Hooked Up with Pretty Little Liars

Watching Pretty Little Liars makes me think about the secrets I had with my best buds during high school. I thought about the bullying, the backbiting and other stuff. I can't remember those exact matters though but I am quite sure there were ones that might had hurt somebody and might had ruin someone's life just like how the series' story came out to me.

I am almost done with the second season though and I am looking forward to knowing who "A" is. The truth is, I had been thinking it could have been Allison but since she is known to be dead, then I think it could be Jenna too since she lied about her sight coming back after the surgery.

The things I love about the story is the chemistry between Hanna and Caleb, they look really damn good together. It is just nice to have Spencer on the show too, she has the brightest mind ever of the group.

Emily is sporty and I like her in the water but I am just thinking she doesn't suit to be a gay, I mean she is pretty, has an Asian complexion which differs her from the group. Then I soon figured out she has a Filipino blood! I should say Aria looks very young, her face is charming and really pretty and though I also like her with Mr. Fitz, she still looks very young compared to Mr. Fitz. But as how the saying goes, age doesn't matter.

So, I am just excited to watch the last two episodes later and so I will not make this long anymore. Let's got to meet A today!!!

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