Happy Fathers' Day

Today has been declared as the day of our fathers, a day for the man who we call papa, daddy, dada or tatay, for most, the provider of our needs and sometimes wants, someone whom we have grown to see each day, who works for the family mostly and someone whom our moms deeply love and cherish. 

It has been a saying that the greatest way for a man to show his love to his children is to love their mother. True isn't it? For my case, I have witnessed with my very eyes how much my papa loves mama, I feel it and sense it. Though at some times they fight but they always make up. Everyday, papa would kiss mama goodbye to work, it may was awkward to me when I was small but when I was growing, I have realized that it is a sign of love, because every love is sealed with a kiss. Mama sometimes would tend to nag at him but he understands her, when he has passed her limits, he would just go without saying a word. He would never shout at mama or to us and I really am proud he is my papa.

Architect Narciso Olaer Beltran Sr or we call him Papa Arcie is not just a good husband but a great and supportive father as well. He never disappoints me, maybe once when I was in secondary but I was too young to understand the situation. But my papa never stopped supporting us, me and my three brothers have felt how much he loves and care for us.

I'm the only daughter and I felt like I am his favorite. There was no request ungranted, no "No" answer, it is always a "YES" and eventhough my mama would get mad at him because he always agrees and nods to my requests, he would just smile and look at me with love, then she would stop. She knew that it is love which would push papa to say yes rather than saying no. When it comes to the guys whom I had relationships with, papa would give his insights and his thoughts about the man. There was one whom he never really liked so I broke up with that guy. Because I believe no father would let her daughter be on the hands of a bad guy so if he says this man is good, then he means it.

When I was in college, papa had trusted me all the way up til the day when I finally marched the day of graduation. Supported me financially and reminded me always to be good and do good together with mama. I would never reach this stage of my life without their love and support.

Though my brothers may fail him, he would always give chances. Though we at some points have broke his heart, but he never loses hope. He would still taps our shoulder and say go on, don't give up. Though there are situations which are frustrating, he as a father would encourage us and remind us that God is in control. He never got tired of working and looking for a living. 

I admire his calmness, his patience, his brilliance, his talent, his job, his being himself. He is the best father and I would always tell him I love him and today, I would again say I love you pa. I thank God for blessing us with a father like you. Thank you for everything. Happy fathers' day Pa!!!

Now, we have our little angel at home and papa loves her so much, his granddaughter, Aiesha Zaila Beltran, his stress reliever and his great joy. Love you baby!!!

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