June is Good to Me

The start of June and the end of May has been a productive week for me. I actually had accepted an offer from a big company here in Dubai after going through more than twenty interviews by the third week of May however, I was disappointed that they didn’t hand me my offer letter or contract even after waiting for five days for it. I was sitting and lying at home for the entire time then I decided to stop waiting and finalize things with them. The HR manager who told me he’ll process it told me that the offer letter needs verification and approval from the COO and he wasn't sure when would that be. I was thinking about my visa by that time and because I had already wasted five days, which by the way is like a whole week, I need to get a visa as soon as possible so that I won’t anymore extend my Tourist visa.

Anyways, to make the long story short, I called up that company and told finalize that I can’t anymore wait for the offer letter and because they couldn't really provide me a definite answer, I went on and asked a previous colleague to submit my resume or CV to their HR. It’s a famous logistics company here in UAE and I was glad that after the HR manager who was also a Filipino and from Dumaguete City received the CV, he immediately called me and scheduled for an interview.
Again, on the interview, I met another Kababayan who was very accommodating and whom I became friends with, he was a cruise ship crew and went to UAE for love. I get kind of jealous knowing about how he sacrificed his passion to be with his fiancee. So after that interview, both of us were accepted and offered of the position. The next day which was last May 28, we both started training.

Now the thrill came when I was having my lunch that day, the first company called up and informed me that my offer letter is ready. I was very confused by that time and the only way to select the right company was to compare the two companies. Because the current company gives me better benefits, I selected it and turned down the previous one which had disappointed me really!

So I am now waiting for my employment visa which will come out soon and will be exiting the country either to Oman or Kish.

Congratulate me!

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