Post New Year Party at Arthoghin Beach Resort

Well, I maybe late in posting this but I don't care, it doesn't matter at all, I just want to share this event. 

So last week was the start of 2012 and as a way of celebrating God's goodness, our family had our New Year fellowship with each other at Arthoghin Beach Resort. This was our second time in the said beach, first was during my brother's 22nd birthday last May of 2011.

Unlike before, the beach was peaceful that day which all of us was thankful about because the previous days were all but rainy and windy. God had really blessed that special day, a sunny day to remind us that God will give us calmness and peacefulness amidst rainy and wavy times.

beautiful sky and weather... on our way to Anda, these two guys asked us to pay Php10 for Environmental Fee
The Environmental Fee tarpuline states:

Municipal Ordinance #02-01-11

An Ordinance Imposing Environmental Fee to the translent visitors/beach goers who will be bathing and diving in the beaches and caves and/or visiting for sight seeing all tourist spots of the Municipality of Anda, Bohol.

Php 10.00 / head, 10 years old and above
Php 5.00 / head, below 10 years old
Since it was new year, the good guys gave us discounts, the children 13 years old and below were free. So we were only charged Php 50 for five adults.

But I was dismayed because there was no big improvement when we reached there. We were the only customers as well, if we didn't opt to go to the said beach, there might be zero customer that day, though it was a good thing on the brighter side because it was like a private resort for the family. The worse one was the flags they had before were taken out, the beach was bare. Good thing, the sea was calm and we get to enjoy the water more than we had before.

Again since it was new year, the lady who attended the beach gave us a discount, instead of paying Php 500 for the cottage, we only paid Php 350. We like the privacy and enjoyed the beach, our family princess, my one and only niece as of this posting wore a two beach wears that day. It was a great day and we had enjoyed each others' companionship. 

the lined up cottages can be renter for Php 350
We missed our eldest brother who was is in Dubai right now. Though he was not present, his wife and his daughter were there so, that eased the loneliness.

Here are some of the photos:
the food and the family's amigos y amigos
the beach, I love to shot landscapes specially the blue skies and sea
Enjoying the tranquility of nature... I love how the lonely rock was situated.
The grandparents and their first apo. My niece is very close to my papa as how this photo shows.
Aiesha has been exposed to the camera since birth, at one year old she knows how to smile in front of the camera, when we say smile, she smiles.
Aiesha was the darling of the crowd because without her presence, we wouldn't enjoy the gathering that much. We were laughing at her poses and how she would try to imitate our actions and poses as well. I am proud she knows how to make wacky poses and faces already. Very talented!

How did you spend the New Year? Did you spend it with your family and loved-ones? Share it here.

All photos taken using my Sony DSC-S2000 Cybershot Digital Camera since I let James use my Canon 1000D SLR.

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