February Stuff : The Wants I Need

Long vacation leaves were approved for James and mine’s supposedly Surigao tour however, we need to cancel it out due to bad weather and work schedule conflict. So, I got the chance to roam around a couple of malls in the city and, unfortunately I swept some cash off and rarely, I have the guts to share what I had purchased.

I went to SM City Cebu first and went straight to Surplus store. I buy shirts here and I bought another one, it's a Pink-branded blue blouse with LOVE PINK label in the front part. It was good for Php 199 only!
From there I went to SM Department for the travel document organizer since I will be travelling soon but there weren’t any purple or pink colored ones anymore so instead, I went to National Bookstore but couldn't find anything which can be equivalent to it. Artwork is just a few steps from Natio so I went in anyway their displays are visually cute and artistic. My eyes found their way to these cute pouches and I thought my palm pre needs a new one. This one here caught my attention, I bought it eventually, it was worth Php 119.75.
At five in the afternoon, James followed me and we ate at Greenwhich. After then he sent me off to Ayala since his office is just in Keppel, he can fetch me later after work. I went straight to National Bookstore, still looking for that travel document organizer yet, I ended buying three stuffs:
Hardbound Venzi blank notebook
I have been looking for a blank notebook for my nothing-to-do doodles. Worth Php 165, this 13x21cm, 192-paged wood-free paper with an expandable inner pocket suits very well to my doodle needs.
Faber Castel 0.7mm mechanical pencil
This pencil worth Php 37 is for my new blank notebook, I choose something which is very portable and convenient. I dislike the ones with caps since I have a great tendency of losing them easily. Pencil is most preferable for doodles so I erase the mistakes.

Bo Sanchez'
James is a fan, he watch Kerygma and even joined one big event years ago. James just likes to read inspirational books so this will be a great gift for his soon 25th birthday. Hopefully, he won't be able to read this post before his birthday which will be on February 18, yeah I am 18 days older than James. By the way, that book was worth Php 350.
Sterling birthday card
Well, a birthday gift won't be considered a good gift without a birthday card so I was buying one.

My mall tour won't be complete without going to the grocery. I remember a blogger friend posted that the grocery is her favorite place and so as mine. Kilos of rice, mangoes, a bottle of Enervon c, a slice of squash for the next day meal and a Nivea lip balm are all that I had purchased since I had bought groceries two days before as well.
When I reached home at nine in the evening, I was feeling a little regretful after buying those which aren't that really important. I was kind of sorry but at the other end of my mind, it's shouting that I should be thankful that i have cash to pay my needs and my wants though so I shouldn't regret anything which made me happy in the first place. Hopefully I won't be buying anymore unnecessary things these following days.

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