I Was Sykes Soon...

Am now counting the days until I official bid goodbye to the first company which I worked for, my first job after graduation and my first ever call center experience. It has been almost four years and I never regret being here, I have nothing to compare it to but I had unforgettable memories and experiences in this company. Working for two accounts had helped me see more of the world and had enhanced my skills.

I cannot contain my happiness when I got hired last May 11, 2009. As a fresh graduate, I have no work experience except for my OJT especially about the BPO world. All I knew at that time was I need to get a job, while others may see call center job isn't good, I never thought about it negatively, I believed it was a blessing.

I started supporting a product I learned to know when I was in grade school - Palm. When it was introduced to us during the signing of contract, I remembered the handheld I saw when a missionary came to our province before. I got excited that I will be handling customers owning those types of gadgets. I thought it was really cool.

My wave mates were also cool, we developed this type of friendship within us and though some of them we had parted ways now, some still remained until this day. After a year, I shed a tear when our original teams with my wavemates as my team mates were distributed to different groups, that was the starting point and I soon had learned that in the call center world, change is inevitable.
I opened my doors to different personalities, varieties of people, they come and go but the account that I was part of was one of a kind. We were like family and we certainly had this type of atmosphere where we felt like we connected to each other.

I belonged to four team leads in the Project Hand, two of them I was a level one agent while the other two, I got into the specialist department. Then after, the account started to waiver and soon it was dissolved. Most of my friends were transferred to a new account and eventually I did too!

Welcome to Uverse. I then learned customer service; to please them was our goal. Unlike the previous account which was purely technical, the new one was quite different, we were expected to go down with our customers, we have to answer their needs and submit to their requests. I learned customer service phrases and never thought I would survive. I coped up and learned a lot from tv connections, to cvoip and the internet access troubleshooting and at the same time, learned how to deal with emotional customers.

And then, I finally came to decide that I have to move on, I am inside my comfort zone right here. I thought I will stay here for a decade but I guess I can't stop change, I have to look for another job which can provide me a better monetary support, I wouldn't be able to find something like that here, it is very saddening! I don't want to go but I am not satisfied with my idle-lity here. I can't stay like this for another year and so I am again counting the days left for me here, in the first company who accepted me.

Until then, I can finally say, I was Sykes.

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