Kusina Uno: Best Pocherohan in Cebu

The best pocherohan - Kusina Uno is known as such because of their famous pochero  or stew which had captured each Cebuano-pochero sucker who had visited their place in F. Cabahug Street, in Mabolo. And yes, the place is just a few steps from the office, best place to spend an unplanned and quick team socials.

I couldn't recall the date but I guess it was before All Souls day that we gathered there for a quickie team breakfast. At eight in the morning our breakfast was all served, all 15 of us got the plates emptied, guess we were all hungry.

It was hard to capture the food served because the hungry suckers took them off right after it was served. However I hope I can still recall what we had ordered, Lechon Kawali, Buttered chicken, Kinilaw, Calamares, Fried Lumpia and of course their beef pochero. We had their pitcher sized Iced tea for our drinks.

Crispy Lumpia (Php 110)
Kinilaw na Tangigue(Php 140)
I am not a fan of pochero though but when I tasted theirs, I thought of my dad who is a fan and I thought he will surely love its tender meat and mom will certainly take the bone by hands and start picking that bone marrow out of it. I love their Lechon Kawali too and I bet the others as well, it was obviously the first viand to evaporate like magic. My favorite, Kinilaw na Tangigue was also good lovely to my taste bud but JJ's Seafood Village's Kinilaw na Tangigue is still the best. Good thing that the iced tea was served in pitchers, they have good serving amount for drinks and viands which can be eaten by three to four persons.
Lechon Kawali (Php 150)
Buttered Chicken (Php 150)
Kusina Uno is open 24/7 and so most of their customers are the drinking buddies as the area has a lot of neighboring drinking places as well. Their great pochero soup has been the waking medium for those who had alcohol in their system and for the call center agents too.
Calamares (Php 130)
Aside from good food, they also have friendly and accommodating staffs, the plus factor to their restaurant.

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