was inside the den. 

The story was focused on Nancy and Dion who were the last two of the children. Dion, just to make sure he will not fall asleep, takes in medicine. However Nancy don't like taking in medicine so she would often gets sleepy but still can recover from the nightmare until this time when they had decided to make the move for this thing to put to a stop. They went back to the preschool where they found Freddie's room, there they had recall the things that Freddie had done, there were pictures of Nancy, which they did not let audience to see, I am not really sure what happened at that place but there were like sketches made by Nancy. They then thought that Freddie had asked them to not tell anyone about the things that he is doing to them but turned out that they had revealed it to their parents which was the sole reason why Freddie was angry at them.

At that place, they both went asleep but they were able to conquer it and then Freddie was also killed. Nancy cut off his right hand where the metal thing was attached to and was used for the murdering and then she also cut off his neck. They then had burt out the whole place and they were able to survived.

I thought that was the last scary scene but the ending went out to be one. It was when Nancy went home and her mother also came in, they were talking when her mother had laid her things on the table and when she standed up again, it was Freddie whom Nancy was facing already and then he killed her mom and that was the end. I ended up still screaming that time. 

After watching the movie, we went straight to KFC at the second floor and ate our dinner together. It was already 9:30 in the evening when we decided to go home. Tittah had paid our fare, so nice of him/her. Hehe

Anyways, hope you too had watched that movie and if so, hoping you can drop on a comment in this post! Thanks!

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Happy Anniversary Wave 60!

Just celebrated my first year here in Sykes Asia Inc. So happy to be working in a technical account since fluentness of the foreign language is not a necessity though it is important. I love my wavemates, I love our bond and I also love the respect we show to each other. Originally, we were 20 as a full wave, as of now, we are only nine left. Two of us were transferred to a different team but we still keep in touch through gmail or outlook.

Just to mention, if I could still remember, my wave mates were Kevin Pulvera, the first one to resign the very first night we took calls for the main reason that his customers were much more knowledgeable than him. I could not remember who were the next to resign or to go on AWOL but we had Nikolai, forgot his last name, I believe he is still studying today, we had EJ, Houer Baduel, this guy is really unique, I could not forget his line when he asked the customer "Sir, can I hold you?" instead of "Can I place you on hold, Sir?", good thing that was just when we were doing our rehearsal with a teammate and not with an actual customer. Next was Voj De Guzman, this was the sleepy head of the group, this is primarily because he was still going to school at STI in the morning and works at night, one instant where in I could not forget him was when he was documenting his call and suddenly, I just noticed there was a continuous beep by a keyboard, looking back since I was just seating beside his station, I found out he was actually sleeping. His document page was already full o letter 'A'. We also had the fashionista gal, Tina. I could not forget her star tattoos around her waist. She is sexy and the reason she resigned was because of family problems. Next was Jeansen Dianne Torre, a Boholana like me, she went on absent without leave, she was sick that time and was not able to call in for two days, she was then shy to go back to work and just let it be that way. We had Louella Jane as well, we call her Lae. She was so fond of this Korean guy named Heartbreaker, I am not sure but it sounded like that. I just love his shoes anyway, hehe. She was the one who gives us updates about the group of Sandara, the 21 girls. Next was Aya, a very outrageous lad, I believe she was the most experienced wave mate I knew. She had worked in Convergys, in a callcenter in manila and one in IT Park as well. She was also a Prodigal daughter and just like me, she was a daddy's girl. I believe she is now in Manila working as a callcenter agent still. We also had Mark from Tellecare, he was a bisexual and was a kind of a "mahangin". Well, I just let him be like that when we were seatmates and I thank him, I really learned many things about the job. We had John as well, a registered nurse from Cebu Doctors' University. He also had worked in Convergys before and he need to resign because his granny was ill and he needed to attend her. On facebook, I had found out that he was a music lover, cool side of him. We had Dyreen, Ilongga, she was so cute that you will be surprised when you ask her her age. The first time we met, I thought she was 17 or 18 but found out she was already 26 and is married. Shocking really, it looked like I am older than her. The special thing about her was that she has been into a relationship for five or seven years, I guess but ended up breaking with that guy and then got married with another guy whom she has been for seven months only. Super!! I would not forget Mercy as well, also a Boholana. She was the Miss Friendship of the group because she had earned a lot of friends on the floor. She had a great crush on this guy named Alberto and we would always tease her about him. Well, she had a bad experience though and was the reason why she had to leave the account. But, as I can see, she is happy and contented with her work today. We had Bern Angulo as well, the small but terrible licensed engineer of the team. We get along so well with this man, he has a girlfriend who is also a Boholana so we talk much about her and Bohol. He was a cool guy, he had been a top agent and was good in taking calls for me. The reason why he resigned was because of the financial side. Well, as of now, he is with Convergys already and supporting Windows 7 account.

So those were the teammates who went on their ways, so the persons left are, yours truly, Tanya Mae Pinili, Daryl Gapor, Reggy Sultan, Kyle Magallano, Malvin Kim Diaz, Evan Marie Penzon and Loreto Gaerlan. Happy Anniversary guys! Way to go... Looking forward to more years together!!!

Here is our first picture as a whole wave:

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Team Building Day 2

As promised, I will be updating you with the things that we have done during the second day of our team building at El Paradiso Resort Alcoy, Cebu. 

As for the second day, we started it with a good breakfast and we had fun with our games. We played "Pinoy Henyo" which was taken from the noontime show of GMA 7, Eat Bulaga. It was a funny game actually and we also played Charades which is really common to outings like this. Team Michelle won the two games, supposedly, there were prizes given but we already ate them before arriving at the resort, so we ended up swimming though. The sea was alluring but the itchy thing is still there. We went to a deeper part where the ramp was located, the boys had fun jumping over and diving to the sea. I was able to get there by swimming but most of the girls were not, as a solution, they rented the paddle boat which cost them Php 100 an hour. They were able to reached the ramp part but they did not get out of the paddle boat, instead they returned to the shallow portion. I also rode on the boat, in fact, we tried going to the much deeper part but the boat was so slow that in which I had thought it was better to swim by yourself, haha. 

After the sea adventure, we also went to the pool, this time, we opted to just stay in the kiddie pool since the bigger one was like sort of dirty. Good thing though was the gentleman who maintains the pool cleaned it and also increased the water in the kiddie pool, it was like jacuzzi that time. Daryl also massaged some of us, he was good with that actually, we also exchanged conversations until it reached the topic of "waxing the private parts." Funny it seems but there are really people out there who do that. Well, going back we got out of the pool when the time was already one in the afternoon and we need to eat our lunch. As usual, our food was really good. There were fried fish, grilled beef and fish, there was calamaris, my all time favorite and also chicken curie. 

Unfortunately, we were only allowed to stay up to 2:00 in the afternoon. So after lunch, we packed our things and bid goodbye. We had picture taking of course before we left. There was a funny stuff when we went out, there was a lettering at the wall of the resort, here it is:

So much about that... Well, if you want to view our team building pictures, just visit my windowslive skydrive here:

If you want to visit the place, here are some of their information: 

EL Paradiso, Guiwang, Alcoy, 6023 Cebu Philippines 
Local phone number: 032-483 9065 / 032-483 9069
Philippine Cellphone: 09082815290
International Cellphone: 00-49-15154935476

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Team Building Day 1

May 8, 2010 - Team Building day, each of us was really excited for the beach. I already told you that instead of going to Bantayan, we changed it to Alcoy, Cebu.

At exactly six in the morning, everyone was already out of the office, there were assigned committees and each had corresponding responsibilities with the said event. We were 14 as a team but there were outsiders who came, so we were all in all 23. We had agreed to meet at the South Bus Terminal at 9:30 in the morning. James and I were the first to come at the terminal, followed by Loreto and Reggy who brought the big box which contained our drinks. And the others also arrived a couple of minutes then. Unfortunately, we were not able to percieve the weight of the people who were also going home in the province, knowing Election day is on monday. Well, anyway, we were able to ride on the Ceres Bus at 11:00 in the morning, imagine that? We were at the bus terminal for three hours waiting for an available bus. It was not the only frustrating thing that happened, when we went out of the terminal, the bus routed to their garage to get more fuel and it took almost 30 minutes for us to get out of the place. 

We were able to arrive first at the Tingko Resort at 2:00 in the afternoon. The resort was kinda not that beautiful and the facilities were not so appealing. The beach had a lot of dead seaweeds in the shore, I don't know why they didn't clean that out. Well, in fairness, there were a couple of people there ahead of us. We looked for some other resorts in the neighborhood since all of us did not like that resort. So we moved to El Paradiso, a walking distance from the Tinko resort and we ate our lunch there.

Just to give you a bit of the place, there was a pool which was not that big, we were not amazed with it actually. There was a bar in there, we bought some ice where costs Php 2 each. The place was a wifi hotspot but you need to purchase Php 50 worth of stuffs before you can have the password,err. There were many cottages at the place, more of those are residential cottages, there were also foreighners at the place. We hit the beach that time, there were still dead sea weeds floating there but we just ignored it. Until we felt our body itching. Wooah! James had really many red spots in his body so we decided to just play volleyball. That was the part where in we were enjoying the time. From four players, it went to six and then to eight, we were all laughing and shouting for the game. We ended it when we felt like taking a swim again, the boys went to the deeper part where there was a floating thing there and they were like diving and such. Then we went to the pool and good thing, it was a bit hot it took the itchyness in our bodies away. We quite enjoyed it and also, Leslie brought here camera with her which can take pictures under water. Here are some of our pictures taken:

We had a very yummy dinner, we had shrimps, squid, lechon kawali and grilled fish. That was a tasty dinner really. Thanks to the cook committee. Then most of us went to sleep then, including me. As you can see, I wrote this in the morning of May 9. I will be updating you tomorrow then for the other activities and other more photos.

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Team Building location changed: Alcoy Everyone?

Three days before the team building, the location was changed due to some safety problems. Instead of spending it in Bantayan Island, ( :'-( huhu Bantayan ohh bantayan!) we decided to spend it in Alcoy, Cebu. The problem with Bantayan is there are rumors that the place is not safe since election is coming up and the NPAs are active right now, they said the place has been listed as a danger zone in times of election. Well, we will not be risking ourselves of course just because the place is nice.

Anyways, moving forward, we still don't know the final resort where we will be spending the two days and one night event. We were thinking in Bodos Bamboo Bar, where there are pools also aside from the beach. Here are pictures of the place:

Here are there rooms: 


I heard the room rates were low, that's quite nice. And before I forget, the place is a wifi hotspot! I will be bringing with me my laptop so I can update you guys!

You can try and check this: 

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Iron Man 2 and the sleepy head?

Got two free tickets from my company as a reward for job well done and was reserved for the awaiting movie of the month which is Iron man 2. Was quiet excited to see this movie, first plan was to watch it on friday, the actual screening day, unfortunately, I had duty that night so we cancelled it and dated on saturday. On Saturday, we thought the Ayala cinemas will be overcrowded because it is saturday and people loves to go around on that day. So we cancelled it again and then Sunday came, were very lazy to get up so just decided to have it on monday then. Mostly of my friends were able to watch it already. Facebook status were already about Tony Stark and the other ironed man,haha. But on Monday, news came in that the Yellow team has an upcoming free concert called Rock the Vote at Fuente OsmeƱa. We then have agreed to watch that free concert since there are numbers of filipino bands who will be playing, including Parokya ni Edgar, Kamekazi, Christian Bautista and alot more. But we ended up staying at home, we were not able to watch the show. Then on Tuesday, my boyfriend had a scheduled interview with this company named IRL Solutions. Not knowing, the boss was actually a foreigner. I am not sure if he is Italian or Mexican, he is just short and he is nice. My boyfriend said they get a long "daw". Well, moving on, after the interview, we decided to go to Ayala and watch the movie since it is one ride away from our spot.
We went straight to the Cinemas and get our tickets, we paid additional Php 20.00 per ticket since our selected seats were those at the upper deck which costs Php 160.00. We also bought two regular apple and mango Thristy drinks and a Php 75.00 worth popcorn. We entered Cinema 2 at 3:30 pm. The movie started I guess around 3:45pm. I was just entertained with Tony Stark who was hilarious. I was not able to view the thriller of this movie actually so I did not expect that Scarlett Johanson was part of the story already. I would always see her sexy, anyways, the story was US Government wants Tony to surrender his Iron Man suit to them, Tony himself would not allow that of course. Government's reason is because it is a weapon for destruction and that it might be harmful to the community, this was also seconded by Hammer, his competitor who had joined forces with Ivan, a Russian physicist who hate Iron Man because he thinks the idea was stolen from his father by Iron man's dad.
The story went through and when the fight scene came in, my sleepy head also started to show out. I don't know why, eventhough the sounds of the fight was very noisy I was still able to sleep so soundly. It seemed like a lullaby to my ears. Well, good thing I did not sleep the whole time, I was still able to get back to the movie, I caught the next scene where Tony, his friend and Ivan were already fighting, I was not sure here...why Tony's friend, the military one was able to wear the suit. I could also remember he was not the original man from the first movie.
Well, we went home at 6:00pm so it was actually a two and a half movie. I still slept in the jeepney going home, thanks to James for the shoulder! Mwaah! 

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EON Cyber Account, why not?

After I have read a thread about Paypal account limitation, I am now making up my mind to open up my own saving account through Union Bank. UB has this kind of account called EON  Cyber Account which is Union Bank's web-based deposit account. This will allows users to do all banking transactions in a click of a mouse. 

"A paperless bank account it is."

I have an experience with Banco de Oro wherein my boyfriend opened up an account which he can use for his Paypal transactions as well. He was able to get his card for a week, but it cost him Php 2500 to open up his account, which was slightly a pain in the pocket. And when he linked his account to Paypal, the teller at the branch seemed to not know what he was asking. Since that was my boyfriend's first time to get those kinds of statements, it took us a couple of minutes to finally get the statements of accounts, the sad thing was Paypal's code was not there on the statement. There were no descriptions on the statement that the the lady had given. What we did was we tried to compare our statements and found out that there was really a transaction made with Paypal, so he went back and spent hours to get that statement with descriptions. At last, he was able to get the code after arguing with the same lady. Wew!

Going back to the EON Cyber Account, what I mostly liked about this is that there is no minimum balance to maintain with this kind of account. Yes! As zero. The other features that this gives are:
  • It is the fastest, the most convenient way to a bank, this means, there are no more passbooks or checkbooks, no transaction slips, you can do the banking transactions, anytime, anywhere. Basically, it is an easy access.
  • It can also transfer funds from EON account to another UnionBank account or any other bank account in the Philippines. All you need to do is to specify the Bank, the account holder's name and the account number and you're all set!
  • With it, you can also pay bills on line, enter billing details with corresponding reference number and the amount to be paid and you will receive a confirmation number as a receipt for the payment made.
  • You can also make balance inquiries as easy as A-B-C.
One more good thing about this account is that it can be linked with your Paypal accounts. This kind of account has been the most used accounts by the Paypal users as per my research. 

I will be opening up an account soon as I will have a spare time. I will update you guys with my experience, check out my blog updates then.  

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Limited Paypal Account?

I am recently having problems with paypal. I could not withdraw money from it and it is because Paypal says my account is limited. They need me to send out billing statements which I am afraid I can't give because I am only renting here and my billing address for Smartbro has not yet been changed. Now, I am searching for other people's experiences, I have read soo many negative things about paypal. I am afraid my money will be stucked with paypal now. I could never imagine that.

This is the exact message I get when I signed in with my account:

Your account access has been limited for the following reason(s):
Our system requires further account verification.

(Your case ID for this reason is PP-000-946-880-189.)

The things I can only do for this type of account are:

- receive payments
- place logos into your auction listings or on your website
- update your account information

Only! Those are the only things that I can do with my account as of this time, I can't send or withdraw money. I can't even delete the cards associated with my account. 

Reading back with paypal's requirements in order to resolved the limitations, I need to confirm my credit card and submit proof of address. And to confirm my address, I need to send them a copy of a bill that shows my name and address. Helpful documents include a utility bill, a cell phone bill, an insurance bill, or a tuition bill. As of this time, the only bill that I can secure is my smartbro billing statement, however, I recently moved to another location and my billing address has not been changed yet. So what should I do?

Dead air - I could not think of anyway to get rid of this limitation. I tried clicking on the resolve button for the limitation appeal, I have found out that there are actually two other alternative ways to provide info. They are to confirm my bank account and to confirm location. And to get the first alternative option done, I must reenter another bank account which I guess I can't do anymore. When I selected the other alternative option which is to confirm location, they would prompt me with a system unavailable error and I need to try again. I can't anymore count how many times I have appealed to try again but I am still getting that same error message. So I will just quit and try tomorrow.

I am so frustrated now that I think am gonna burst, I need the money in few weeks time. If ever you have experienced the same situation, I would greatly appreciate it if you would spend time and leave a comment here and help me with this problem. Thanks in advance! 

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29 Chinese Children Killed

Was shocked with the news on yahoo about the man who stabbed 29 children at a kindergarten in China. The crime took place in Taixing, China and the suspect was an ex-salesman in a local insurance company named Xu Yuyuan, 47 year old who was fired in 2001 and is still unemployed today. He was concieved to have some kind of mental illness and was sought to be copying this kind of act with existing cases before.

Witnesses say the suspect was stopped by a delivery man through a fire extinguisher. Later part of the news would state that China's cases of mental health disorders are increasing and too bad there were no professional help to those eventhough their country is a prosperous one. 

This kind of crime was not new actually to them, there were already cases before with same nature. I don't know what are the reasons of this cruel killings to poor little children who are surely innocents but whatever the reason might be, surely it is not valid and unacceptable.

May the children's souls rest in peace and hopefully they will be given justice. The suspect must be given the corresponding sanction to what he has done. China must give attention to this kind of case and do the right move to stop this.

Other Resources:

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