Recalling January '13

I lied when I told you that December is my favorite month. The truth is that January is my first ever favorite one because it is my birth month; I know you will forgive me, everyone has their own birth month and that I suppose they consider it as their favorite month too.

Today marks the first month of February of the year 2013, and that I just bid goodbye to January 2013 last night, yes I was awake before the first minute of February stroke. Today, I would like to recall what happened the whole month.

I almost had my first zip-line experience, it was supposed to be the best place and the best people to be with yet because of the bad weather, but I never realized it. Anyways, there’s luxury of time to do it one of these days.
Then I got the chance to make some digital scrapbooks again! Hooray! To those who don’t know me well, my first love is actually art. When I went to college I learned about this software which became my best-friend, stress reliever and entertainer. Whenever I have nothing to do or if I can’t sleep of if I am stressed, I turn to it and make some digital scrapbooks. So the next time I make one, you should know by then that I had some downtime in my life. Tehee. Try visiting my digital scrapbook blog as well. Type
Since college, I had been collecting Candy magazines, though I don’t buy the latest ones, I definitely buy two or more late editions to catch up with the etsy cute mag. The last edition I bought was the June 2013 volume featuring the uber-cute Mario Maurer. The next day, James bought me a lovely and unique marshmallow candy from Savemore called Erko mallow pop. Described as marshmallows twisted and looped, served in a stick, such a cutie! Well, aside from that the background cute guy adds up to the tasty treat.

I remember claiming my passport the first week; it’s a great way of starting the year which opens me to any international opportunity. Wew…this makes me excited. Then just before the month ended, I processed my transcript of records and diploma authentication. I will soon be receiving it in two weeks time and that I will soon be budding goodbye to my first ever company, that’s still soon to happen so I don’t want tell more about it. Anyway, I will soon be sharing my experience here always that’s for sure. 
I also had celebrated my 25th birthday yesterday with my cake here from James again. I had a small gathering with my close friends and shared some sweet food! Happy birthday to me indeed.

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