How To Acquire a Passport in Cebu

Applying for a passport is indeed a hassle, well I guess this applies to all government agencies or offices, may it be in acquiring a driver's license or securing an SSS ID.

Here are the five steps on how I applied for my Passport:
1. Secure a priority number.
Previously, you found me ranting about my epic fail passport application where I wasn't able to even get a priority number but gladly, last Monday I finally secured a priority number at eight in the morning. I was number 316 while James was number 318. In my mind I couldn't help but laugh, imagine my previous visit here, I woke up early sacrificed a couple of hours sleep just to have this f***ng number. We left our identification cards with our application forms.

The front guard advised James and I to come back at two in the afternoon, great because I still have enough time to sleep. James had to go to work earlier that day so he can render exact hours of duty.

2. Processing.
As expected, the numbers called when we arrived were 100-150, disappointed but I manage to stay calm and instead bought a Candy magazine to entertain me. It took me two more hours to slowly turn the magazine's pages so to kill time; I would like to thank DFA office's looping entertaining prank videos as well.

We were given each a transaction numbers and waited while the numbers reflected in the LED board increased. Once numbers were called, we immediately went to the corresponding window where an officer checked the submitted documents and note the type of process, normal (10 business days) costs Php 9500 and Php 1200 for express which will be released after 25 business days.

3. Payment.
We proceeded to the cashier area for payment. I paid the express one since I am in a hurry. The cashiers will provide the release date and a receipt for claiming.

4. Info encoding.
We then proceed to the encoding area, signature and pictures are digitally taken as well as certain personal information will be saved in the database for printing.

5. Claim passport.

On December 26, 2011 I will have to come back one more time to claim my fresh passport!

There was never an issue with the processes, things went in smoothly on the paper transaction yet the security's priority system was an epic failure!

If you don't have the patience to go through this type of inconvenience, I suggest you go on certain agencies instead.

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