Snacks at Joven's Grill and Seafood

For Php 85, we had plunged our taste buds to Joven's Grill and Seafood's Eat  All You Can for Snacks in IT Park, Lahug Cebu. It was because of another team reshuffling, we had to spend time with our new team mates so to build camaraderie between us.

The Merienda time starts at three in the afternoon until five, just good timing because we go out from the office at 2:00 pm. Only few were dining when we arrived and so we immediately started to get food.

There were sandwiches, bam-i, fish fillet and etc. Rice was as well served, pizzas and deserts however, I think the food looks good but the taste wasn't great! It was not tasty, for instance, the fish fillet was lacking its saltiness. The pizza tasted like just garlic bread with little garlic on it. The deserts were not sweet at all. Our excitement had turned into disappointment though we couldn't grouch much because all of these were worth Php 85 only. I guess the cook had just tantrums that day because I had heard good comments about their snack foods here via Facebook comments and blog reviews.

Tasty to my eyes...not to my tastebuds
If you would like to enjoy you 85 pesos, you might want to consider Joven’s Grill and Seafood. They serve Eat All You Can Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and Dinner too and they are open from all week, opens at nine in the morning until 11pm.

Contact Information
Phone +63 32 4799618, 2668700, 4209091, 2561772

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