Turning Back to My First Love - Scrapbooking

It is almost 2:00 in the afternoon but I can't sleep still. I don't know why after having a short chitchat with my older brother, I don’t feel like sleeping anymore and so to make use of the time, I have decided to post something here on my blog. Yehey!!! It’s been awhile since the last time that I have published my last post here. I was kinda busy for the past few days. I was busy with work and we went to the province with the corresponding weekends so there was never a chance.

Anyways, I am quite excited about my post today, why? Because it is about my first love, yes! Hehe, my first love was scrapbooking actually. Way back in secondary years, I love to create small scrapbooks which contained pictures of people I love. Some of those were already missing, I can’t seem to find them anymore but good thing I still have my college scrapbooks with me.

There are a lot of reasons why I just can’t help making scrapbooks. First, it is like a stress-reliever for me, once I start to cut those colored papers, I forget all problems and I am refreshed every time I do it. Second, it is a time-passer, meaning, I feel like forgetting the time. I would be pretty much focused on it that I would tend to forget it is already midnight (I usually do scrapbooking at night.) Third, it is a remembrance for me; the most important thing about scrapbooking is that it keeps memories, which are the only things that never change. I love to scan through those scrapbooks when I feel alone, when I have problems, it is like a reliever, and it brings me back to those happy times.

Since I am now working, I don’t usually do manual scrapbooking anymore. What I am enjoying now is the digital scrapbook. The idea is the same; the only thing that has changed is the materials. Before, I used colored papers, scissors, glues and etc., now I only have the computer and Adobe Photoshop and I am good to go, and don’t forget the internet, where every resources come from.

The good thing about having an internet connection is because you got all you need. In my case, I don’t create those flowers or those designs from scratch; I usually searches for nice designs and put them all together, pretty resourceful eh? It is much easier and the result is good. Let me show you some of my creations...

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