Certified Resident

Living in the middle East is hard because of the temperature and the weather plus the people's attitude and most of the them have a strange smell. But I still consider it as an opportunity to earn and save for my future. I don't aim of living here for good, I would still prefer to grow old in the Philippines with the people I love and friends whom I can talk and go out. To be able to visit springs and waterfalls, climb mountains and swim on beautiful beaches. To feel the coldness of the wind breeze on an early morning and to hear the drops of rain in a Saturday afternoon.

I would also like to sleep under a huge acacia tree while listening to the singing of the birds and to smell the aroma of the fresh ripe fruits specially the favorite mangoes and bananas.

These are the things I miss about home but for now, what can I do? I have to wait for the right time that I can come home and so all of these things.
And just today, I claimed my emirates identification card which makes me a certified resident in the UAE. This card signifies that I have passes the medical exam I took last three weeks ago for my employment requirements.

To God be all the glory!

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