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After one year, one month and eight days of being employed, I have come across on checking on those deductions that I has been seeing on my payslip. Striking me is SSS which stands for Social Security System. Looking at the amount, I could still remember how I was able to get my SS number. It was quite a hassle but the experience was worth it, sometimes we need to be stressed out to learn how to do this. I just had an existing issue with my account since the lady at the counter have found out that there was a problem with my middle name. On my NSO birth ceritificate, instead of Butihen, it was Butihan. The lady advised me to use the one that the certificate reflects. Up until now, I don't know what to do with it. Maybe I'll work with this problem later on. As for now, I need to create my online SSS account so I can track my contributions.
I talked to Janet, my colleague and she told me how to do it and what website to log in to. She also had given me my employer's SS number so I was good to go. I was excited though so I registered on my station, I wasn't able to wait for 6:00am and use my own computer. Since was accessible, then I went on and created it. Click here for the direct link.
So I filled all information needed. SS Number, complere name, birthday, mother's maiden name, address, contact number, email address and preferred username and in my case since I have an employer, I needed to also enter it's SS number. But say you are self-employed or voluntary or non-working spouse or maybe an overseas contract worker, then you need to provide any SBR NO. found on the RSS Receipt Form of SSS paid at least six months prior to the current data. You just need to enter the captcha code, accept terns and conditions and you are good to go. An email will be sent to you providing you with the password.
After all has been done, just log in to check your contributions. Click here for the log in page.
As for my case, I have received the confirmation email after half an hour. The password was given on the email and as soon as you sign in, you will be prompted to change the system generated password to your preferred one.
Once logged in, I clicked on the online inquiry then click the first menu and navigate to actual premiums so I can view my monthly contributions. And here is it:


As you can see at the top right, my maiden name is incorrect, hope I can have this one changed soon.

*Thanks to Janet Filosopo for helping me out.

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