I Dream of a Wolf

It's ironic how I become fascinated with the wolves in the movie Game of Thrones, they were like dogs which will fight for their masters, most loyal and I adore them. I started watching the series because I was just done with the previous series I was hooked on, The Pretty Little Liars. I am now on it's third season and is waiting for the second episode. I was over fed before thinking who "A" really is. I know I said it could be  Allison and I still think she really is until Mona came to the scene. The last episode didn't actually influence the thought of who A is, I guess Mona was just being used by A and I am excited to watch the next episode, so for the meantime while waiting for it, I hoarded myself with this  award winning series, Game of Thrones.

If you are fan of tv series, you might have finished the two seasons already, good for you. I am still on the second episode, I don't usually watch this type of shows where there are too much swords, blood and heads or body parts slashed but it looked like the first two episodes make me want to continue and follow the story instead.

Going back to the main point, I dreamt about the wolves in the show and how they protect their masters, I would like to have one like them. A pet as loyal as that would make me secure and its protection will definitely help me through in certain times.

And then what a surprise because I am again dreaming not of a wolf but of a dragon this time. This show is just really getting into me now.

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