Hurray To First Adsense Pay

Gladly surprised – this is what I felt when I learned that Google had sent me my first ever $101 cash out from my adsense account. My personal blog, has been running since 2010, in fact, we’ll be celebrating its 3rd anniversary this April 30, and my first blog post was kinda silly though, it was all about me, my history and my pledge to make an online diary religiously but I never thought of earning anything from the site. It served as my memory lane and as I have said, diary - a virtual one that when a certain time comes and I feel like nostalgic, I can go back and back read the previous posts I had published to reminisce my life’s experiences.

Because I had resigned from my call center job and bored, I thought about checking my Google adsense earnings, the last time I went checking on it, I had like $90 that was January I guess of this year. I never really do SEO stuff or any optimization thing because again, this just served as my plain diary.
Indeed astonished to see that Google had sent me $101.91 as my first payment last February 26, 2013. That’s like a month ago so I felt bad that I haven’t claimed it yet. Immediately, I asked James to take me to the nearest western union branch. Gladly, the payment was not forfeited yet, well I don’t really know if it can be forfeited though but I guess I was just hysterical that I won’t be able to claim it. Happy and blessed! God had provided me extra cash for my daily expenses here in Cebu while waiting for my UAE visa through Google.

God is indeed my provider, He works in ways I couldn’t see but his blessings are never late! And special thanks to Google!

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