My Pasaporte

Look what I have right now here with me?

A 3x4 inch 22 page maroon colored book with my big face and personal information in the second page with some glossy Philippine stamps in the background, aside from that I also have my smaller portrait behind those info. Characters were pin holed on each pages with and the pages look similar to that of our Philippine bills.
And finally I received my passport. Finally! I had wanted to have one since I graduated college. Because I was one of the recipients of the DOST scholarship when I was in my tertiary years, I have to spend and work for four years here in the Philippines, actually it should be equivalent to the number of years that the scholars were receiving tuition subsidy from the government. I studied Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and that was four years of studies so until last year when the DOST office lift the obligations of scholars and are now free to travel abroad whatever the reasons behind it.

By then, I grabbed the chance and immediately applied for my passport. James has the same situation and we both got our own passports last January 8, 2013. Since I paid the express fee which was worth Php 1200, I should have claimed it last December 26, 2012 and James should have gotten his last December 28, 2012 but because of the Christmas vacation, we forgot about claiming it, so we just had the chance to get back to Pacific Mall where the Department of Foreign Affairs is located when we got back to Cebu after the long Christmas vacation.

Claiming the passport was as easy as 1,2,3. No more long lines here or priority numbers, from the entrance door of the DFA office, just go straight to the claiming area and present your claim stub provided when you applied for the said passport. Wait until name is called, you can just stand there since the wait isn't that long. We stood there for two minutes only and the interns handed the passports right away.

Next step here is to get my Transcript of Records red ribbon-ed by the DFA. Aja to me one step at a time!

For step by step guide in applying for a passport in Cebu City, click here!

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