It Could Have Been An Adventure

If I was given the chance to make a wish last Thursday, I would have wished for the weather at Gaas, Balamban to be as sunny as Cebu City's. Why? Because it could have been my first zip-line experience, too sad it rained and fog was all around the place, our plan as a team was extremely ruined. What was supposed to be a beautiful team socials day for the team Beatot became a simple, cold and rainy morning, it was like those normal days except that we went from Cebu City to Balamban, was like 30 kilometers away from the office then just had an extra simple breakfast meal there.

Everyone felt disappointed, specially our team leader, it was all her plan and the sun shone brightly that Thursday morning who would thought that up there at Adventure Cafe has a different type of temperature.

Everyone was present, except for one who's about to be pulled out from our team to another. It was a great time to build camaraderie between team mates unfortunately, when we arrived, fogs were starting to assemble, marks of some rains were obvious from how the roads looked like but it wasn't raining yet. Though we sensed how cold it was, good thing I had brought my sweater with me.

We never had a chance to do the zip line since it started raining while we wait for our meals then what's more disappointing was that the whole place was covered by fogs. Like literally covered, I was feeling it wouldn't be nice if we stay there the whole morning so we decided to go home at 11. Too sad but we'll find another time to get there and do those activities.

Adventure Cafe calls itself the first resto-adventure in the Philippines, they offer zip line, wall climbing/ rappelling, caving and more. They even have this love stuff where you buy a padlock, put your name and your love's on it and lock it on one of their staircase grills. And oh! They have a therapeutic stress wall at Php 25 per plate. They also have their menu, food starts at Php 38 for a simple suman or most popularly called budbud. Going there, we rode ourteam mate's van and hired a V-hire which was contacted by the cafe's personnel at Php 120 per person. Public vehicles can take you from Lahug to transcentral highway then to Balamban.

And did I mention they have a lot of paintings there? The following are just some of them:

For more info, check their website here.

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