How I Got My Non-Prof Driver’s License in a Day

Yesterday, 1st day of June, 2012 marked the 32nd day after James and I got our Driver’s Student permits at Talisay LTO Extension office. It was good that my work schedule had change that I was able to join James for the non-professional application, he was too excited to get his own license since he is getting a new motorcycle in a couple of days as well.

Thinking that the application would take longer than the first procedure with our student permits, we went to the land transportation office as early as eight in the morning. There were only five persons inside including us and that was an advantage. We were given with the New Driver License’s Application form by the front desk personnel and that starts the whole day processing of the license.

1. Drug Testing and Medical Examination
There’s Garnet Drug Testing in the second floor of the building where LTO Talisay is situated, we were advised to proceed there after receiving the form. For the steps on the drug testing and examination, click the hyperlink.

2. Accomplish and submit Application for Driver License form with supporting documents.
This includes the drug test and medical exam results. It was my bad that I didn’t wear shoes when we went there because in the practical exam wearing one is a requirement. We were advised to go back at 12 noon for the exams; we were also advised to eat our lunch prior to coming since the process would take at least four hours.

3. Proceed to the photo taking /signature area to have your picture and signature taken once name is called.
At 12 noon, we were back at the office with our shoes on and we were immediately called for our photos taken, I was not very ready with the picture taking that I ended up with a bad photo. Tsk tsk tsk…
4. Proceed to cashier when name is called to pay corresponding fee worth Php 178, this is for the written and practical examination. We were called for the said exams then.
The lecture took an hour; actually 50% of the time was spent on reading the reviewer which was provided by the proctor. We had an advantage because one our good friend, Darwin let us read his own copy of the reviewer. The other half was spent with the proctor informing us about the traffic signs and other important rules in driving. The written exam for non-professional license has 40 questions and we need to get 30 correct answers. We submitted our answers as soon as we finished answering it, the questions were randomized and the computer machine does the checking too so there was no chance of having the same questions for every examinee, no chances of cheating.
5. Wait for name to be called for the practical examination.
We both passed the written exam and so we proceeded with the practical one which made me nervous because I haven’t ridden a motorcycle for awhile already. Rule was we need to drive a couple of meters from the building and go back to the same spot without violating any traffic rules, super easy since the area doesn’t have too many vehicles and the proctor was not that strict, he was even building some rapport to the examinees. Now, you can drive your own motorcycle or car if you brought one but if you don’t have one like us, there’s a for hire motorcycle for Php 150 per ride. It was very expensive when we would only be driving it for less than three minutes but we got no choice since we don’t have our own vehicle yet. That was worth Php 300 for the two of us.

6. Pay for Php 350 once name is called for the license card.

7. Wait and claim Official Receipt and card type driver's license.
It was already four when we both got our licenses, James had to go to work and I need to get some sleep since I still have work that night. It was indeed a busy day but it was all worth it, I will never forget what the proctor told us during the lecture:

“Having a driver’s license is a privilege and having one entitles you to drive on the roads of your native land.”

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