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I haven't posted anything since I landed a job here in Dubai, I missed a lot of things and I haven't shared any of my experiences for the past weeks. June has just ended and I don't want to start July without telling you and sharing how my month went out. Here are the highlights of my stay here for the entire month.

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1. I landed a job and started training at a certain logistics company in Jebel Ali Dubai. I met a lot of people from different countries like India, Syria, Egypt and Pakistan. There many friendly ones and yet there are also other snobs and crazy ones but mostly are definitely friendly. The office is very far from where I am staying so I have to wake up early because I have to travel for an hour going to the bus station where our company bus would fetch us. From the station, it would take like 25 minutes to arrive at the office. It's kind of exhausting and sometimes I become tired with the travel time.

look at them!
2. We visited the Dubai gold city at a place on Dubai named gold souq. I know gold and other kinds of jewelries are really eye alluring and all however when I arrived at gold souq, I never thought I would immediately get enough of it because the place was full of gold here and everywhere. If I could compare it to any area in Cebu or in manila I can say that it's like divisoria in manila or carbon in Cebu but instead of vegetables or any types of goods, in front of us were all but gold. White Gold, China gold, Saudi gold and every type of gold can be found there. Because of competition as well, the price there is cheaper compared to the other market areas. They have their own price per gram and I am thinking in the back of my mind that I can maybe start a business out of this. We'll see then.
3. I went out of Dubai and went to Muscat Oman. It sounds exciting and I felt really excited about going to another country but it was a total opposite because Oman for me was boring and we went there at three in the afternoon, weather was very hot and the flight made me dizzy and then made my head ache. I went there with my friend colleague named rose from Cebu as well. We only stepped on Oman for forty five minutes. We were running towards the check in area that we never had the chance to get a photo of ourselves. The country looked boring for me and I just thought that being in Dubai is a lot better than being in Oman.

4. My brother and I watched Yeng Constantino perform for free. Yeng is actually one of my favorite Filipina artists, when I was still in the Philippines, I had always dream of watching her sing and see her in person but there was never a chance for me yet. But I am glad a specific Club here in Dubai had a free admission with Yeng as their guest singer last June 14. It was a tribute to the Philippines Independence Day. At first I thought of not going since I have work on the next day. It was already bed time at ten in the evening when my brother's good childhood friend notified him that he was in Dubai for that specific gig. He is a drummer and he will be playing together with his band for Yeng. Instead of sleeping, we both immediately jump off our feet and ran towards the said club which was just near our villa. I definitely enjoyed the show and found Yeng very friendly and happy. I like her because of her talent as well as because she is a Christian. She actually looks like Maja Salvador, she's pretty and she is a petite lady. I guess I am taller than her and though she is short she had this kind of energy which would definitely bring the crowd in and song with her. All the kabayans were pretty happy that night and had enjoyed the show, she sang one of my favorite songs, Pagibig. She also sang Medley songs of eraser heads and she even did the giyomi chant.
5. I got the chance to also visit an open beach here which was very beautiful; I can compare it to some private resorts in Bohol. Though it was a public Beach Resort, you would not think it is just a public one because it has a wonderful view with a long shoreline and a beautiful background at night. The sand was super fine and though it was not that white, I still like it was almost like pinkish. There were also playgrounds and exercise grounds in the middle of the shore. At night, the city lights and the sky scraper buildings were a wondrous scene.
6. It was an amazing experience to be watching the dancing fountain of Dubai as well in front of the tallest building in the whole wide world, Burj Khalifa. My brother brought me there and I had a blast because we were just in front of the waterbed and once the water burst up and goes back down, the people around was all drenched. It is amazing that the water fountain would actually dance to the tune of the music that it would play. There were four songs played per night, we got to watch the two songs only, one was a Chinese song and the other was an Arabic one. They say that if the music is fast and rhythmic, the fountain can go up very high almost ranging to the height of Burj Khalifa. It was really impressive and not to mention, we got to see the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo where thousands of fishes big and small as well as sharks were free for everyone to see inside Dubai Mall. By the way, Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa are just sitting right next to each other. Once you visit Dubai Mall, at night you can watch the dancing fountains all of these for free!

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