Things I hate about July

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July has come to an end, I should be happy because August is saying it's hello but July had left a number of disappointing happenings and unbelievable things in my work, love and social life. 

I just hope July is not a month at all, but there is nothing I can do with that. Anyways, these are the things which July had left me. Disappointing yet I need to learn from those things, so that next time, I will be more extra careful about things specially those that are work related.

This is how I look for the month of July, I am crying over these things down here...

1. I got enrolled in Qbay. This is the major disappointment that I had experienced for this month.This is not because I had a low score in CSAT but because I got a 0 score for the first call resolution which is 20% in the stock ranking metrics. I then got a score of 73.something for this month and because of this, I will  be on training for 2 weeks. I will spend 1 and 45 minutes only to take calls per day, well I guess it is a kind of advantage to me because in a way I can work more on my blog...hmmm... sounds good, isn't it?

2. Over break for almost an hour. I was so careless that I wasn't able to switch from aux 2 to aux 5 when we had our last team meeting for July. after that incident, I promise not to go on break 15 minutes before the time. Mark my word for that!!!

3. No health bonus in the next 15...this is just a result of number 2. I had been waking up early just to make sure I will not be late at work. I'm almost there but my carelessness had led me to goodbye health bonus. I will just say better luck next month. Hopefully I can be successful next month.

4. James and I had a major fight at it's last week, just 2 days after our 23rd month. The fight had ran for almost 4 days. We didn't talk and even care for each other. There were no calls or even sms, but good thing we were able sort things out. Now, we are on good terms already and are happy again... Love love love!!!

5. Missed Sarah G.'s meet and greet event at Jollibee Mabolo. I had forgotten that Sarah Geronimo will come at Jollibee Mabolo for a meet and greet event. I was very sad about it. I hope there will some other time in which I could met her and watch her concert live. Huhu!!

6. My EON atm card is still unavailable. I went to Union Bank Fuente branch for the 3rd time now but all they always say is that the card is still unavailable. How come James' account was processed immediately and mine is still missing? They advise me to call first before getting there. Hey, I tried calling but the line is always busy anyway. I am really disappointed for the thought that I would need to wait for another week. I'm getting impatient now.. X(

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2 Comments to “Things I hate about July”

  • I saw you sa work. I hope naka remember ka ate.Hehe anyway, I don't know if I will still be there.

    Just think, your problems kay kumingking ra compared sa uban.

    BTW, yep tawag sa 1st before ka moadto para d sayang ang plete. Haha kung di nagyud mada ang earnings nimo esend ni James then e transfer sa unionbank.

    When life knocks you down, try to land on your back. Because if you can look up, you can get up. Let your reason get you back up.

  • @aikamaru: thanks aika!!

    Yeah, mao lage ako itry nga mocall before going...all those attempts man gud para motawag nila unsuccessful but hopefully naa na to ig tawag nako next week...

    thanks again!! see yah sa work!

    BTW, nganu man you'd think d naka didto? Nindot unta to kun naghiring ang Palm, nindot ang technical na account...

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