Goodbye Smartbro

Bye Smartbro!!!
It has been one year and five months, after all the money I had spent in relocating my smartbro connection and all the fees associated with it, I decided to just end it.

I moved to a new apartment and as a part of it, I need to also move my internet connection with me. The apartment is not that far, in fact it is just a house apart from the old one. I originally had no plans of disconnecting it. It was Smart who had forced me to do so. I don't want to stop my daily routine of being online all the time, may it be on yahoo, gmail, facebook, twitter and etc. I would love to still be able to download movies for free at any torrent websites so I can view new movies or at least stream my favorite Korean dramas online. I still want to be able to update my blog everyday, well, not everyday but atleast once a week or so. I have also subscribed to money making websites like neobux and gagabux but it seemed like I can't anymore click on those ads everyday.

As I've said, it wasn't me but smart itself forced me to do so. I only asked for an extension of the cable for me to continue my subscription with them. See? I don't have any problems with their connection, even though it took me a month to download the whole Prison Break Series, I would not want to end it truly.

When I went to Smart-SM branch, waited for my number to be called and requested for cable extension. The sweet lady asked me why and I told her the truth, I am moving to the next next door, she then asked me further, "Is it the same house, maam?", "Nope,but it is really near." I replied. "If that is the case maam, we need to process Relocation. Ow, here it goes again, I am familiar with that and it's charges. I need to pay Php 1400 for my canopy to be moved to the other roof which is just a small single jump away. Funny, are they serious? I know how that works and the purpose I requested for the extension is because I know for real that I can just leave the canopy at the old apartment and just extend the cable to the next door but they won't nod to me and say yes we can do that for you maam, you just have to pay xx amount of money. Well, I know they have their own processes and policies but atleast they should have given me other alternatives.

I then asked for another priority number and requested for a disconnection process. And the rest is history. I am now planning to start a new connection with PLDT. It would cost me the same amount of money and the connection is much more faster. I may need to be locked again for another year but hopefully I can be of better service with PLDT which is just a sister company of SMART. Well, yeah... sisters... Goodluck to me.

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