Say Hello Smartbro!

Hiatus, I was for the past previous weeks because I had moved to a new apartment and that we didn't have internet access until today, yehey!!! I can now say that I am back on business and one of the many things that I want to blog about is my way back to you, Smartbro. Yup, you read it right! I left my Globe Wimax at the old apartment without even paying my three months bill (shhhh, don't tell anyone!) and here I am saying hello again to my very first ISP, Smart. 

What's so good about this comeback is that me and my mates had availed Smartbro's promo. For two months of service, we will pay Php 499 only each month and that means, a 50% discount for two months, isn't that nice? Well, we did a couple research about the best internet provider though and base on our research, Smartbro has the least negative feed backs so far.

It was Saturday when we applied for the service at SM Cebu, we still had some questions in mind so we decided to talk to a sales agent first who was very charming and nice and was able to answer everything we asked. Smart has a new option now for internet, either you go for the old style canopy type or with the new Wimax one. They bear the same speed and pricing, only difference is that the latter's portability. You can bring it anywhere and just as long as the area is covered with Smart's network then you're on your way to the web. It was great as a deal since we would also like to be able to travel and get internet connection so we then applied for the Wimax option and was required to provide just a valid ID and we were all set.

A day after, we received a phonecall from Smart informing us about the installation on the Monday, it was surprising that the service was quiet fast though so we patiently waited on Monday morning, the phone rep said the technician will arrive between 10 am to 12 noon. It was also rainy that day and the tech didn't come. It was on the next day that our service was successfully installed. So far so good. Hopefully there are no bad experiences when it comes to the speed and the stability.

Well, what shall I say now? Maybe welcome back Smartbro, be nice to us!

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