Taho causes Hepatitis?

This morning after work, I bought Php 5 worth of taho in front of the building and my colleague told me that the thing that I was eating can cause Hepatitis; I was stopped at once and doubted to finish the half full glass but I just finished it anyway but I kept in mind that I will do a research regarding that.

When I reached home, I started to do the thing. I went to google and typed in soya + hepatitis, it came up with 3,420,000 results in less than 0.27 second, quite fast wasn’t it? I started opening the first five links.

First link was from the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health or Pubmed.gov see article here. They had performed a case-control study about the consumption of miso soup and other soya foods to those who were pathologists-confirmed cases of HCC (hepatocellular carcinom) or in our terms, Hepatitis. For two years, they had seen the difference between those who consume miso soup and other soya foods to those who do not. They concluded that the consumption of soya foods may reduce HCC risk actually.

Another citation is on the Hepatitis Neighborhood website with the header line of the post as “Eating Soy May Ease Liver Cancer Risk, Claim Scientists.” In this post, I had then concluded to myself that what my colleague told me was all a myth. No soya or the taho food that I ate can’t cause Hepa or any sort of liver disorder but rather can actually avoid one to having such dreaded sickness. They actually had stated that adding soy to our diet may be the key to keeping liver cancer at a distance. Read article here.

There are more references to prove that taho can’t cause hepatitis, I don’t have the luxury of time to read through all of them but one thing for sure, I will definitely eat taho as much as I can starting tomorrow and I will also share this to my family, friends and loved-ones.

We should be conscious of what we are eating so we may be alarmed to the advantages and disadvantages of those kinds of foods.

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