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I apologized this took awhile for me to post this, but as promised, I have already applied for an EON account with Union Bank. James and I had applied for it together sometime last week of June, 2010. We then opted to go to Union Bank - Fuente OsmeƱa Branch. The branch is just small and there are only a number of people who does their transactions there. I brought with me two IDs, my company ID and my driver license ID. James had only brought with him his Voter's ID himself so it ended up that I am the only one who had applied that day. He then went back the next day to bring with him his SSS E-2 form.

The transaction was actually a piece of cake. The frontdesk guy gave us a form to fill up, it has only few fields in there so it only took maybe 3 minutes for me to fill up. After that, the front guy made a photocopy of my two IDs and attached it to the filled form. He told us to wait for two weeks and call their line to also check the status and in coming back to get the card, we need to bring Php 350.00 for the yearly fee. And that was it.

It took us almost four weeks to go back to the bank, we didn't even call, confident enough that the accounts are already available since it has been past two weeks since we applied for it. Unfortunately, the only account available was James'. I am very dissapointed because of the fact that I was the first one to apply since he just submitted the form the next day cause he lacked supporting IDs. The teller told me to call with in the week to double check on my account. I do hope I can get my account soon so I will be able to update my paypal account and get rid of the limitations.

I am already crossing my fingers.

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