2012 Goals: I Believe I Can

At the start of the year 2012, there were things that I really want to do and would like to start afresh with the year of the water dragon. These are just a few of the things I want to do for the year:
~ Read the Bible everyday.
~ Go at least once a month to a place I have never been before or experience unusual events or activities.
~ Learn new language, I only have English, Tagalog and Bisaya, I hope it isn't too late to start it.
~ Get my butt up and start exercising, best case is to enroll in a gym, wishful thinking!
~ Spend more time with family and friends.
~ Start investing for my future.
~ Get a new hobby.
~ Be more creative.
So far, I am glad that I am now starting to work on each goals. For the first one, I bought a book entitled "365 Daily Supplements For The Heart" by Ed Lapiz, it's something like the Daily bread. In this book, each page is dedicated for a day, it's like a pill for each day of the year with verses on it. I am glad that I was able to follow on it by God's grace.

A calendar of events or places to go to has been made so I can be able to make this to happen. For the first month, January, I have on my calendar, Oslob Cebu. Though this is not a new place for me since it is James' home town, there is this thing there that has been earning it's name, the Whale Sharks or Butanding in Tagalog and Tuki in Bisaya. My friends and some colleagues are actually coming with me this Saturday and I am very excited about it. This is hitting two birds with one stone actually since I will also be spending the fun with my friends and with James as well. Will update you with my experience afterwards. Can't wait to swim with those gentle giants soon.
I had also started my investment, actually it is not just an investment but in the same way, I am also ensuring my future. I decided to enroll myself in a policy with Philam Life and I am now on my second month. I am glad about it since I had never been able to save for myself and my future until today.

The last part of my goal is to be more creative. As a start, I continued to work with my blog, freescrapbooks.blogspot.com where I have new scrapbook ideas, elements and other clip arts all for free to enhance my creativity and to be able to share my talent as well. I believe this is a gift from God and He is always faithful in giving me the courage to create new stuffs.

In line with that, I am getting back to vector image tracing as well. I am on my second vector photo. I created a vector image for my niece and James. Check it out:

Do you think my first two creations are good enough for a newbie like me?

There are still goals that I haven't started yet like the language thingy and the exercise. Hope to get this started before the end of January.

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