The Rider In Me

Riding my own motorbike was one of the things that I dreamt of before, I love to go to places I have never been before locally with my own vehicle and I am just blessed that last June 6, 2012 after I got my non-professional driver's license, James and I finally went and purchased our Mia.

She is slim and pretty yet tough. She is a Honda XRM Road Sport. The manufacturer - Honda said they created Road Sport for City Riders and we believe she is the best fit for the two of us.

We can never say we "purchased" her because the truth is we only paid Php 10000 as a down payment and the rest will be paid within 18 months starting on July. There was only one mistake there, we missed searching for the cheapest store to purchase one. We got Mia from a Honda Store branch in V.Rama, Cebu and yet one of our friends who is in a moto rider group told us about this one cheap store somewhere in Manalili, Cebu. It was already late though but we learned our lesson. Research is not just for the item but as well as the seller.

But then, I love the fact that we can now go to a lot of different places with our own Mia. I took her along with me to work and I am just soo happy it only took me ten minutes to and from work compared to before when I was still go via PUJs.

Imagine how much time that I had saved because of her. Indeed time is really precious. Now I can make use of my time more.

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  • Hi Jean! Interesting blog post about your motorbike. Can you tell me the process of payment? Since you paid 10K as a down payment, how much are you going to pay every month within 18 months? How much is the motorbike if you pay it in cash? How much is the total price when you're paying it on installment? Thanks ke I am on search gyud.

    Also tell me about that one store in Manalili ^____^


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