The Best Candy Ever!

While I was still working and I go on long vacations in my home town in Bohol, the first five days make me very busy catching up with what I missed about my birth place. Mom and I with family talk about everything and anything under the sun, I request foods which I haven't eaten for awhile, play around with my niece and catch up with some childhood friends. This is the usual trend, most of the time I would miss some of the lists here because of time shortage however right now, because I am on an indefinite vacation and since I am on my seventh day, I have already done almost all of the normal things I do. I am starting to feel idle and want to really work, in a couple of weeks from now I will be out of budget and that scares me but thanks to Candy Crush, it makes me busy these past days.

For the benefit of those who don't know what Candy Crush is, it is actually a Facebook game, it is played by matching three or more candies while completing the given task, a player is given maximum of five lives and if you lost all the given lives, you can request for friends, earn a life by viewing an advertisement or simply wait for the life to add up after a few minutes. The rules seem to be simple but the catch here’s that the level of the challenges increase on each stage. There's a road map of the challenges and honestly speaking, I still don't know where it leads, maybe there's a pot of gold at the end of it, that I'm not sure yet but all I know is that I want to reach that point. Unfortunately, I am stuck at level 33 at this point, all I need is to clear all the jellies, sounds pretty fine but I am stuck here for already a day. This is the longest time I took to clear a single stage though, it makes me want to quit. Well, the main reason I am writing this is because I am tired of asking lives from my friends. I guess I have to rest and will play again after an hour.

It's funny because I haven't played any Facebook or online game since the Farmtown. Yeah, that was really long time ago; I was still in college when I was crazy about my farm. I realize how much time I was wasting planting, watering, harvesting and beautifying my farm then I eventually stopped. While right now, I am still entertained by this candy stuff thanks to my Facebook friends who has been sending me requests and lives. I'll do my best so I can skip to the next level.

I'm posting this and am going to play again. Wish me good luck! Haha this is really a petty post but thanks for reading!

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