How to Get TOR and Diploma Authenticated for Overseas Employment Purposes

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One of the requirements in working abroad especially in selected countries is an authenticated TOR or diploma. It is popularly called red ribbon because literally, the papers have red ribbon on it. I had researched about how to get my TOR done online but the instructions were vague and I never learned until I personally processed it myself.

1. Go to your respective university registrar office and ask for a TOR/Diploma request slip or bring your old copies and tell them for red ribbon, they'll know what to do right away.

It was our first time to come back since we graduated. James and I noticed that the campus was very silent, as in literally silent, the students were all busy studying, we both wonder if it was their midterm exams. I was kinda lost when looking for the registrar office, I found it just adjacent to the old office though, specifically window number 25.
2. Pay processing fees.

After filling in the request slip, the registrar officer will then fills in the necessary fees and advise you to pay it at a specific accounting window. Mr. Reyes asked for a letter of intent as well addressed to the university registrar because I have to ask for a secondary copy of my diploma, I guess this letter is optional and was just required for formality purposes.
I paid the following:
Diploma 650
Tor 252
Authentication 224
Scan 32
Xerox 10
Doc stamps 15
Ched 100

3. Return receipt to registrar.

Right after Mr. Reyes reviewed the receipts; he then gave me the claim stub and advised to return by February 16, 2013. He informed me that three days from the date I requested,  the TOR and Diploma certified true copies will be generated, since they'll be sending the copies to CHED themselves and their schedules are every Friday, the documents will not be sent until the 2nd of February. CHED processing will be two weeks and will forward the documents to DFA Manila.

4. Claim at DFA manila or ship through DHL.

As I was told, as soon as I receive my DFA claim stub, I should contact DHL or Wide Wide World Express so they can ship the documents back to me. 

My claiming date is on March 3, 2013 and I thought that is too long to wait so what I did instead was go to CHED and asked for my actual documents. I then went to DHL in Lapulapu City since it's near to where I am staying and indeed, DHL does the work for Php 500 good for 10-15 business days. It is a bit long but that's much faster than waiting for CHED to send it to DFA then DHL to me which will take 10-15 working days as well after March 3.

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