Snow White And Badjao

Meet Snow White and Badjao, the new addition to the family. They are actually Albino Iceblue Cichlids purchased at White Gold for Php 70 each. They have very white gills and red eyes.

I personally named one of them Snow White because obviously, it is as white as snow and Badjao came from how fast one of them gets their food. The first time I gave the two of them some protein-rich fish food, I thought they would not eat them because they didn't go up and get it. I then thought they might be picky when in terms to food. But to my surprise, when the pieces of food each started sinking, one of them eat them one by one, making sure none of the them would sink to the bottom of the aquarium. It resembles the Badjao I saw outside our boarded ship when we were on our way to Jolo, Sulu before when I was still young.

this i Badjao, he likes to stay on the side part of the aquarium
Badjao is a group of people who ask for money from ship travellers, most of the time they go on teams on a boat. I have seen one boat with a mother Badjao and her baby on it, she had made sure her baby is safe on the tiny boat. Once a passenger throws a dime, they would swim their way down to get the money making sure it won't go down to the bottom. They will then show the coin to the passenger and thank the person. There were many of them so when somebody throws a peso, they raced on getting the coin. I was captivated by how fast they swim and how long their breath takes them. Imagine a peso coin thrown in the sea, the coin would sink immediately but the Badjaos would still be able to swim after and catch it. I never had seen them since then, I guess the government might have prohibited those acts.

I remember being excited whenever they race below the waters, now I thought of how they had felt tired and cold each time they would swim for a coin. It was just a coin but they had no doubt risking their lives for it.

Snow White can easily be recognized because of the white spot she has on her bottom fin. The truth is, I don't know if Snow White is a girl or a boy.
hi my name is Snow White...
It was frustrating that my fighting fish, Azule can't meet them because Azule has been a bad fish lately, he would actually fight with his friends and house buddies so we decided to let Azule live in his bowl by himself.

Snow White loves to hide under the rocks... the blue background was due to the combination of the ultra violet lamp we placed at the back and the medicine James had put on the aquarium.

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