Life's Simple Pleasures

Our life maybe full of worries, stress here and there but isn't it a nice feeling when we experience some of the simple events yet had brought happiness within ourselves?

Here are some of the simple pleasures I had experienced this week.

-waiting for a ride when an old man approached me and asked for help, he need to go home but he got Php 40  only when the fare is Php 80. It is a good feeling to know that you had helped somebody, knowing that he has a son waiting for him and his bought medicines.

-Tingbits(Ting Bitay Time) and my money is just enough for daily expenses until the next payday when I jumped into a used pants and found some bills in the pocket. Lalala...wasn't that exciting?

-heavy rain when going to work, PUJs are all fully loaded, I am already planning to take a taxi when at the other end a man in a van with my company name's banner is calling "Sykes, sykes, sykes!!!" Aha!! Thanks to my company for the free ride!

-woke up at 2:00pm in the afternoon and can't get back to sleep. I turned on my fm radio and had jumped into a cool station. A station which had a question and answer segment. It was relaxing and I was just busting in tears because of how funny the DJ was. I guess this station had thousands of followers listening to them daily because of that segment. It was the segment of Papa Joe.

-when I am down and brokenhearted, I usually have no one to talked to before. Last Monday, I was feeling so low and an old colleague and a friend chatted me and at that time, I found a shoulder to lean on. He as well found one in me as he mentioned. It was such a nice feeling to be sharing your sorrow and pain to someone who understands and had felt that way too. I had realized that time that even guys do understand us because they have been there as well. Thanks to you, true guy friend!!!

These are just simple yet happy things in life. I am wondering if you too had something to share also... :)

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