Becoming Boyish Over Volleyball Players

These past few months, I got hooked with watching volleyball games on the television, specifically this UAAP season 75 which started last November, 2012. During college days, I would love watching their games as well yet I didn’t bother to really get to know the players. However, because of my housemates’ influences, I have now known more than ever the players of the different schools in fact I become addicted to the said sport.

I then came to love a specific team, they aren’t the top of the season but I totally like them and found myself following each game they play. They are the ladies in blue, that’s a hint which you wouldn’t miss guessing. The Lady Eagles are my favorite and I have three favorite players, well I like some from the other schools yet there’s something special about the lady eagles which breaks my heart whenever they lose a match.

Below are the girls I get to look up too during the ADMU’s games:
Gretchen Ho – Because of volleyball, I learned that she is indeed Robi Domingo’s girlfriend. She’s beautiful and well, I am fascinated with beautiful and sporty girls. Then here comes her style in playing, I am not a sporty person so with watching the games, I had learned that Gretchen Ho’s style is called running spike. I already followed her in Twitter and liked her page in Facebook. She updates her twitter sometimes though.
Fillet Cainglit – I call her the girl who keeps her hair neat even after the game. She had an injury during their first round match with DLSU and hasn’t been permitted to play any game yet so far but she is present on each game to support her team mates. This girl right here is indeed cute, I was thinking she was short but found out later that she is almost as tall as Tajima. She does spikes and blocks which had been the cause of her injury. I noticed then that since the match when she had her injury, the team hadn’t won any game yet. Hopefully, she could get back to pay and the team can then bounce back. Their next game is tomorrow, Sunday January 27, 2013. We’ll see then if she’ll gonna play.
Alyssa Valdez – I consider myself her new fan! I like her humbleness yet she’s a great player. She had been so called “Phenomenal” and always an “MVP” on each of their winning games. She is tall and has a slender body, which I found really attracting. She wears her number 2 jersey on each game and of course her smile – her best asset, I suppose. I then learned after searching for her images in google that she plays Beach Volleyball too with Cainglit. After following her in Twitter, I thought she is close to Ella De Jesus and she is Gretchen Ho’s bed buddy. And oh! This BS Psychology student is not just good in sport but also in school. I am indeed a big FAN!

It was too late when I realized that I am becoming boyish after I finished looking at their twitter photos! Then there's two things I wish, that one day I could have a photo with them together while wearing a number 2 jersey from Alyssa-nity! Wohooo!... :)

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