You Should Watch The Impossible

The title definitely reflects the whole movie itself, it was indeed something which you would think was impossible to happen, but it did! Though I have a heart about fiction stories, I am a fan of true story movies and this is the main reason why I swear to watch it.

I don't want to be a spoiler but I want to share my own overview of the story and review too.

It could have been a wonderful vacation for the Bennett family if the unfortunate event didn't occur. They stayed in a bungalow in front of the beautiful white sand beach and clear blue sea of Khao Lak, Thailand. Actually they were expecting the room to be in the third floor but certain things changed and they never mind since the area where they seated were indeed marvelous. 

The story's plot happened when the devastating tsunami occurred unexpectedly, as most tourists were enjoying their stay at the pool and some at the beach. I could imagine the actual situation; it must be a fast sequence of happenings. The angry sea water splashed its big waves over the resort and to the neighboring areas. The family had been separated when the tsunami took off. Maria, the mom had been hurt relentlessly and was lucky she found her eldest son while still being swirled by the washing machine-like waves of the furious waters. Lucas, the eldest had some injuries but endured it; he was his mom's help the entire time. His dad, on the other hand found his two younger brothers holding on a palm tree and happily the three of them were alright, they don't have any severe cuts or wounds. 

When Maria and Lucas were looking for some help, they found a boy named Daniel and I guess he was their angel. Because they helped him, the favor returned to them and to their family. God does indeed gives back your good works hundred folds. 

Even though they were scattered to different rescue centers and hospitals with hundreds if not thousands of victims were being taken cared, they managed to stay strong and eventually came back to each other's arms. If Simon didn't go down the truck and pee, and Lucas gave up on looking for his dad when he had a slight glimpse of his feet walking and if Maria didn't stay strong through all the pains she had gone through and if Henry didn't pursue looking for his family, they won't be able to find each other and become a family again.

It was a crying moment for me each time I see Maria going through a tough time with all her cuts, I couldn't picture myself in her situation. But I believe she had rejoiced and thanked God more because His Grace brought her family back to her alive.

So if you haven't watched it yet, you might miss half of your life!

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