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Who would think that I could be this active with online paying site named Bubblews? I joined it because my brother's been asking me to make articles for him and I was curious with how this site is helping him get extra cash. So instead of making articles for him, I made an account for myself but had used James' name instead. I just thought it might be safer that way so the readers will think that it's a he rather than a she who’s posting those things there. Well, I still ended up making articles under my name though and it looks fine since the site is a democratic one. You can post anything from diary-like articles to news to tutorials and the like.

The site would only require you to post an article which has at least 400 characters and you're good to go but I prefer making articles which aren't short. The truth is that I like my post to contain 300 words and above with specific photos. Photographs have something with them which attracts readers you know.

So I am now on my first month with this site and guess what, unlike Adsense where in it took me two long years to finally get my first $100, with Bubblews, it only took me a month to get my sweet $25. With my first month, I didn’t focus on making a lot of articles; in fact I only post one article in a day and a total of 20 as of today, I never really focused myself on it yet I got to get rewarded. There are account holders here which can redeem their $25 in just a single week. That's how amazing this site is, I am glad my brother introduced me to it. Since I am still waiting for my tourist visa for UAE, this one here is making me busy and of course Candy Crush. Haha

So if you like to write and earn at the same time, try bubblews and just click on this link: Bubblews

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