How to Quickly Make A Word Collage

My current work team came up with our team t-shirts for our team pictorial this February and I was assigned to make the designs. Miss Bea, our team leader asked for something which showcases all our names on it and of which would still looks appealing and unique. Because I don’t want to make it hard for myself, I looked for something which will definitely save me time and effort. And just before I could search for anything, I recalled this website called which makes a word collage. I came up with a simple collage with our team mates’ names on it. I wasn’t satisfied with how it went out since the names were kind of imbalanced in terms of the allocations.

So then I looked for an alternative, I thought it would be great if there are more than just single words for each names and that it would cover the whole front part of the t-shirts. We opt to use a blank one since it is so unisex and will definitely make the healthier ones slimmer!

I came upon this site which aside from make up a word collages; I can upload a specific image and make it as a guide on how the collage would look like. I then made a template with a huge B on the center and when I uploaded it, added our names with a maximum of 200 words the result was indeed satisfying for me.
As soon as my older brother saw this, he asked me to make them their design too! I just referred him to the same site; he was kind of lost when he started working with the site and so that’s the reason why I made up this guide.

Let me show you how to play around with it and make an image word collage. We will start with making up our own customize image first.

I made a 2x1.5in cloud with a transparent image, save it with any photo file type. So we are ready to make our photo collage. Click the start now button at’s homepage, doing this will route you to the specific application.
Take a close look on this screen here, this is the application and I’ll walk you through on each options.

Load – clicking this will give you the window where we can enter the words or names that you would like your collage be composed of then click submit. By the way, you can upload a whole text file as well or get a url link down there.

Save/share – this will give us the option to save the image as jpg etc. or if you would like to publish it online but we are not doing that yet, we will proceed with the Repins options.

Color – randomizes the word colors depending on the current theme selected. On each click, the words’ hue changes too!

Theme – basically gives the option to change the color theme. Lots of color themes available here! I selected the White over Black, which means I have white colored texts over a black background.

Font – there’s a variety of fonts available to select on, what I really love about it is the fact that I am not limited with the available fonts, I can as well use the computer’s own local font by selecting local fonts. 

Orientation – gives the option on the orientation of the words, you can select from:
• Any – a combination of horizontal and vertical
• Horizontal – all words are placed horizontally
• Vertical – all words are placed vertically
• H/V (Orthogonal) – jumbled words
Layout – respins the layout in each click.
Let’s go to the Options part which is my favorite feature, shape – gives the option of changing the way your collage looks like. There are specific templates already available but you can upload your own image and that’s what we are gonna do today. Simply click the add image button and browse on the cloud image we made earlier.


And now, we have our new t-shirt design, piece of a cake right? Don’t for get to save it!

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