SSS UMID at Hand

My SSS UMID came earlier than I expected, UMID means Unified Multipurpose Identification System. I had applied for it last April 2012 at our company office. Sykes Asia- Cebu had communicated with the SSS office so to accommodate their employees for the ID picture taking. Way before April, I had already submitted my application papers to the HR office and they emailed back with the corresponding schedules. I can't recall the exact date but I remember I came very early that day and someone gave us priority numbers. It was a quick though the personnel had taken my portrait twice. Though the photo came out not that satisfying, I am already contented with it.
Since the ID was addressed to my provincial address in Guindulman, Bohol I didn't have any single idea that the letter from SSS with my ID came earlier. Mom received it last August but forgot to give it to me when we went to Manila last September to attend the wedding of my cousin, Jez and Bambie. I didn't receive her text message either, she had informed me via sms when she received it, I don't know but I never really received that notification. It should supposedly arrive after six months but it was two months early.

And here it is, I finally got it when I went home last Christmas for my one holiday week vacation.

I have my colored picture in front with a tiny copy of it in it's side and some other information like my name of course, my address, citizenship and etc. This is the new type of SSS identification card which makes use of bio-metrics technology, it can be use with not just SSS services transactions but also with Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), Philippine Health Insurance Corp. (PhilHealth) and Home Development Mutual Fund. I am just glad about this unification thing because I find it redundant to be keeping multiple cards on my wallet. 

SSS Vice President for Member Services Mario Sibucao said that the UMID enables the four covered agencies to save costs, eliminate redundant identification systems and offer members a more secure and durable ID card that is tamper-proof, hard to fake and can last for up to 10 years.

For step by step guide on how to acquire your own SSS ID, visit the SSS online website.

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